Chapter 3 – Kill Steal to levelup


Perception, this attribute can only be increased by getting special equipment or completing a hidden quest, this Easter Egg was only found a year later.

It was said that the man is a writer, during the opening scene when he realized that there is something in the opening animation at the side, immediately his detective mode turn on. He did not establish his role and quit the game, he repeatedly looks at the opening picture and investigates for two days, and finally found this hidden bug.

Later, the official response to the bug was given, because you can find this Easter egg, it means that you have the power of observation, so the reward is perception +1.

But the game has been running for more than a year and the high-end players, more or less have received a few points to dozens of points in perception.

Although the perception stat is important, no one will be willing to enhance perception by one point and reset their account and re-level up, so this thing only became an interesting topic that’s all. But it also became beneficial for the later players, when this method was finally made public, those players who do visit the forum, will spend a few minutes to enhance this point of perception.

Bai Song closed his eyes, feeling the flow of the surrounding air, any trace of change could be captured, and this is perception. The effect is not very obvious, just a point, but the outcome is to open the perception attribute.

In the past after his eyes were dug out, he lost his sight in the game as well. For a long period of time, he had to rely on his hearing to defend himself, and to use hearing to defend himself relies on perception.

“Hey, you see that person there, it’s already three days then he enter the game, still does not want to level up but instead close his eye and act cool.”

“Who cares about him, these years, as long as you have the money, any crazy people can play the game.”

Upon hearing the two passing players talk, Bai Song felt a sense of urgency, after familiarizing with the actions in the game and practicing a few movements, he follows his memory and walk towards his first goal.

Bai Song jogs the entire way until he reaches the first stop that he had planned. Goblin cave, which drops an uncommon skill book. But then he reaches the entrance, he found that there are a few people waiting on a monster respawn point. As for the skill book… Bai Song glances around the cave and realizes that the cave is almost full.

I heard that this place drop a super quality skill book, no sure if it is true.”

Damn it, Lv 3 monster experience is so low, if the skill book still does not drop then let’s go already.”

Walking into the cave, hearing the others talking in the background, Bai Song immediately turns around and leaves the cave. The uncommon book in this cave has already been taken away.

The skill book that drop here is not a single occurrence, but it only drop once a month, these people who are still here are going to be wasting valuable time.

Time oh time

Bai Song shakes his head,being delayed by three days. Although the current situation is long expected, but seeing it happening causes some sense of urgency.

Bai Song rests slightly, recovers a bit of stamina and jogs to the Cat demon forest.

When Bai Song reached the Cat Demon Forest, there is a large gathering of players. But as he is still unable to hide his level, when Bai Song a Lv 1 player came here, he attracted the attention of the players. When Bai Song neared a small group, he was pushed away by a bald man.

Scram kid, we are from the Glorious Guild, if you want to snatch a mob check if you are capable of it first.” The bald man’s voice is very loud, those around him after killing off the Cat Demon turns around and look at him.

In the eyes of the outsider, a Lv 1 player wearing the un-droppable newbie equipment is someone who is trying to rely on lucky to steal equipment.

During newbie period, Lv 10 and below is unable to PK. Even when killed, they will not lose any experience. But for equipment, there is a small chance of dropping it.

Bai Song objective originally is deep inside the Cat Demon Forest. But when he heard the bald man, he stopped. It is not because he wanted to cause trouble, but because he feels that what the bald man say is very reasonable.

Bai Song checks if his stats are up to par. After checking for a while, his answer is yes they’re enough.

Cat Demon Forest is a Lv 6 monster zone, but deeper in the forest, a Lv 9 Cat Demon can spawn. As well as one of the three big novice human form monsters, Cat Maiden BOSS

Thinking of the Cat Maiden BOSS, Bai Song suddenly remembers a thing, but that thing has a level prerequisite. Already behind in progress by quite a bit, Bai Song feels that killing Lv 1 monsters, which has almost no one snatching, is too slow.

Hence Bai Song came up with a plan to kill steal a monster.

After chasing off Bai Song, the Glorious Guild leveling party mechanically continues with their leveling.

After killing 2 more Cat Demons, an Elite Cat Demon spawns. Relying on teamwork, the Elite Cat Demon was grinded till it is left with a sliver of health.

