Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Levelling Up


Looking at the dull bracelet in his hand, his body trembles slightly. Luckily Bai Song is able to calm his heart and silently puts the bracelet into his backpack.

Heart Devil’s Bracelet (Artifact): Currently is damaged therefore there are no abilities.

Bai Song also does not hope to be able to wear it, and every second it is inside his backpack is an additional chance of it dropping.

Bai Song unequips the Spectral Cloak as he walks to the stone door because this item’s strength bonus is -30 if he wore it and tried to push the door, the door would not even move.

After pushing open the door, Bai Song does not even clear away the evidence of his entering and exiting before leaving the cave. He does not wish to stay there a single second longer.

A ray of sunshine, like a fine liquor, sprinkles onto his heart, the green colour of the leaves becomes darker under the sunlight.
[TL: no idea what the author is trying to say about the leaves…][ED: Probably just an eloquent way to say sunset…]

Bai Song’s agitation and uneasy emotions finally return back to a state of tranquillity.

Bai Song closes his eyes and listens to the sound of the flowers blooming. The sound of flowers blooming is very quiet but Bai Song is able to hear it, this is how serene and quiet this place is.

Bai Song’s pace is no longer hurried and for safety sake, he did not use a return scroll. After all using a return scroll will create fluctuations.

When Bai Song’s figure completely disappears into the Misleading Forest, a person wearing a face mask walks out from behind a large stone. He looks towards the direction where Bai Song disappeared before laughing weirdly.

“Walking through countless of treasures but in the end he chooses to take the broken Heart Devil’s Bracelet, very interesting.” The masked man sits in the spot where he appears and does not seem to have any intention of chasing after Bai Song, almost as if the stolen equipment is not related to him at all.

At this time, Bai Song is sitting on the carriage feeling that something is wrong but after thinking about it properly there is nothing wrong.

Perhaps the only thing that is wrong is using the shield to replace the bracelet. Although after the swap, Bai Song had checked the weight of the bracelet, there is a very minute difference in their weight.

After asking Liu Jing for his location, Bai Song walked towards the village outskirts where Liu Jing is currently. Outside of the village, Liu Jing was chasing after a rabbit and using his wand to hit it. During the lower levels, a mage’s mana is never enough.

Before their Fireball skill is raised to middle grade, the cast frequency is low and the damage is only so-so.

At the beginning, Liu Jing does not believe what Bai Song said about using his wand and hitting the chicken, but after painfully hitting chickens till he finally leveled up by 1, he finally believes it.

Hitting chickens is painful, but there is another situation that is more painful than using a wand to hit chickens, and it is hitting rabbits because rabbits run as fast as thieves.

When Bai Song finally appeared in front of Liu Jing, Liu Jing’s expression is lazy as usual despite chasing after the rabbit being very painful. “You ah finished with your stuff?”

“Yeah, finally done.” Bai Song smiles fainting before saying: “So how is it, is hitting chickens fun?”

“Still okay.” Liu Jing still gives off a lazy appearance.

As usual, this fellow still likes to not admit his mistakes.

Bia Song also stopped joking with him. After partying up with Liu Jing, he takes aim at the rabbit that Liu Jing was chasing and throws his chopper out, precisely piercing into the rabbit’s throat.

“Awesome right.” Bai Song also does not know why the usually tranquil him, has the urge to flaunt his skills in front of Liu Jing.

“So-so” Liu Ying says seriously, giving an impression that is he not joking around.

Maybe it is because of Liu Jing’s usually lazy character, thus it makes Bai Song want to amaze him. But when Liu Jing is amazed, Bai Song feels that there is not point.

Sometimes, humans are such weird creatures.

Firstly Bai Song helps Liu Jing kill rabbits to complete his quest. After Liu Jing has turned in the quest, Bai Song takes him and leaves the newbie area. Making Liu Jing ask: “Not following the quest route?”

“Have you sat on a rocket before?” Bai Song asks Liu Jing without thinking.


Bai Song thinks carefully. Originally he had planned to bring Liu Jing to grind of the Wind Spirits behind the hill, but when they reached the area, Bai Song can only stare in shock at the situation happening in front of him.

The whole hill is occupied by players. Currently, most of the players are above Lv10 while the Wind Spirits are only a Lv9 monster. Thus why are there so many players grinding Wind Spirits?

“Oh have you heard? These two days the Glorious Guild’s main team has cleared the Hard stage of Abandoned Mines as well as released the strategy for clearing it.”

“Yeah, I have heard about it. The strategy depends on Anti-wind Potions which are made with wind fragments dropped by Wind Spirits. Now a single fragment can be sold for a high price.”

“Let’s do our best to grind then, grab onto this opportunity to make a windfall.”

When Bai Song hears this, he hits his forehead. He is really not fit to be a reincarnator. While clearing dungeons, what is the most valuable item?

Of course, it is the items that can help in clearing the dungeon.

After thinking it through, he does not have much capital to store up the needed items, after all the period for earning money is too small. The money earned was used to solve his finances and the leftover money is too little to make a windfall.

Thinking back, Bai Song was simply so busy during the first few days of gaming that he had no time to think about these things, furthermore, his current harvest is way bigger than gold profits.

At this time, a player is sent flying into the sky by a Wind Spirit’s skill. He flew very high up into the sky before falling from the sky.

“So this is to sit on rocket, yeah… it is quite high.” Liu Jing looks at that player and says seriously.

Bai Song is speechless for a moment: “Accident accident.”

Since the grinding area is occupied by other players, Bai Song can only bring Liu Jing to the old place, the cave in the mountain behind Wind Sprout Village.

At this time, Bai Song’s communication device rings, it is Spectral Fire.

“Oh, Brother Song what is your current level?” Spectral Fire asks faintly.

“That er… Lv8 now.” Bai Song also knows how to feel embarrassed. After all, he has already promised other people but due to other stuff, he was delayed.

“Errr…..” When Spectral Fire hears it, he is speechless for a while. “How about this, I go and look for two brothers from my guild to increase your leveling speed.”

Spectral Fire’s way of speaking is extremely thoughtful. If he directly says he is bringing him to power level, it might upset the other person, but if he says to increase the leveling speed then there is no problem.

“No need, I will level up as soon as possible. I am about to reach Lv9, so by tomorrow afternoon I should reach Lv10.” Bai Song replied.

Actually, Bai Song did not tell lie, Bai Song indeed is about to reach Lv9, he is just lacking 90% of the experience. Only……….
The main reason why he says it this way is to prevent Spectral Fire from being too suspicious of his level speed. If he levels up from lv 8 to lv 10 in less than a day, even if Spectral Fire does not think too much about it, other people who know about it will be suspicious.

“Since you have promised other people you should go and level up first.” Liu Jing suddenly stopped walking. “Actually I feel that hitting rabbits is quite fun.”

Liu Jing is standing at the side thus more or less he is able to hear the gist of the situation.

“Fun my ass, come let’s go and level up!” Bai Song grabs Liu Jing’s shirt and uses his strength to pull Liu Jing along.

Chapter 35 – Leveling Up


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