Chapter 27 – Earthworm Dagger


Fermented Beancurd rushes towards the earthworm in vengeance and sending it flying with a hammer blow. At the beginning he is not used to it but luckily Alone Survival have gather enough of the pickaxes, hence the earthworm always lands on the iron points.

By now he have gotten the feel and sends the earthworm flying into the air. The earthworm is a strength base monster, a strong impact force slams on to the iron points from above. After spawn the small worms, the earthworm drops into a weaken state, with its lowered defence, its low health drops by a large chunk.

It must be say that the one who is doing the most damage is Alone Survival. Every arrow is able to deal 40+ damage, but because he have suffer a loss earlier, he does not dare to do long range attack, instead maintain in close range combat state. The damage from the drop is equivalent to Alone Survival shooting 10+ arrows.

At this time Alone Survival raises his bow and starts shooting at the earthworm. When the earthworm activates its burrowing skill, it is unable to move due to being in dizzy state.

The group of them attacks the knockdown earthworm. The two of them gives up the last blow to Bai Song and lets him take the final blow experience. Bai Song does not know how courteous is written and since the others have decided to give up the final blow, he natural takes it.

Originally at half of his exp bar, Bai Song hear a sound.

<System Notice: You have level up to level 8.>

After earthworm have die, Fermented Beancurd immediately shouts: “I be damn, Elder brother Song your brain is very wide open, you actually brings physic into the game and mess around with it. This way of playing the game will not get you friends easily.”

“Also, what is with the string continueous adding of healing earlier? Damn it, that string is fiercer then a cleric that have learn healing.” Fermented Beancurd gasp in amazement at Bai Song ability. “Last time I have known a person who have enter the boundary of the thief, but comparing to elder brother Song, that is so… forget it, I am unable to say anything.”

“Beancurd!” Alone Survival face frost and stops Fermented Beancurd behaviour of trying to prying into other people secrets.

When Fermented Beancurd hears, he rubs his head apologetically. It is not that his EQ is low, but because he is very excited, hence started blabbering. “I am very sorry, I was too excited just now.”

Experts like them have their own secrets, trying to pry into other people secrets is what most experts are disgusted of. Even if Bai Song is changed into another well-tempered person, when begin question in this way by Fermented Beancurd, he might just walk off immediately and remove from friend list.

“It is not problem, actually this is not a real secret, I have an equipment that lowers my strength. That day I realise when my strength is in the negative, when I attack the monsters, instead of damaging them, I am healing them, hence I thought of this method.” Bai Song generously says out his secret, but as for which equipment, there is no need to say it, after all he is already being very generous.

“This…” Bai Song words have made Fermented Beancurd slightly embarrassed.

Suddenly Alone Survival seriously says. “Brother Song thank you very much.”

Looking at the usually cold Alone Survival seriously thanking him, Bai Song only smiles and waves his hands: “Actually this technique will be found out by others very soon. With the increase in level, negative strength can only be used in the early stages only.”

“No.” Alone Survival shakes his head seriously. “All secrets have its own unique price. Since Brother Song have let us know of it, shows how magnanimous brother Song is.”

Bai Song is embarrass by Alone Survival retort. Actually with Bai Song face, how could he be embarrass? It is all because of how earnest Alone Survival praise is which makes Bai Song hair to stand on end.

“Let’s loot the body.” Bai Song can only use the art of changing topic to bring up the atmosphere.

“Let me loot! Let me loot!” Fermented Beancurd happily jumps towards the earthworm and stretches out his hand to touch the corpse. “Look at my super honourable unequal golden left hand.”

With a scope, a dagger and a key appears.

Earthworm Dagger (Silver)

Damage 54-60

Agility +10

Additional damage of +1%

Level Requirement: Level 10

Durability 50/50

Special Effects: When attacking an enemy, there is a 5% chance of summoning small earthworm to attack the enemy, time limit is 10 minutes (No upper limit of summons, no summoning CD)

The three of them looks at each other. Without a doubt, this dagger is a super peak equipment. Although it is a silver grade equipment, the overall effects of the dagger is comparable to the slightly weaker gold grade equipment, especially when attacking enemies, 5% chance of summoning the small worm effect is very powerful.

What are small earthworms, well just now they have seen clearly. Although their damage is very low, it is very annoying. The most important point is that the earthworm time span is 10 minutes. Of cause it is not that overbearing, although it can last for 10 minutes, it’s health is still somewhat low. It can only be used to bully those heavy equipment users, like heavy sword, large hammer.

To kill monster is also not bad.

In Alone Survival and Fermented Beancurd, this equipment grade is too low. But in the eyes of Bai Song, this equipment in this early stages is a equivalent to an artifact.

In <Myth>, there are three type of damage increase calculations, namely, increase, additional and additional increment this three types.

Increase damage is directly added into the panel, it is affected by the opponent armour. It is the first part of the damage.

Additional damage is a considered a special damage and is not added to the panel, it is also affected by the opponent armour. But it is consider the second part of the damage.

As for additional increment damage, it is the same as increase damage, but is separately calculated, increase damage is affected by armour but additional increment damage is not affected by armour.

The Earthworm Dagger is the second type, additional damage, which means that with a slash, it inflicts damage twice. Although the second part damage is only 1% of the first part damage, but the 1% of damage inflicted is considered as another attack.

What does this mean to Bai Song?

This means that there is an increase of chance in activating the 5% chance of summoning a small earthworm effect and also means that Bai Song will have a more relaxing time to summon the Three Corpses.

But now is the problem of who will get the dagger. After all everyone is greedy, in the face of self-interest, there is always the possibility of falling out. Although Bai Song wants the dagger a lot, but he decided to see the attitude of the other two person.

If a silver grade equipment can allow him to see a person nature, Bai Song feels that it is worth it.

“I am a man who wants to become a fencer, since it is a dagger, I don’t want it.” Fermented Beancurd takes the lead in declaring his position, pointing out his wish to become a fencer, but at the end says: “I feel that such a good equipment should not be sold, let us eat it ourselves.”

Originally Fermented Beancurd wants to say roll the dice, then split the loot base on the number value. But at this time Alone Survival speaks up.

“Give this dagger to Brother Song.” Alone Survival cherishes his words like gold, says expressionlessly.



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