Chapter 24 – Shadow Bow


Bai Song is currently wearing only white equipment, the strangest is one hand equips with a small shield, the other hand holding a pickaxe. This eye catching dress-up makes the two of them to be flabbergast.

“Brother Song, no…Elder Brother Song, you really is an elder brother. You say you are a thief, but uses a pickaxe and shield, as well as knock out Survival.” Fermented Beancurd says finish and turns slowly towards the tall but skinny guy and say: “Rubbish Survival, always acting like an elephant in front of me.”

Looking at Fermented Beancurd banter, Bai Song ask quizzingly: “You still have not introduce this fellow…”

“Oh, that fellow is call Alone Survival, oh……he is also an exotic thief.” Fermented Beancurd says before adding another sentence: “As exotic as you.”

What do you mean like me? Bai Song rolls his eyes at Fermented Beancurd.

“How are you, my name is One Meter Bai Song, just call me Bai Song.” Bai Song ignores Fermented Beancurd rambling, and politely holds out a hand for a handshake.

“Hai.” The fellow call Alone Survival indifferently holds out his hand, it is not because he is not happy, but his character is always indifferent.

A thief using bow and is call Alone Survival? Bai Song have some faint memories of a person like him, suddenly he remembers.

In the previous incarnation, there are a few player who can be employed to assassinate other player. Among them, there is a fellow that no one knows his ID, only that they knows that the assassin usually uses a longbow, and usually from the shadows instant kill his target with an arrow. Hence gaining a nickname, Shadow Bow.

After a long time, Shadow Bow ID was finally reveal to be Alone Survival. Later on, no one know is able to find out where he disappear to, even those bankrollers lost his contact details.

There are some people who says that he have went into seclusion, there are others who says that he have ‘disappear’, but no one knows the truth.

Comparing the fame in previous incarnation, the three top war gods were revered, but Shadow Bow only makes people feel frighten. But if comparing the legendary degree, Shadow Bow is the winner by a large margin. Actually towards Shadow Bow guesses, everyone says that he is a thief, because Sneak skill is a thief only skill.

Archer have a Camouflage skill that can barely conceals the figure. But Camouflage skill is to match with the surrounding scenery to achieve the conceal effect, it can be seen through under careful examination, more ever you cannot move.

Compare to Sneak skill, the differences is very large. Hence most people have guess that Shadow Bow class is thief, or an archer who have gotten an artifact with sneak skill effects.

If Shadow Bow is a thief got spread out, I believe everyone eyes will drop onto the ground. Thief can be played like this?

“Oh right, the levelling heaven area you were saying earlier is this place?” Bai Song suddenly remembers Fermented Beancurd earlier conversation with him. “I have found this area by accident, how did you guys find it?”

“Ah about this?” Fermented Beancurd scratches his head and looks towards Alone Survival, apparently Alone Survival have told him earlier not to tell other people about how they found this area.

Feeling Fermented Beancurd gaze, Alone Survival says dully: “There is no harm in saying.”

“About this, it is Survival who brings me to accept a hidden quest, afterwards the NPC gives a map, the location is apparently here but the two of us have searched for a whole day but still have not found it.” Fermented Beancurd says embarrassingly: “That is why that day my level is so low.”

“So that is the case.” After Bai Song hears finish, he laments so the reason why they have becomes an expert is not due to luck, this location entrance concealed by weeds and precipitous stones, and is located in an area where the surround is similar to it.

“At first portion of the dungeon is okay, the chest that the NPC wants us to bring back is located in the area where an earthworm is guarding.” Fermented Beancurd says finish and pauses before saying: “Base on the damage it inflicted, the monster should be around level 10. But it is hard to determine the monster rank during the fight, it is between an elite or BOSS.”

“How is it? Elder brother Song, want to come and fight with us, later the loots from the chest and monster drop will be evenly distributed between is. But for the quest I can’t help, because when we receive the quest there is only two person, hence only two person can complete it.” Fermented Beancurd have realised in the beginning that Bai Song is not ordinary, and from Bai Song’s actions earlier, it only reinforce his thinking.

Bai Song hears finish and got a shock: “In half a day time without deeper probing, and under level suppression, to actually determine the information about the monster.”

“Okay then.” Bai Song agrees to Fermented Beancurd request.

As a group, to be able to fight better, decided to grind for a day to level up and fight the earthworm early in the morning the next day. Most importantly, is to help Bai Song obtain a weapon first. Fermented Beancurd and Alone Survival like normal players are dirt poor, and neither does they have any spare weapons to spare Bai Song.

Especially Fermented Beancurd, till now he still have not found a sword. Of cause even if he have gotten a sword, he will not use it. Because he have learn the Valour skill, if he uses a sword, it is equivalent to breaking his own arms.

“Beancurd go and pull the monsters.” Alone Survival dully says to Fermented Beancurd. When Fermented Beancurd hears it, he does not waste time, carries his hammer and walks towards the Puppet Miner.

Bai Song does not understands, obviously Alone Survival is using a bow, why does he make Fermented Beancurd pull the monster. When he is about to ask, the Puppet Miner is send flying over from Fermented Beancurd location by a hammer swing and landed heavily on the ground.

“It can’t be……” Bai Song is stun, there is no need to be so exaggerated.

Almost as if he have seen through Bai Song thinking, Alone Survival gives a rare smile. “That is only his knockdown skill, only there is some slight variation.”

Only slight variation? This is almost changing of type. If he wears his underwear on the outside, he can go and save the planet. While his heart is thinking that way, he does not stop his movement. The two assassin does not stop circling to Puppet Miner and uses slashing blows to attack from the back.

As for the weapons… one of the thief is using a pickaxe and shield to strike the back of the Puppet Miner, the other thief is using the bow to strike the back of the Puppet Miner.

Begging the Puppet Miner mental shadow surface area.

Alone Survival’s damage is way higher then Bai Song’s damage. At this time, Bai Song sees that on the recurve portion of Alone Survival’s bow have blades on it, but the design is still rather cool.

“Survival, I sees that you are quite proficient in shooting why are you using the bow to strike enemies?” Bai Song ask Alone Survival curiously.

Alone Survival glances at Bai Song before saying two words: “Save money.”


The time pass very quickly, as the group grinding, it is about to be midnight. Bai Song have reaches level 7, Fermented Beancurd level 8, Alone Survival level 8.

At the last moments, a white chopper drops, Bai Song finally escapes from his improvise state of using a broken pickaxe.

Fermented Beancurd and Alone Survival are preparing to go offline, at night, it is much more dangereous, only a few crazy fellows will choose to grind at night.

When saying goodbyes, Bai Song praise Fermented Beancurd hammer techniques, which attracted a burst of loud complain from him.

“I am a guy who wants to become a fencer, fencer is not a hammer duellist.”

Fencer1 this two words to Fermented Beancurd is a dream that will never be fulfilled.

1 Fencer in Chinese is 剑客


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