Chapter 34 – Stealing the original and replacing it with a fake


Empty Hand did not obtain anything thing from the 40th bandit head but the 40th bandit head did passed down to him a skill. Bai Song’s future development direction is not that of an ordinary thief.

Currently beside Bai Song is a glimmering longsword, although its design is commanding, no one will doubt the explosive power that this sword contains. But Bai Song only glances at it before walking pass.

This sword is wrapped with a concealed thread, the technique used to tie the thread around the sword is very brilliant. If Bai Song did not identify it wrongly, the thread used should be Heaven Silk which cannot be cut by blades. Furthermore, there should be other more brilliant traps, hence with Bai Song’s current abilities, it is hard for him to disable it.

With every step that Bai Song takes, the disappointment on his face gets bigger. On every piece of famous equipment, there are concealed traps. The more valuable the equipment, the scarier the traps are.

“Is it possible that the best result is to display my stealing techniques and receive the 40th bandit head’s inheritance skill?” Bai Song does not resign, as the poem says: walking down the ancient path with raised eyebrows, touches the mountain made of treasure and returns empty handed. (Basically, means see and touches but cannot take them)

Bai Song changes his mind and no longer thinks about obtaining this famous godly equipment, instead looks for an equipment of a slightly lower quality. “Maybe that way the traps will be much simpler.”

No matter what a lesser gain is better than no gains at all.
In the previous incarnation, Empty Hand is simply too daring, his technique is considered relatively immature but he does not accept it and tries to steal those god equipment.

As opposed to Empty Hand, Bai Song is considered steadier. The moment greed surfaces, he pushes down his greed immediately. Rationality is the only tool to find the truth.

After Bai Song confirms his target, he does not even glance at the godly equipment anymore, instead, he changes his target towards the semi-god equipment. While is he checking through the semi-god equipment, he also found a few pieces of ghost equipment, among which he recognizes two of them and both of them are comparable to the Three Corpse Ring.

But in the end after searching for half a day, there are only two pieces of semi-god equipment that he is able to steal but the chances are not high. Bai Song sits on the ground and starts to think. The two pieces of semi-god equipment are a wand and a shield.

It is impossible to take both items, no matter which equipment he takes he needs to leave immediately. If he is caught by the 40th bandit head, even if he manages to steal an item, he will not be able to keep it. After all the 40th bandit head is the king of the thieves.

If comparing the value of the equipment, the shield will definitely be more valuable than the wand, after all a good MT(main tank) determines a group’s power. It can be said that a godly MT is able to allow his guild to raise by 1 rank, this is the charisma of an MT.

But if he takes the wand, Liu Jing can use it, but Liu Jing might not have the ability to hold it, after all, a person has no crime but harboring a treasure is a crime.

Bai Song is slightly depressed as both of the items are not suitable for him, if he really wanted to try and steal it, he does not have any assurance that he is able to obtain it, perhaps he might even lose both his wife and troops.

[ED: Is this proverb a quote from the art of war?][TL:Yes it is it means he will lose his investment and still need to pay the other person]

At this time, Bai Song opens his backpack to take out a millet porridge to drink and calm down, but when he opened his backpack he freezes. Because he sees a black string, the string that Mayor Xi had given him to steal Cat Maiden’s necklace.
It is the Despicable Pass!

“Should I use it here?” Bai Song’s heart is beating very quickly. As for the Despicable Pass, he does have plans for it, but his current plans are always unable to keep up with the variations that keep popping up.

“It is too wasteful if use this way, furthermore, Despicable Pass biggest usage is not for stealing items, if it is one of the semi-god items it may be possible but if using to disarm the traps on the god equipment it is still quite dangerous.”

After Bai Song’s rough calculations, if he uses the Despicable Pass to steal the semi-god equipment, the chances of success are around 80-90% whereas if he uses it to steal a piece of godly equipment, the chances of success are lower than 30%.

