Chapter 29 – Selling Guide


When Spectral Fire hears Bai Song mention a big business, he immediately became happy.

“Let’s hear what you have to say.” Spectral Fire lifts up a piece of grass and hang it in his mouth.

“…” Bai Song looks at the piece of grass that Spectral Fire puts into his mouth, it is the pluck from the area where he have just stepped on. But Bai Song does not reveal it as important matters are more urgent. “Fire Guild Leader, I shall boldly ask a question, is your guild currently strategizing for Abandon Mine or Farmland?”

“It is not bold at all, if you ask around you will be able to know.” Spectral Fire is still able to talk properly despite holding a piece of grass in his mouth. “The elite team is currently trying to clear the normal stage of Abondan Mine. As for their progress, it should be consider quite fast at around 70%. Oh right, please don’t tell other people of our progress.”

Bai Song nods his head and smiles mysteriously causing Spectral Fire to ask curiously: “Brother Song? Could it be that you have heard of someone who have cleared the dungeon?”

Bai Song shakes his head.

“Then why do you smile so mysteriously?” Spectral Fire feels slightly ridiculous.

Looking at Spectral Fire serious expression, Bai Song decided not to conceal anymore, expectation is expectation but it is still not good to be too much. “Is Fire Guild leader interesting in clearing Hell stage?”

“Hell Stage?” Spectral Fire touches his wand and ask inquiringly: “Are you saying about the Hell Stage for Abandon Mines?”

“Yes.” Bai Song nods faintly.

“Are you for real? Is there really a way? Brother Song are you one of the beta testers?” Spectral Fire is unable to hold his cool and asks excitedly.

Bai Song remain lying on the ground not replying.

“Sorry for being rude.” Only then Spectral Fire realize that he have asked this question before, says happily: “Brother Song tell me of your conditions, after we have cleared the dungeon I will definitely fulfil it.”

Bai Song stops acting cold and says: “Fire Guildleader…”

“Just call me Hidden Fire, this is what my friends call me.” Spectral Fire says amiably.

“Okay, Hidden Fire.” Bai Song paused for a moment: “I indeed have a method of clearing Wind Edge Abandon Mine dungeon, but…”

“Just speak your mind.” Spectral Fire hints to Bai Song to continue.

“I have some request which can be a bit demanding. From all of the drops, I will have the priority to choose any three regardless if I am able to use it.” Seeing Spectral Fire expressionless face, Bai Song continues: “On the other hand I need your guild to pay me 40k cash up front.”

“Brother Song, I am unable to agree to you last request.” Spectral Fire signs. “Actually there is no way around it. Even if I believe in your abilities, the other people in the guild are not convinced. Furthermore I am only the vice-guildleader.”

The bobs of clouds in the sky slowly gather together.

Bai Song also knows that his request is overbearing, hence in the end he took out a dagger, the dagger is slightly longer than the usually dagger by a bit, its appearance is very simple and unadorned but there is a faint hint of its brilliance.

Bai Song does not bother to show its attributes, instead he passes it to Spectral Fire. When Spectral Fire receives the dagger he immediately checks its attributes.

“Brother Song are you selling this dagger?” Spectral Fire is slightly shock when he have seen the attributes, as the dagger is of a more excellent quality then the silver grade wand he is using.

“Not selling.” Bai Song keeps the dagger. “If I use this dagger as a collateral can you pass me the 40k first? If we are unable to clear, I am willing to give up the dagger.”

“Deal! No problem.” Spectral Fire immediately pats his chest and guarantee: “In this case, I believe that no one will be able to disagree.”

The wind in the sky manages to form, but after a breeze it disperse.

At the entrance of the underground Abandon Mine dungeon.

“Just a bit more, the party got wipe near the end, just that last stretch and we are able to clear it.”

“It is really hard, don’t know if there is any guild that will be able to clear the dungeon by today.”

The two player just came out from the dungeon. They are chatting while waiting for their teammates to recover their health.

One of the players pointed at the progress board and say: “Eh, you look, a guild just successfully cleared the dungeon, their guild name is…. It is actually Glorious Guild people.”

“Glorious Guild is the first to clear the normal stage, this can allow them to leave the other guilds behind but I still disapprove of Glorious Guild as they are too overbearing.”

“Oi! Softer a bit, the Glorious Guild people are coming out. A few days ago there is a player who have angered the Glorious Guild and they have declared that they will not let him get to level 11.”

“Yes yes…”

Bai Cheng walks out of the dungeon with high spirits, the rest of the party including One Blade follows behind him. In the past few days, the top management have send down formal document to make Bai Cheng the Vice-guildleader.

As for One Blade, although he is still Guild Leader in name, all of the major matters are now being handled by Bai Cheng and everyone knows that if Bai Cheng does not commit any mistakes, the Guild Leader post will be his sooner or later.

At this time, another group of people walk out of the dungeon as well.

Bai Cheng gives his underling a look and that underling immediately chats with his partner: “Take a look at the atmosphere of the Spectral Guild members coming out, they must have failed again.”

“Of cause, comparing our abilities, how can they compare with Glorious Guild?” The other person also cooperate.

A member of the Spectral Guild is about to dicker back but was stop by Spectral Guild Guild Leader Ghost Island.

Bai Cheng immediately gives a hypocritical show of apologises: “Guild Leader Ghost Island, I am so sorry, my underlings does not know how to talk. Later I will discipline them when we get back.”

Ever since Spectral Fire have steps onto Bai Cheng’s head, Bai Cheng have always keep it in his heart. Since both sides are already fighting against each other for fame, hence there is no need for politeness,

“No problem, congratulate Young Master Bai success in leading people to get the first clear for the normal stage.” Ghost Island places emphasis on normal stage this the two words, hinting that clearing the normal stage is not something to be proud of.

Ghost Island directly bring his people and leave the dungeon area, before leaving he nods towards One Blade. “Guild Leader One Blade”

Bai Cheng looks at their back view, gashing his teeth angrily. Ghost Island not only say that clearing the normal stage is nothing amazing, he also calls him Young Master Bai but calls One Blade Guild Leader One Blade.

He obviously looks down on Bai Cheng.

Bai Cheng is a conceit person who is always standing above others, hence when he hear it he got angry, but he know that this is just Ghost Island tatics to sow dissension. Only his relationship with One Blade have already reach the point of fire and water, hence there is no need to sow further discord.


Ghost Island signs, the first clearance for normal mode got snatched by others. Today they have almost clear the dungeon but got wiped at the end.

At this time, Spectral Fire rushes hurriedly into the dungeon area, just nice meeting Ghost Island and the rest.

Ghost Island last curiously: “Second Fire, didn’t you say that you will not come and try to clear the dungeon? Why did you come here?”

Second Fire is Spectral Fire nickname, which sound similar to fool1.

Spectral Fire is speechless for a moment: “I have a good news to tell you.”

1 二火= second fire, er huo while二货= fool, er huo



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