Chapter 25 – Night Saying


To be honest, even if the level 10 earthworm grade surpasses elite, Bai Song still have a method to solo it. By relying of the Three Corpse Ring Malignant Corpse Ghost or Lava Corpse Ghost to grind down the monster health. Even if the Curse Corpse Ghost is called out, it can greatly reduce the earthworm armour, and there is also a small chance of procing the three Corpse Ghost second degree skills.

Poisoning deepens, corpse fire immolation, big curse technique, until now Bai Song have only seen the corpse fire immolation occurs once, which instantly burns a Puppet Miner to death, thus he believe that the other two will not be any weaker.

But if Bai Song solo kill the elite earthworm, it is not worth it as the hidden quest have already been accepted earlier by Fermented Beancurd. With no hidden quest as a preriquiste, relying on a random equipment looted from a bronze treasure chest, there is a high chance of eating a loss.

Bai Song fighting style is relying of the Spectral Cloak agility bonus to dodge the earthworm attack then taking the opportunity to hit a crit to call out a Corpse Ghost to grind it down. To say it plainly it is to rely on time to grind.

Even if not counting the time wasted into the money earnable, if the drop equipment is not ideal, the durability used up on the Three Corpse Ring is not something that Bai Song is able to accept. If he kills the earthworm with Fermented Beancurd and the rest, Bai Song will not use the Three Corpse Ring effect. Bai Song is very clear of the meaning of an ignorant person is innocent but treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime. One may know a person for a long time without understanding his true nature.

Looking outside of the hole.

The sun set, the evening afterglow antithesis towards the small village, 3 to 5 player groups are return to the village from the surroundings, inside the village, the bustling starts to cease, the smell of cook food starts to shroud the Wind Sprout Village.

The only thing that does not change is the windmill that have not stop turning, maybe it should be stop to do some maintenance to prevent it from breaking.

Since rebirth, this is the first time Bai Song peacefully enjoying the scenery. Says with a deep sign: “It is still the world seen from the eye which is the most beautiful.”

Just as Bai Song is about to logout, a black shadow like flying tries to exit the cave. As Bai Song is close to the exit, he reaches out and tries to grab the shadow. The black shadow dodges, avoids the grab and left a circular shape bomb on the floor.

“Coughs.” The smoke fills the air, causing Bai Song to choke and coughs. Bai Song close his eye and rushes out of the smoke and chase out of the cave.

It is a pity that Bai Song perception is very low, as the smoke continues to spread, the black shadow have already runs away. Bai Song is unable to sense which direction where the shadow runs to.

“Just now that shadow is definitely not a player!” Bai Song crease his forehead and lower his head to think: “At this period of gaming, there is no one who have such speed, even if they have the Spectral Cloak, it is still impossible.”

Then what is that just now?

Bai Song ponders carefully, but is unable to get any results, regarding such a neglected matter, his memories is quite fuzzy.

“Forget it, this is not something that I need urgently.” Bai Song shakes his head and stop thinking further, and straight away logout.

Inside the room, the lighting is dusky, like the table use for eating, have already been used for a long time.

Originally according to the usual dinner, there will be two dishes only, a boiled cabbage dish and a lettuce fried pork dish. The fried pork is very less, it is only put in to improve the taste only.

But today dishes is excessive if compare, as their daughter school fees have been settled, Qiu Yu bought a 草鱼 grass carp, improving their livelihood.

To a lot of people, this type of dinner is very normal, or a not sumptuous dinner. But to Bai Song, this is the most delicious dinner he have ever eaten in years.

“Be careful of the spine.”

When Qiu Yu bought the fish, she requested the fishmonger to cut the fish into bigger pieces, especially the fish belly portion which is the biggest. These portions only have big spines and does not have small spines. Qiu Yu gives the fish belly to their daughter and even gives Bai Song two slices of fish belly. But for herself she picks the fish tail portion.

Fish tail have the most spine, most of it is small spine and fine spine.

Their daughter ask curiously: “Mama, why did you eat fish tail every time?”

“Because mama like to eat fish tail.” Qiu Yu smiles faintly and answers.

When Bai Song hears this conversation, his heart starts to feel quite upset, silently eats his meal. When he have finish eating, Bai Song takes the iniciative to pick up the bowls and wash it.

Qiu Yu is tired after a day of work, seeing Bai Song taking the iniciative to do housework have shock her, but thinking of the changes in Bai Song these few days, Qiu Yu is starting to get used to it.

After waiting for their daughter to fall asleep, Qiu Yu’s legs and arm sprawls on top on Bai Song.

“Oh, what are you doing Qiu Yu?” Bai Song have not fallen into deep sleep and ask in doubt.

Qiu Yu pinches Bai Song face, smiles cheekily: “Oh, why did you change the way you call me to Qiu Yu instead of wife?”

“No……” Bai Song is thinking of something, but when being question by Qiu Yu, blanking says: “Wife.”


“En……hubby, tomorrow I am on leave.” Qiu Yu voice suddenly becomes very faint: “About that…hubby, yesterday the thing that this one promise you, tonight we can do it.”

Listening to Qiu Yu voice which becomes cuter, Bai Song suddenly remember scene of their dinner, and starts to feel heart pain for Qiu Yu.

In the morning, goes out to do exhausting work, all of the delicious portions of the dishes is given to Blossom, in the night still needs to be tormented by himself, how can he bear it?

