Chapter 31 – Hidden Storyline


“Adventurer do you want to buy a cup of water and drink?”

At this time a bamboo thin middle age fellow appears in the village, with a stooped body and carrying a large water bag on his back, in his hand he hold a cup as he ask everyone.

“No, leave.”

The busy players chased him away with no trace of politeness.

“Give me a cup.”

A thirsty player drinks a cup.

After drinking when that bamboo thin middle age fellow after the player for money, after hearing that bamboo thin fellow price, the player immediately cry out in surprise: “Are you robing people, a cup of water you are selling for one gold.”

When that player wants to leave, that bamboo thin fellow holds onto him tightly and does not allow him to leave. Clearly that player have a bad temper and on the spot sends out a fist and knock the middle age fellow onto the ground which causes the guards to rush over.

When the player see that the situation is turning back, he immediately wants to escape but was captured by the guards with an iron chain and brought to the jail.

When this news is spread out, that water selling middle age man immediate becomes like demon personifying pestilence, later on there are some players that think that the middle age man might be related to some hidden quest or the likes.

One of the rich nouveau riche paid the middle age man a gold coin but after the middle age man received the gold coin he does not say anything else but continues to roam around selling water.

When Bai Song sees the middle age man selling water, his eyes start to sparkle instead.

Walking forward, Bai Song stops the bamboo thin middle age guy and say: “Give me a cup of water.”

“Another idiot have come again, this is just a blood sucking ghost, and there is no hidden quest or anything.”

“That’s right, this year there are a lot of rich idiots around.”

“Let’s watch and see what kind of moth is attracted.”

Bai Song action have attracted the looks of most of the players.

The middle age fellow pours out a cup of water when he heard Bai Song and pass it to him. Bai Song takes the cup and pretends that he is careless and drop the cup of water, splash all of the water onto the floor.

“Please give me another cup.” Bai Song pretends to be embarrassed.

The bamboo thin middle age man is also not in a hurry and places the cup into the water bag and refill another cup till the brim for Bai Song.

After Bai Song receive the cup, he did not act careless, instead he just pour away the cup of water and say: “Pour me another cup of water.”

“Damn it, he already spend 2 gold coins.”

“You ah idiot! I think he simply wants to act cool and become famous, everyone can see that he does not have 2 gold coin, look at his rubbish white equips, does he looks like a nouveau riche?”

“Really, if he does not have the money, if he is pestered by the water seller, he can only go to jail to escape.”

Bai Song is not bothered by those comments.

Very quickly, the bamboo thin middle age man pour another cup of water. Just when the crowd thinks that he is going to pour away the water, Bai Song drain the cup with a single gulp. (TL: Water parade time!!!)

“Please reward he did not immediately ask for a gold coin, instead he ask for reward.

After listening finish, Bai Song takes out a copper coin and laugh loudly: “Keep it well, this is my reward for you.”

When the bamboo thin middle age man receives the copper coin, his expression turn dark but he does not pester Bai Song, instead he says furiously: “Wish that miserly fellow will forever live in a hell like life.”

When Bai Song hear it, he immediately display a unhappy look.

Drawing his dagger, and waves it furiously at the bamboo thin man, Bai Song say: “Don’t tell me there is really people who rewards you with real gold and treasure? I swear, as long as I am alive, I will chop you into pieces.”

There are guards in the village, hence Bai Song does not dare to stab him, only threaten viciously. Although the bamboo thin middle age man abilities is above normal players, he knows that these adventurers will continuously become stronger. Look at Bai Song who looks like an fugitive.

“Brave Adventurer please withdraw your oath.” The bamboo thin middle age man pushes away Bai Song Hand.

“No, I will not withdraw my oath, unless you let me know that there is really people who are so generous and give you such precious reward.” Bai Song expression is still ‘fierce’.

“Ai.” The bamboo thin middle age man shakes his head and brings Bai Song to a remote alley. Bai Song checks and see that there are a few tails following, he takes advantage of his familiarity of the streets and pulls the middle age man through a few street.

As the game have just started, these shadowing players does not know of the topology of the remote areas, hence Bai Song is able to smoothly cast them off.

“Swear on your life that you must know it no matter what?” The middle age man asked.

“Yes, I must know no matter what.” Bai Song reply firmly.

“Okay then, yesterday there is another person like you who pours away two cups of water then drinks the last cup.” The middle age man recalls: “But at the end, he rewarded me with 100 gold coins.”

“Heng, I don’t believe you unless you bring me to see him.” Bai Song shows a suspicious expression.

The middle age man clenches his teeth but in the end agree. “So be it, follow me.”


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