Chapter 30 – Returning Money


Ghost Island looks at Spectral Fire curiously, although Spectral Fire is usually joking around, he does not mess around regarding major event.

“Ghost Face, you gather everyone and go and grind levels.” Ghost Island send away a few people, those that remains are all of the guild top core members.

After he pulls Spectral Fire to a place without other people.

“Say it, everyone here are our own people so don’t keep us in suspense.” Ghost Island smiles and pats Spectral Fire.

“Oh it is like this, I have a friend who have took part in the close-beta and he claims that he can help us clear Abandon Mine Hell stage.” Spectral Fire says base on his own guess.

“Is he reliable? What is his request?” Ghost Island did not immediately display happiness, instead ask in inquiry, his tone carries a hint of disbelieve.

“Two request, first one is he want priority of three items out of all of the drops and the second one is 40k, oh… and it must be upfront and I have already given him.”

When Spectral Fire says it this way, before Ghost Island could cay anything, a sword user behind immediately have comment.

“Damn it Old Fire, where did you find this pack of rouges, don’t get angry with what I say, this fellow could be just grab the money and run away…”

“Ghost Dance, enough.” Ghost Island cuts into Ghost Dance speaking and asks frowning: “Is he really reliable?”

“I think so, still somewhat reliable, whatever it is I have already given him the money.” Spectral Fire spread his hand, afterward he take out a dagger. “Oh right, he say he will use this thing as collateral, this should be worth more than 40k.”

When Ghost Island receive the dagger, his eyes starts to shine, without showing the attributes to other people he returns the dagger back to Spectral Fire to safe keep.

“I am starting to look forward to it.” Ghost Island smiles faintly.

After Bai Song and Spectral Fire have finish their discussion, Bai Song choose to logoff.

It is currently lunch break timing and Qiu Yu have already return back to work. For those who are constantly on the move to earn money for the family, afternoon nap is a very luxurious thing.

His phone vibrates and Bai Song picks up his phone and check.

SMS: Account XXX16 user have transfer you 40,000.

Looking at this SMS, Bai Song finally lets go of his breath, the gloomy aura on his face disperse slightly. After closing the SMS, he moves to the contact book and quickly found Liu Jing.

“You ah what’s the matter?” From the phone came Liu Jing usually voice.

Bai Song tone is very calm: “Where are you?”

“House, after resting then I’m going back to work.” Liu Jing say lazily.

“I’m coming over don’t go anywhere.” Saying finish, Bai Song hang the phone without waiting for Liu Jing reply.

As he is afraid that Liu Jing might leave soon, Bai Song does not choose to take the public bus, instead he catch a taxi.

Taxi is charging base on the distance travel, hence the taxi drivers press the accelerator all the way to be able to earn more money daily.

On the way, the taxi driver also pick-up a customer that is going in the same direction as Bai Song, the taxi driver smiles apologetically at Bai Song and say: “It is hard to earn money in the beginning of the year, please pardon me.”

Bai Song shakes his head and does not bothered, after all everyone is struggling for their livelihood merely all of us are pitiful people. A lot of people are always angry at the taxi driver for picking up other passenger in the middle of the journey but… there is no one who is willing to do such things.

The car is very fast, within ten minutes, Bai Song at the lobby of Liu Jing house.

Knock on the door, open the door.

Bai Song sees a panda eyes Liu Jing opening the day and says softly: “Since you have come then come in.”

Bai Song looks around and realise that other than Liu Jing, there is no one else in the house, at this time Bai Song phone rings.

SMS: Account XXX54 user have transfer you 5,300.

Bai Song looks at Liu Jing in shock, Liu Jing says exhaustedly lying on the sofa: “Look your appearance you must be lacking of money, just nice my company have just pay me in advance so I lend you first.”

Bai Song is not in a rush to explain his reason for coming, instead ask: “Your child don’t need to spend money?”

“No need already, my wife have brought my child back to her parents’ home, she is angry at me.” Liu Jing massages his panda eyes and yawns: “There is no problem, after all her parents dotes her.”

“Why?” Bai Song feels that there is some problem.

“Hai, what else can it be, I have found a girl…”

Before he can finish saying, Bai Song cut in and say: “Say the truth, you still have not gotten rid of your habit of touching your nose when lying.”


“Really can’t hide anything from you.” Liu Jing shakes his head helplessly: “It nothing major, just that she wants to divorce me.”

When Bai Song hear it, he does not ask anymore because he have guess the cause. Bai Song takes out his phone and fiddle a bit.

This time round, it is Liu Jing’s phone that rings, Liu Jing looks curiously at the SMS, 25,300 is reflected in his eye.

Liu Jing is shock: “Where did you get the money from?”

“Earned from Myth.” Bai Song looks at him seriously.

“That’s the way, finally you have prospect! But you should keep this money with you, my side is not in need for money and in this early period, you still need some fund for venture.”

“Come and join me, at the same time soothe your wife back.”

After Liu Jing hear, he does not say anything, instead he sits on the sofa and lit up a cigarette and offer one to Bai Song. The sofa in Liu Jing house is a hardwood sofa and the cushion colour have completely faded.

The two of them silent smoke the cigarette.

“I …better let it be…” Liu Jing force a smile and shakes his head.

Ding Dong, Ding Dong…

The doorbell rings.

Bai Song immediately stand up and open the door. Liu Jing stand up to see a large gaming cabin. This is what Bai Song have ordered for Liu Jing on the net while in the taxi.

Liu Jing looks in shock as the installation crew install the gaming cabin properly, afterward he clench his jaws tightly before walking towards a lady who looks like the head and ask: “May I know how much is it?”

“Sir, this is a good that have been paid in advance, there is no need to pay again.” The sales lady smiles politely at Liu Jing.

“Ah, then, sorry for the inconvenience.” Liu Jing distractedly reply the sales lady before walking back to the Bai Song side, jabs Bai Song with his elbow and ask softly: “Is this something that you have gotten?”

“Hai hai, listen to me once, go and call your office and take leave, I can guaranty that you can earn more money than working in your office, if you can’t earn more than it is still not too late to return back to work.” In front of the installation crew, the two of them chat softly at the side. “Brother, see if you believe me or not.”

Liu Jing punches Bai Song but does not say anything, if he does not believe Bai Song, then he would not have repeatly lend money to Bai Song, because he believe that Bai Song will change for the better.

Furthermore, Bai Song have betrayed the trust of Liu Jing in his previous life, in this life, he will not let him down again.

“I will return home first, after you have make your character added me, my ID is One Meter Bai Song, my usually game name.” Bai Song says finish and return home first.



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