“Try my luck for a Motorbike?” Greedy thoughts are about to overpower Bai Song’s rational mind. Although Bai Song keeps shaking his head, his feet are not listening to him and is walking towards the piece of godly equipment direction.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it.” This the first time since Bai Song’s was rebirth where he hesitated over his moves. He feels that he is crazy, to use Despicable Pass to bet on the 30% chance.

But if he does not bet on the godly equipment what else can he do? After all, the semi-god equipment is not something very special, its value is below that of Despicable Pass despite the fact that Despicable Pass is a single-use item.

At this time a bracelet in a corner captures his attention. Bai Song hurriedly puts the Despicable Pass into his backpack.

Bai Song recognizes this bracelet, but that is not the actual reason why he stops moving. The actual reason is that comparing the treatment of this bracelet to all of the other stuff, it is like this bracelet is being dumped into the rubbish bin.

Bai Song walks over and carefully checks the surroundings of the bracelet before confirming that there is only a simple pressure sensor. Originally he is still suspicious of why there are so few anti-thief traps and if they are hidden even deeper, but when he sees the main body of the bracelet, he understands immediately.

This bracelet name is Heart Devil’s Bracelet, it is a first-grade godly item, but it is a pity that currently Heart Devil’s Bracelet is gloomy and does not shine. It should be damaged. The bracelet has 7 holes which originally should have 7 precious stoned, but current bracelet does not have a single precious stone slotted.

In his previous incarnation, there was a person who had collected all 7 precious stone and allowed the Heart Devil’s Bracelet might to reappear. Its ability to materialize the opponent’s heart devil into an entity. Although the materialized heart devil cannot be controlled by the bracelet owner, the heart devil will automatically attack the person whose heart devil is used to materialize it.

The seven heart Devils are Joy, Anger, Anxiety, Thought, Grief, Fear, and Fright. Every precious stone that is gathered is able to unlock one type of heart devil that can be activated.

Very few people are able to win over their own seven emotional heart devil, hence this equipment is term as a terrifying grade godly item. Godly items also have strong and weak ones but the Heart Devil’s Bracelet is without a doubt one of the peak godly items.

Of the seven precious stones, Bai Song remembers roughly where two of them are located, as for the other 5 there was no one who had known about their location before, even the person who owned the bracelet also acknowledged frankly, that when he had obtained the bracelet, it was already socket with 5 of the precious stones.

When Bai Song saw this bracelet, his eyes turned green, whatever semi-god or godly items he saw are all tossed to the back of his brain.

Three thousand flowing water, I will only take one paddle.  [ED: ?][TL: Meaning in a lifetime, you can meet lots and lots of beautiful things, but as long as you use all of your heart and soul to cherish one of them, it is enough. … so hard to express this sentence in English ):弱水三千我只取一瓢] 

Both restoring the bracelet and finding the precious stones are very difficult tasks, but if there is no effort there will be no rewards, furthermore, he is unable to take away any of the other stuff. If he uses the Despicable Pass to obtain them, then it is too much of a waste.

Bai Song takes a deep breath to calm down before taking out his Spectral Cloak and equipping it. Feeling that it is still not enough, he adds all of his unused free stats from his previous level into agility.

Now Bai Song’s movements are very nimble.

Bai Song looks at the very small bracelet and for a moment he is unable to determine its weight. But the weight of a god equipment cannot be determined by its shape and size.
Weighing the shield in his hand: “It should be around this weight.”

Bai Song shuts his eye and counts down from ten to one, the moment he counted to one, he moves his hands at the fastest possible speed to place the shield onto the pressure sensor the moment he removes the bracelet.

Replacing the original with a fake!

After picking up the bracelet, Bai Song waits for ten seconds to confirm that there are no changes in the surrounding.

“I succeeded?”


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  1. IoI he success in first try ? his luck is good ahahaha 😀 and that bracelet will become OP in the future! with this success i and the NPC not coming out maybe he can try stealing other Godly equipment 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^


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