Because of their daughter, Bai Song does not dare to make loud noices, instead pulls Qiu Yu into his embrace. Borrowing the moonlight, closely examine Qiu Yu beautiful face, afterwards gently kiss down.

“Wu Wu…” Qiu Yu is being hug by him tightly, unable to make any sound.

From her soft lips to her swan like fair throat, finally gently pecks her forehead. Bai Song closes her eyes and waits for Bai Song next actions, but Bai Song lies down on his side and says softly.

“Wait for me to earn more money, then we shall open a hotpot stall, you shall be the lady boss, every day foes down to settle the account. In the free time, you can go with your bosom friends to buy items, do spa…”

Bai Song says and says, suddenly there is no more sound. Qiu Yu voice return to normal and says faintly to him: “Idiot, do you know how happy I was when you have change? I only wish to be with you and Blossom, to assist you and educate the children.”

Bai Song still does no react.

Qiu Yu realise that as Bai Song have fallen asleep as he rambles on. Qiu Yu helplessly smiles and tucks Bai Song in before going to sleep.

Bai Song stealthily open his eyes and look at Qiu Yu, after realising that she is preparing to sleep, secretly release his breath. As it turns out Bai Song is faking his sleep.

Qiu Yu is very not ordinary, Bai Song have no idea how did she and the past him have survive for so many years. It is rare that she can sleep early, Bai Song does not want to torment her anymore, at least wait until she is no longer so tired.

The most important point is their daughter is still sleeping on the small bed, If they really do it, they still need to be very care and quite, hence it is better to rest earlier. Furthermore this way will be less disruptive to their daughter.

A night without conversation.

The family of three seldomly have the chance to go out together to eat breakfast.

“I send our daughter alone to the kindergarten is alright.” Qiu Yu smooths her hair that have scattered around her forehead and says.

Bai Song shakes his head indicating that he also wants to go along, to be able to send his daughter to the kindergarten for the first day of schooling is a small regret for him in his previous incarnation.

Qiu Yu taking of leave for today is not just to fulfil Bai Song physiology needs, it is also to be able to bring her daughter to the kindergarten today. But who could have known that when Bai Song sleeps yesterday, he did not say that he want to send their daughter as well.

Actually to be honest, luckily yesterday night Bai Song pretends to sleep, otherwise with Bai Song so many years of holding back, today she will not be able to get off the bed so easily.

“I wish to let Blossom study in a walkable distance school.” Bai Song ask.

Private kindergarten school boarding allows the children to return home once a week, but the school is very close to their home. The kindergarten other than those that chooses to board in school, have prepare a school bus to specially bring the students to school and home. Bai Song this way of saying is to imply that he wants to see his daughter more often.

But as for Bai Song request, is not very responsible, because he does not have time to properly take care of Blossomo.

“You are spending the entire day in the game and I have to work, how do we settle Blossom lunch? And the problems regarding sending and fetching Blossom have you thought about it?” Qiu Yu frowns and asks.

After listening to all of this, Bai Song for a moment is unable to say anything. After awhile, Bai Song finally say: “Then we shall let our daughter temporary go to board in school then, after a while when I earn more money, we shall change it to walking school.”

“Hope so as well.” Qiu Yu signs as well.

The public bus shakes and rocks until it reaches the entrance of the private kindergarten.

“Mama bye bye.” Blossom kiss Qiu Yu.

“Papa bye bye.” Blossom also kiss Bai Song.

“Blossom you must remember the things that I have repeatedly warn you, and you need to have peaceful relation and to get along with your fellow schoolmates.” Qiu Yu unable to be at ease waves her hand.

After their daughter have went into the kindergarten, Bai Song pulls lightly on Qiu Yu hand: “Let’s go.”


The two of them holding hands does not look like husband and wife.

More like?

Boyfriend and girlfriend……

As Bai Song have made appointment with other people, Bai Song did not follows Qiu Yu to wander around the streets, instead, he takes the public bus and returns home.

Logging into the game.

When Bai Song open his eyes, he immediately seeing Fermented Beancurd bored to death calling out a greeting: “Big Boss we have waited for you for half an hour already, for me to wake up this early is it so easy?”

“To be more accurate, it should be 31 minutes and 25 seconds.” Alone Survival expressionlessly say.

“……” towards Alone Survival reply Bai Song is speechless, saying apologetically: “There are some matters that need to be settled, sorry for delaying.”

“By the way while the two of you are waiting, why are you not looking for some monster to kill? Raise your level or do something?” Bai Song speechlessly say: “The two of you are so idleness, how can you become an expert in the future.”

“I do not have any more food, so I am barbecue meat.” Fermented Beancurd points at the fire stand at the side, afterwards spread his hands and say: “I ask Survival to go and kill monsters but he is not willing.”

“I does not like to help other people who wants to ride a bus.” Alone Survival as usually is expressionless.

A foodie and an inflexible thinking, Bai Song helplessly shakes his head. So be it, experts usually have some defect in their temperament.

If Fermented Beancurd can hear the thoughts of Bai Song, he will immediately jumps up and fight with him saying: “Laozi is an adorable foodie, how can you say it is a temperament defect.”

“Since everyone is here, then let’s go and attack the earthworm.” Fermented Beancurd keeps his barbeque rack.

Bai Song’s figure dissappear, and so does Alone Survival’s figure dissappear, leaving Fermented Beancurd alone behind: “God damn it, the two of you are bully me that I don’t have Sneak.”


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