Young master Bai, the food is ready.” Said the person carrying shield to the person who is carrying a wand at his back.

In a small team, no matter who kills the monster, the experience is split evenly. But if the monster was stolen by a player who is not in the team, that player will be able to get half of the experience.

Bai Cheng is the son of the sponsor of Glorious Guild. He is not inside the party and they are here to help him to level up. Their job is to let him get the last hit. Bai Cheng as usual threw a small fireball over. But before the fireball could reach, the Elite Cat Demon is already dead on the ground.

Bai Cheng looked up and saw it was the novice that was just chased away. Appearing from out of nowhere, slashing out 3 time with 2 being crits.

What the heck! What luck.” The crowd of people cursed.

No one noticed that before Bai Song slashed downwards with his dagger, from behind the cat he pinched the neck of the Cat Demon. Cat Demon weak spot is the same as normal cat. As long as you pinched the cat neck meat, you can cause a paralysis effect. Attack on the weak point with continuous explosive strikes, this allows Bai Song to overcome the level gap and cause damage.

Continuous strike: increase attack speed to continuously strike the enemy, resulting in 70% of the original attack power, attack from the back crit rate increased by 30%.  

The reason why Bai Song had closed his eyes is because of the perception he had gained in the beginning. His nose and ears are better than his eyes. Listening to the Cat Demon cries allow him to how much health it has lost. Using his nose to smell the bloody breath of the Cat Demon allows him to determine how much health the Cat Demon is left with.

It must be known that in the previous incarnation, Bai Song after being blinded in this manner in this stagger and stumble his way up in the ranks. Despite the fact that he started the game 2 years later and did not create any type of records, he was able to assassinate an expert for food. This proves that his gaming talent is not weak at all. In fact, how can the talent of a game lover be very weak?

Are you trying to go against the Glorious Guild?” The bald man who had pushed Bai Song away demanded.

Bai Song touch his head and smiled with embarrassment: “I heard you guys calling Young Master Bai to eat and thought that you guys are calling me.”

At this moment, the bald guy saw the system message. <A player called [One Meter Bai Song] has stolen the last hit>. The bald guy thought: ’Damn you, this shameless guy, wearing only newbie gear and dare to call yourself young master Bai.’

It’s only luck.” Bai Cheng snorted and look gloomy at Bai Song:” If you have the ability then stay here and continue to wait. I see how many can you steal a day.”

After Bai Cheng says those words, the bald guy received a group party join request. After accepting the request he pass the party leader position to Bai Cheng. Bai Cheng uses the party chat and say:” That guy definitely is relying on luck just now, later on when the monster is at low blood, save your skills, don’t let that guy snatch it anymore.”

Young master Bai, this..” The bald guy hesitated slightly as the task they have accepted is to accompany young master Bai to level up. But seeing the main instigator has already spoken, the bald guy has no choice but to say:” All listen to young master Bai, later on when the monsters are at low blood, save your skills. Don’t let that guy snatch it.”

Bai Cheng snorts toward Bai Song, then brings the party to kill monster. Bai Song saw that this people have no intention to stop him, he follows along.

Then from the bushes came a normal Cat Demon, the party of people carefully attack, till the end everyone still has their skills to block Bai Song. But Bai Song stood there and watches, till the end the monster dies, he still did not make a move.

Sure enough when he heard the famous Glorious name, he became afraid.” The party of people thought.

After another two kills, Bai Song did not make a move, the previous thinking having solidified in their hearts. But when they turn around, they could not even see the shadow of Bai Song.

Bai Cheng look around and saw another group fighting against an Elite Cat Demon. Just when the Elite Cat Demon is about to die, on the cat demon’s head appears a bunch of crits. That person is Bai Song.

Newbies cannot be PKed, hence that group of players can only stare at Bai Song and curse him.

Continuously causing disturbance in two different teams, raised the vigilance of the rest of people grinding in this forest against Bai Song.

But to the Glorious Guild members, it is not that Bai Song is afraid of their Glorious Guild but he is not interested in kill stealing a normal Cat Demon.

Bai Cheng got angry. And the reason for being angry is ridiculous. Because he is angry at Bai Song disdain to kill steal his mobs.

Over there is an Elite Cat Demon go and pull it over.” Bai Cheng face frosted over.


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