Chapter 28 – Liu Jing Situation


“Earlier Beancurd and I have try killing the monster for a long time, but always fail, this time because of Brother Song leading skill we are able to kill the earthworm and complete our quest.” Alone Survival says slowly. “As for Beancurd and I, just this key and the chest will do.”

“Correct, just this key and the chest will do. Brother Song you keep the dagger.” Fermented Beancurd says after realizing that this time round, Bai Song is the main reason for being able to kill the earthworm.

“Fine then.” Bai Song keeps the dagger and say: “I shall accept the dagger.”

Opening the chest, they looted a disk shape object which they are unable to identify, hence it is the quest item. After they have finish distribution the loot, it also means that their time together will temporary come to an end.

“Brother Song, Survival and I shall go and hand in the quest, later on there will be a follow-up quest, do you want to come along?” Fermented Beancurd asks.

Bai Song shakes his head and says helplessly: “Even if I go along and complete the quest with you, I will not be able to get the quest rewards, isn’t it torturous for me?”

“It seems to be that case…” Fermented Beancrud touches his ear in embarrassment: “It really seems to be the case. How about we do the level 10 dungeons together afterward when we reach the level?”

“When I reach level 10 then we talk about it again.” Bai Song gives a reply that neither reject nor agree to the question.

<System Notice: Player “Alone Survival” sends you a friend request.>

After adding as friends, Alone Survival nods his head towards Bai Song before leaving with Fermented Beancurd and go backs to the city.

After the two of them have left, Bai Song suddenly feels slightly tired, originally he have planned to grind for a while longer, but his luck is quite bad. Other than the Sneak skill book that he have originally gotten, there is no other skill books that drop.

<System Notice: There is someone knocking of the gaming capsule in the real life.>

The gaming capsule have interaction functions that can be set-up, such as when being touch, it will send the user a notice, it can also treat anomalies such as knock on the door and send a notice. As Bai Song is alone at home, if he loses the ability to know what is happening in the real world while he is playing, if someone comes and look for people it will be very troublesome.

After all you get what you paid for, 20k price tag is not without reason.

The middle of the mountain does not lack years, the cave lightings are all dependent of the torches, and hence it is hard to determine if it is daytime or night. Bai Song found a corner and logs off.

Opening the capsule, the afternoon sunrays shines pass the window panel onto Bai Song’s face, blinding him temporarily.

Bai Song rubs his eyes, after wearing his slipper, he opens the door and sees Qiu Yu who is carrying multiple heavy bag of items. Bai Song immediately takes the large bag of rice, lightening Qiu Yu load.

“There is no more rice?” Bai Song remembers that the rice bucket is still half full.

Qiu Yu smiles faintly and replies: “The west district supermarket is selling rice at half price, so I conveniently bought it when I was returning from there.”

West district…

Bai Song was startled. The roads in west district are currently under construction hence the public buses have to detour around it, if you want to take the bus, you need to walk quite a few miles. Bai Song does no know what to say when he thinks of Qui Yu walking such a long distance with such heavy loads.

After closing the window, Qiu Yu is just nice standing beside the window, the sunlight shines of her breathtaking appearance, her slightly dishevel wavy long hair and her alluring calf covered slightly by her woman’s suit.

Anyone who sees her will definitely says that such a beautiful woman does not deserve to stay in such a narrow dusky room.

“Aren’t you suppose to eat lunch in the office? Why did you come back?” Bai Song helps Qiu Yu to wash the vegetables. Despite Bai Song is very clumsy, Qiu Yu is very happy.

“Oh, the nutrient solution is quite expensive, thinking that there is not more food at home, hence decided to buy some food home. Every bit we save is precious.” Qiu Yu smiles faintly as she puts on her apron.

A not sumptuous but delicious lunch was soon prepared… actually it is only fried cabbage with a bit of meat. While Blossom is in the kindergarten, the meal quality have drop once again.

“Just now after buying the rice, I seems to see Liu Jing.” Qiu Yu suddenly place her bowl down and says worriedly: “I sees him eating his meal in a partitioned box in a stall outside his office. His complexion seems to be haggard.”

Liu Jing working are is in the west district.

“Is that so.” Bai Song blank for a moment before continuing to eat his lunch.

“I can temporary think of some ways to settle our rent, go and return the money you borrow from him okay?” Qiu Yu tugs Bai Song lightly hinting to him not to eat first. “Last time you said that his child is just born, we have also experience that phase, you know as well, I am afraid that he alone is unable to handle it.”

“Yes…” Bai Song swallows down his food with a few large bites. Afterwards he wash the bowl and say: “I go and do something first.”

Qiu Yu looks worriedly at Bai Song back view but does not say anything.

After removing his slippers, Bai Song lets go of an impure air before climbing into the gaming capsule, the view in front of him change and he successfully login.

In the dark cave where there is no light, Bai Song frowns before heading back to the village.

Underneath a stone bridge that only four person can walk together shoulder to shoulder is a slow flowing rivulet. The bright yellow grass surround the pinwheel. As the breeze flow by softly, the grass moves along with the breeze, the pinwheel as usual continues to spin.

The streamlet outside of the village is not very deep but narrow, Bai Song sits beside the bank of the streamlet and like the main character in the TV shows, hold a piece of grass in his mouth. Looking at the streamlet, Bai Song smiles knowingly, in the past, he have built a canoe and often have fun rowing the canoe in this streamlet.

Bai Song lies down of the grass beside the streamlet and spit out the grass in his mouth. “Really don’t understand what is the point of holding this grass in the mouth, those main characters in the TV show always like to hold a grass in their mouth.”

“If I sell the Earthworm Dagger, I can return Liu Jing the 20k I borrowed and there should be surplus that can be given to him. But is there any other better methods other than selling the Earthworm Dagger?” Bai Song raise his head and looks at the blue sky filled with clouds blobbing along and sign. “No matter what is said, Lu Ying that fellow really makes people worried, could an accident have happen?”

In the previous life, Liu Jing did not divorce at all, hence Bai Song did not know that Liu Jing and his wife are about to divorce.

“There should be a better method right?” Bai Song lies on the grass patch, feeling the breeze flowing pass his face and close his eyes.

As Bai Song is lying very close to the stone bridge, among the players who are walking through and fro the bridge, there is a player that there is a person lying there and sleeping, but in this fast pace gaming life, where have time to bother about him.

At this time, a male wand user on the bridge sees Bai Song who is lying on the grass patch.

“Expert, I can’t see that you are actually quite carefree, I really admire you.” Bai Song open his eyes and take a look, it is actually Spectral Fire.

“So it is Fire Guild leader, I am not as carefree as you are saying, my thinking is rigid hence decided to rest and reorganize a bit.” Bai Song who was lying on the grass patch sits up and shakes his head with a bitter laugh.

Looking at Spectral Fire, at this time a brilliant idea flashes through Bai Song mind.

“Fire Guild leader, I have a large business here, do you want to make a deal?” Bai Song looks at Spectral Fire with his eyes shining.


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