Chapter 26 – Usage of Negative Strength


Entering deeper into the hole, Bai Song deactivated the effect of Three Corpse Ring. As Bai Song is equip with Spectral Cloak, he is not so concern with his positioning.

In his line of sight, there is only Fermented Beancurd who is slowly advancing carefully. As this time round they are looking for the chest, if they can avoid any Puppet Miner, they will avoid them.

In front, there is a fork in the shaft. It is at this location Bai Song waits for Alone Survival to reach before revealing himself.

Although the two of them have gave him the direction, Bai Song decided to appears second as he want to avoid raising suspicion on himself as the terrain is rather complex.

“Assholes, the two of you pricks, leaving me alone at the back.” Fermented Beancurd is the last to arrive, like a young complaining woman harbouring lots of anger.

Bai Song ignores Fermented Beancurd grudge filled gaze and looks towards the hole, in the middle of the cave on an elevated platform there is a small chest. Bai Song knows that inside the chest is a decorative medal, even if he take it he have no use for the medal. The medal can only be pass to the other two to hand in their quest.

Under the elevated platform, there is a very fat warm resting, it is around the size of a adult human.

After killing the earthworm, maybe it might drop a silver equipment. The other two need the things inside the chest, hence when it comes to splitting of the loots, he will have the priority. If the two of them does not have this bit of grace, it will tarnish their name in the previous incarnation.

“So how are we going to fight with this thingy?” Bai Song ask the two of them curiously. He is clear on the weak points of the worm and things to look out for, but he really wants to know their capability.

“Earlier we have tried before, an archer and warrior fighting method, but when this earthworm receives long range attacks, he will burrow underground. After which he will burrow out at the location of the back rows and start attacking them. Furthermore it is able to spawn small worms.” Saying to here, Fermented Beancurd helplessly shakes his head: “My defence is too low, unable to with stand it and the two of you are wearing leather.”

At this time, Bai Song cuts in and say: “Beancurd, earlier don’t you have a knockdown skill?”

“Yes I have.” Fermented Beancurd nods his head.

“then can you control the landing point?” Bai Song asks again.

“Landing point?” Fermented Beancurd asks in shock: “You are able to control the landing point? After the skill is activated, didn’t the system set up the rest? Following the system directions, and immediately release the skill?”

“Why must follow the system direction?” Bai Song ask in reply, he will not directly teach Fermented Beancurd instead give him some hints. Whether he is able to comprehend it is his own problem.

After Fermented Beancurd hears finish he wanted to say something but sudden an idea sprouts in his mind. He stares blankly on the stop and after a while reply: “Let me try a bit.”

Saying finish, Fermented Beancurd wants to rush towards the earthworm only to be pulled back by Bai Song.

“Wait for me a while.”

Saying finish, Bai Song activates Sneak and walks out, after a short while, Bai Song takes out a number of broken pickaxe from his backpack.

“What are these for?” Fermented Beancurd rubs his nose, indicating that he does not understand.

Even Alone Survival also looks at Bai Song with a face full of shock.

“Takes these pickaxes and remove the wooden handle, and then bury them half way into the ground pointing upwards. After when Beancurd tries his best to hammer the worm higher, the landing point will be on these points.”

“We can also play like this?” Fermented Beancurd and Alone Survival looks towards each other, shock can be seen in their eyes.

Seeing the two of them standing stupidly in their spot Bai Song snorts and say: “Stand there blankly for what, come over and help out.”

“Oh oh, coming coming.” Fermented Beancurd hurries over to help out, seeing Alone Survival still standing still, Fermented Beancurd urges: “Come on, you also come over and help.”

“If we are going ahead with this plan, this amount of pickaxe is not enough, I shall go outside and get more.” Saying finish, Alone Survival activates his Sneak and went out.

And at this time the earthworm is like a gullible baby, in its dream living a sweet and fortunate life. But it suddenly feels like it have receive a hammer blow, when it slowly opens its eyes, it realise that it is flying in mid-air. The floating sensation in mid-air makes it intoxicated.

Being a grounded living creature, no matter if it is human or animals, none of them does not have fantasy towards the sky. In the previous century there is a great person just to get to the sky, fasten his body to lots of helium balls, the end result of cause does not need to be mention.

The floating enjoyment ends very fast, the price for it is pain similar to using a sharp sword and stab through the heart. The worm struggle and squirms, and sees three human being smiling towards each other and conversing.

“Beancurd, this hammer blow of yours is quite good, just nice landing on top of the iron points.”

“Mainly is due to Elder brother Song good deployment of the iron points.”

Of cause the worm does not understand human speech, neither does it knows that the humans are shameless flattering each other. It is very angry, bearing the pain and rams towards the smearing human. But that human is very agile, no matter how the worm rams, it is unable to ram the human, after a while, the hammer once again swings towards it and hammer it upwards.

But this time round the mid-air floating sensation instead of bringing it enjoyment, the floating sensation brings an unknown fear. That unbearable pain occurs again. In this way, the same scenario repeats 2-3 times. It is finally unable to take it anymore, it feels that if this continues it will be played to death.

“Oi, Fermented Beancurd don’t smile anymore, the earthworm is about to enter rage status.” Bai Song hurriedly reminds Fermented Beancurd.

Fermented Beancurd attitude have start to inflate due to the exceptional smoothness if the fight, when he hears Bai Song reminder then he becomes serious, hurriedly prepare his guard.

Almost forgotten that this plaything still have a big move.

Countless small worms start falling off the earthworm body, the one bearing the brunt of the attack is Fermented Beancurd. Fermented Beancurd is holding a hammer, hence is able to deal with this small worms.

“Damn it, I think I am about to drop.” Fermented Beancurd bites down onto a health potion and drinks it down, but it is like pouring a cup of water into a burning cart of firewood, he is going to drop soon.

<System Notice: Player “One Meter Bai Song” have left the party>

At this time a system notice came, causing the two of them to be flabbergast.

“Damn it, Elder brother Song what are try you doing?” Fermented Beancurd wants to hold up his hammer and block but Bai Song chopper is too fast too ferocious, apparently he want to hit out a crit and kill him.

“Don’t tell me he takes action because he wants to hog everything? But he does not seems to be that kind of person.”

Fermented Beancurd heart starts to feel despair. Alone Survival raises the bow in his hand but lower it in the end, creasing his eyebrow, no one knows what he is thinking of.

Closing his eyes, Fermented Beancurd is prepared to be drop, but after a while, he did not die from being slash and neither was he bitten to death by the small worms.

+15, +20, +18, +19……

Fermented Beancurd face is full of suspsion. “Eh? What is happening?”

“Beancurd, what the heck are doing stoning there for?” Bai Song raises his chopper and starts swearing.

Fermented Beancurd finally wakes up, with Bai Song high speed health regen, Fermented Beancurd start to get rid of the small worms on the ground.

“Don’t care about those worms, they can’t bite you to death. Aim for the head and attack.” Bai Song quickly get Fermented Beancurd up from the ground.


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