Chapter 22 – Secret Precious Zone


Oh the journey other the NPC riding a horse journey pass him, even those who wants to see the scenery are busy levelling up. Relying on this pair of legs, Bai Song climbs to around the middle of the mountain.

When he reaches the middle of the mountain, Bai Song checks his surrounds, after making sure there is no other players, he slips down a depression at the side of the mountain. Luckily the newbie equipment durability is higher otherwise his armour would have been worn down from sliding down.

After reaching the base on the depression, you can see a winding trail. The trail leads to a very small mountain hole. Although we say it is a mountain hole, it should be call a dog hole, because Bai Song need to lie flat on the ground and crawls forward to enter the hole.

After entering the hole, inside there are lots of miner extracting ores, expect that their eyes are expressionless, obviously they are merely puppets. This is Wind Sprout Village hidden precious levelling area. At the same time levelling here, there is a need to be careful as in this hidden area, there exist a big BOSS.

Of cause in the previous incarnation, when Bai Song started playing, this is no longer a hidden geomancy precious area, everyone knows about this place.

Bai Song picks up a stone. In <Myth>, not only can you use long range skills or long range weapons to pull monsters, if your hand strength is enough to accurate hit the targets, anything that you pick up can be thrown at the monsters.

Aiming at the Puppet Miner standing still at the border of the digging area, Bai Song with a toss, accurately hits the chest of the puppet. As this type of monsters have low intelligence, Bai Song have to wave his hand to reveal himself.

The Puppet Miner brandish his hoe? Okay, his pick, after that with a face full of anger rushes over. Of cause, you can’t really see much expression from that face of his, but Bai Song pretends to be cool as says to himself: “I can hear his anger.”

Puppet Miner is the lowest level monster in this area, but it is Lv6 or above. Bai Song who is currently Lv3 should not be able to damage pass Puppet Miner armour.

Luckily, Puppet Miner is so clumsy, under the stat boost from the Spectral Cloak, Bai Song easily rotates around to the back of Puppet Miner. Bai Song immediately uses his Continuous Strike skill. Although Continuous Strike skill only inflicts 70% of his damage, but Continuous Strike from the back increases the critical chance by 30%.

Turns on the Three Corpse Ring effects.

Under the three continuous slashes, above the Puppet Miner head appears a string of ……damage?

+10, +8, +16……

Under the stats boost from the Spectral Cloak, Bai Song’s strength have already drop to -151, hence when he hit the monster, he heals the monster instead. When crits occurs, the crit still apply on the damage, hence even the heal is higher than the usual heals.

Bai Song lucky is not that good, the crit did not activated the Three Corpse Ring effect, and hence he have to do another set of ‘damage’ to the Puppet Miner before the ring effect’s finally activated.

A fire soul climbs out of the ground, with a grab, hugs the Puppet Miner. The Puppet Miner wants to escape from the hug but is unable to touch the Lava Corpse Ghost.

At this time, Bai Song originally wanted to cooperate with the Lava Corpse Ghost to attack, but as it is Bai Song first time using the ring effect, he wants to test its strength. The burn damage is based on the Lava Corpse Ghost level, currently the Corpse Ghost is only level 1, although the Corpse Ghost last for 30 seconds, with a 5 level difference, it is unable to burn the Puppet Miner to death.

Looking at the Lava Corpse Ghost which is about to disappear, Bai Song unequip the Spectral Cloak and keeps in it him backpack. With a few more strikes, the Puppet Miner is dead. Bai Song goes up and loots, looting a few copper coins.

“As expected, the drop rate is so low.” Bai Song keeps the copper coins into his backpack and takes out one of the copper coin to test its weight.

Following on is the division of experience. Three Corpse Ring needs experience to level up and more experience you feed the Corpse Ghost, the higher its level will be. When it hits its level cap, with a few materials, then you be able to increase the grade of the ring.

From the earlier might, with just one level one Lava Corpse Ghost, it can produces such might, this gives birth to the thought of increasing the grade of the Three Corpse Ring. But Bai Song immediately gives up on this thought as the higher the level of the Corpse Ghost, the faster the ring durability drops. Three Corpse Ring current durability is at 40, and to repair the durability, you need to waste experience which will not be added into the experience needed to level up.

{Example: BS is at 3000/10000 when he kills a monster he can choose how much experience is given to the ring example a puppet miner gives 3k exp and he allocate 2k to the ring, he experience bar will raise to 4000/10000}

“Still can’t put the cart before the horse, I can only depend on myself to be the strongest player.” Thinking finish, Bai Song decided to gives all the experience to himself.

The experience bar increase can be seen by the naked eyes and increases by a chunk. Bai Song calculates, he needs to kill just 4 more Puppet Miner to be able to level up to level 4.

Following the earlier methods and set pattern, first is to equip the Spectral Cloak, using the fast movement speed, does not damage until a crit activates the ring effect and call out a Corpse Ghost, then unequip and keeps the Spectral Cloak and work together with the Corpse Ghost to deal damage to the Puppet Miner.

This time round, the Corpse Ghost that is called out is the Curse Corpse Ghost, the originally slow movement speed of the Puppet Miner is slowed even more by the Curse Corpse Ghost, making the Puppet Miner to be even clumsier. Furthermore, the Curse Corpse Ghost is nibbling away the Puppet Miner defence, allowing Bai Song damage to gradually become higher.


The Puppet Miner wails aguishly and helpless collapse. But this time round, when Bai Song loots the body, he actually looted a skill book.

After removing the brief note that conceals the name of the book, on top surprisingly is written ‘Stealth’ two words.]

Stealth this skill does not need much explaining, but the skill book descriptions says that the level requirement to learn this skill is level 5. Hence Bai Song can only keeps the skill book into his backpack.

The reason why Bai Song comes to this hidden area is not just because the monsters in this area gives more experience, the most important reason is that Thief core skill Concentration have the highest drop rate in this area.

Furthermore, based on the old timers in the forum, when it was first open, every location in this area is a treasure, afterwards when it was discovered by the crowds, all the good stuff have already been cleared by the first batch of player.

Although every location monsters are being cleared, there is a first drop period, the first blood kill and the second blood kill drops are different. After it is cleared for over thousands, hundreds of time, the basic drop rate will be around the same, other than copper coin there will only be white equipment.

Afterwards is mechanical clearing of monsters, only to take out a bowl of millet porridge to drink when the stamina or health is about to run out. In this hidden cave, there is a distinctive taste when drinking the millet porridge.

Worthy of being mention, during this period, when Bai Song is calling out the Lava Corpse Ghost, the Lava Corpse Ghost activated the low possibility effect of increasing the burn damage. A level 1 Lava Corpse Ghost, burn down around half of a Lv6 Puppet Miner heath until it dies.

This makes Bai Song to smack his lips, looks like the ghost equipment fame is a well-deserved fame. Just that to level up, the experience needed is too ridicules. Once, Bai Song gives a portion of experience to the Three Corpse Ring, only to realise that the experience bar does not seems to move, it must be known that these experience if given to himself, not saying can be seen moving by his naked eyes, is still able to give him some significant increase, not like Three Corpse Ring, which does not even showing any sign of reaction.

After adding that time, Bai Song became speechless. He can only focus on clearing the monsters and increasing his own level. This drop of experience thrown into the Three Corpse Ring if used to repair the durability is like trying to stopper a gap between teeth.


1 The author have written -25 but I think that he have forgotten about the Three Corpse Ring which gives +10 strength


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