Chapter 23 – Expert Crossing Blows


A pillar of light descend on Bai Song. He have finally level up.

As usually, Bai Song adds all of the free stats into agility, increasing his agility by a bit.

Bai Song is not planning to only add one stat only in the beginning, as his method of killing monster relies of the calling out the Corpse Ghost of the Three Corpse Ring. Even if the damage is not enough, relying on the attack speed to hit more times and using of weak points to increase critical rate, it is not worth it to add strength.

Strength must be added, just that now is not the time.

Inside the cave, there is only scattered sunlight that shines in. In the mine, there are only torches, hence if you stay in the cave for too long, you will be unable to determine the day and night.

Bai Song who is focusing on levelling up does not know if it is afternoon. Thinking that in the afternoon Qiu Yu is coming back home, there is no need to worry about their daughter. As for himself, Bai Song have already told Qiu Yu not to call him. The 20k gaming cabin also came with 2 bottle of nutrient solutions, which is enough for him to use for a while.

At this time, seeing that the Puppet Miner is going to die, Bai Song as usual send out a slash to kill the monster, but the durability of the dagger in his hand is in the red a long time ago finally breaks, Bai Song instead punches the Puppet Miner in its chest.

As his strength is low along with the suppression of level, adding the loss of damage from the dagger, Bai Song punch only manage to do  single digit damage to the Puppet Miner.

“Almost forgotten that after durability is zero, using the equipment a few more time will cause the equipment to break.” Bai Song helplessly shakes his head, Bai Song feels slightly unwilling as he thinks of the broken newbie dagger that have follows him for these few days.

In the cave, there are a few old pickaxe, but mostly are broken. Bai Song casually picks up one of them and throws it at the Puppet Miner head. The throw does not crit and only manage to do around 10 damage. Bai Song follows up with a kick and kills the Puppet Miner.

If other player have seen the way Bai Song fight, even if you kill them they will not believe that he is a thief. Throwing pickaxe, kicking, how is this the way a thief fight? Isn’t it more like the way a hooligan fight on the street?

Ignore if it is black cat or white cat, as long as it is able to kill the monsters, it is right.

The level up glow shone again and finally Bai Song reaches level 5. This time, Bai Song adds all of his free stats into strength. This is his habit for adding free stats, adds all of the free stats to the stat that he is currently lacking.

How convenient it is is how I add my stats, after all adding of stats is to become stronger right?

Of cause this saying is a quote from an expert from his previous incarnation.

“Oh?” When Bai Song loots the body, he looted an equipment.

It is a small circle shield, a level 5 white small shield. Bai Song does not care, after all it can be equipped so just equip. after which he learns Stealth, finally starting to feel like a thief.

At this time, from somewhere far away came the sounds of a dialogue, Bai Song immediately activates his Stealth.

“We have tried for the entire afternoon, just relying on the two of us is impossible to defeat it. Survival, I say we should call someone to help.” A warrior holding a hammer says dishearten to the other tall but skinny fellow.

“If you are not willing to fight then you can retreat. You are not allowed to call other people over.” The tall but skinny fellow is carrying a bow, says flatly to the hammer carrying guy.

Bai Song got a shock. The guy holding a hammer is not some other people, it is Fermented Beancurd. This future top three war god who wish to become a fencer have never touch a sword since his birth.

“Oh, why are you not walking? Our stamina have ran out, didn’t we decided to go back to the village to restore stamina?” Fermented Beancurd says to the tall but skinny guy.

Tall but skinny guy does not reply, instead looks at the Puppet Miner corpse that have not been refresh, afterwards, as a precaution, he takes out an arrow from his quiver. Fermented Beancurd seeing the situation, keeps his smiling face and holds his hammer in front of this chest.

When Bai Song sees their posture, he suddenly have a thought of crossing blows with an expert from his previous incarnation, hence does not review himself, instead picks up a stone and throws it at another direction. But Bai Song himself immediately moves to another location.

Fermented Beancurd is one of the three top war god in his previous incarnation, as for the other guy, Bai Song is not very clear, only feels that being able to stand with Fermented Beancurd means that he is not some no name fellow.

When the tall but skinny heard the stone sound, he does not look at shoots towards the location where the stone lands, instead remains calm and focus on Bai Song previous location.

“Hmm, so it is that skill.” The tall but skinny guy determines the general location of the thief before disappearing into thin air.

When Bai Song sees it, he got a shock: “An archer can turn invincible? Looks like it is not an ordinary person.”

Sneak skill is a class specific skill, it can only be learn by thief class or advance thief class, and archer is unable to learn Sneak. But the archer he is facing is able to sneak, either it is due to equipment effects or hidden class. There is still one more possibility……

He is never an archer!

In <Myth>, equipment have stats requirement, example, a dagger or a bow need 30 agility. In the case of mages and warrior, in the early gaming period they are unable to equip them as they only add their stats into constitution or intelligence.

Of cause, nothing is set in stone, there is some extraordinary person or item existence.

“Sneak as well? Isn’t that playing with me whose perception is better?” Bai Song mouth edges lifts up. When Bai Song activates his perception, the location of the tall but skinny guy is as clear as day to Bai Song.

The tall but skinny guy at this time feels puzzled. Thanks to some of the quest he have clear, he have gain 2 points in perception, opens his perception system. But after a long while of activation his perception, he is unable to sense the opponent.

Actually this is very common, 2 point of perception usage is not very big, but the biggest usage is to open perception system. The only thing that can truly help the player perception is still how aware the player is of the surrounding. If it is a newbie who is does not know how to judge, even if the newbie have 50 points in perception, he is still unable to sense the existence of Bai Song.

The tall but skinny guy have been through specialise training for blind fighting, in the game, he have shot and killed a thief who have just learn Sneak.

But he does not know that the experience of blind fighting he have is not worthy of comparing with his opponent, because his opponent is a real blink person.

“Don’t tell me he escape and leave?” The tall but skinny guy starts to have this thought when he did not sense any movement.

But when this thought just appear, from under his feet came the sound of stone striking. The tall but skinny guy immediately turns around and shot an arrow towards the opposite side of the stone striking sound.

But before he could shot out his arrow, a pickaxe causes his longbow to fly away, afterwards withdraw the pickaxe. The tall but skinny guy turn around to see a face that is wearing a smile with unknown meaning.

Before the tall but skinny guy could take action, a sound causes him to give up on attacking. “Brother Song? How come you are here?”

Brother Song? Isn’t that what the guy Fermented Beancurd wants to call over on the communication tool?

The tall but skinny guy looks at Bai Song with a face full of shock.


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