Chapter 21 – Food Channel


It is another early morning and the glass window is covered with dust.

Today Qiu Yu did not send Blossom to the landlady house as Qiu Yu is coming home in the afternoon.

Bai Song brings Blossom to the breakfast stall and eats an eleven dollar breakfast.

“If it is not Mom knocking on the door, immediately knock on this glass area.” Bai Song carefully warns Blossom repeatedly.

After Blossom finish listening, she nods her head seriously before picking up the comic book that Bai Song have bought for her yesterday and start reading. After that Bai Song checks the door and windows again before he finally climbs into the gaming cabin.

Entering the game, Wind Sprout Village is bustling with noise.

Behind Wind Sprout Village is a mountain. This mountain is very tall, but it is not those that is not climbable, there is a steep mountain path. There are lot of traders that chooses to use this mountain path despite the path being rugged, as it is the closes road.

Neither Bai Song nor others have a horse, hence climbing the mountain is strenuous. The mountain does not have any monster zone. Hence other than those who are here for the scenery, there is seldom people who are willing to climb the mountain.

Looking at his stamina that is running low, Bai Song open his backpack and takes out all his money – 1 copper coin.

Money stumps the hero. Bai Song looks at the rugged path and signs. With his current stamina, by the time he climb up to the peak, his stamina will be gone.

Luckily newbie equipment durability is very high, otherwise, Bai Song have to worry about his equipment. This is also to prevent embarrassing the female players due to their body armour breaking from no durability after dying too many times.

At this time, Bai Song suddenly remember of a place which can restore his stamina for free.

Bai Song walks inside Wind Sprout Village, until he reaches a tall house and knock on its door. The door opens to review the house owner to be a young person supported by a walking stick.

“What is your business adventurer?”

Bai Song salutes with a knight etiquette despite being a thief and says politely: “Respected sir, I have seen that there is a lot of refugee, they are very pitiable, but I do not have the ability to help them.”

“You are the kindest hearted adventurer I have seen.” The honourable young man says: “Benevolent adventurer, please help me out. One of my leg is disabled, hence unable to move freely, I am afraid that I am incapable of personally helping them out. I have to trouble you to help me prepare some millet porridge.”

Saying finish, the young man points to the second floor: “The ingredients are upstairs, please follow me inside.”

Bai Song follows the young man to the second floor. For this period time, Bai Song does not say anything, only follows behind. After the young man have passed Bai Song a bag of rice, Bai Song suddenly exclaim: “Sir, I do not know how to any culinary art?”

Propping on his walking stick, the young man pats his forehead. “Please follow me.” Saying finish, he bring Bai Song to another room which is full of book.

Just merely books have already fill up the bookshelf as well as boxes which are filled by classification. The young man choose a book from the box classified as culinary arts and pass to Bai Song. “You just have to follow accordingly to what is written inside.”

Bai Song receives the book and received a notification.

<System Notice: Accept the task “Helping refugees”?>

<System Notice: are you willing to learn how to cook millet porridge?>

Receiving two notification, Bai Song accepts both of them without hesitation.

“You shall bring this to the refugees, as well as my, Ge Luo Fu, greetings.” Ge Luo Fu says to Bai Song amiably.

“Ge Luo Fu sir, I will convey them your greetings.” Saying finish, Bai Song leaves.

After walking into the refugees zone, inside there is a readily available fire as well as wok. This are given by the village residents. Bai Song picks up the wok and leisurely simmer a wok of millet porridge.

Slowly, the smell of the millet porridge attracted the attention of the refugees. Slowly one of the shabbily clothed refugee carefully walks closer wanting to get some food.

But when the refugee walks closer, suddenly Bai Song stab his dagger on to the ground, gaze coldly at the refugee, scaring him away.

In the previous incarnation, Bai Song was taken advantage by this group of refugees. He have not accepted this millet porridge quest, instead he want to use some food to try his luck and see if there is any hidden quest or the likes.

But the end results is they will endlessly look for you to beg for things, if you have given them the three times in a row, they will pester you all the way, following you. Refugees zone is still inside the village, hence if you take actions and kill them, if caught by the guards, they will instant kill you.

But if you start out tough, the refugees will not offend you.

Moreover completing this quest, the reward is 3 bowls of millet porridge. And furthermore, Bai Song have just finish boiling the millet porridge.

Millet porridge: restore a certain amount of stamina and health in 30 seconds.

Bai Song looks at the millet porridge that he have created, showing no signs of disappointment, under the condition where proficiency level is low, half a bag of rice can produce ten bowls of millet porridge. The famish refuges can no longer take it anymore, a number of them have gotten closer. Bai Song brandish his dagger but only reduces their speed of closing in.

Bai Song leaves behind a bowl of porridge and keeps the rest of the porridge into his backpack. Using his dagger to scare them off, he leaves the refugees zone. After Bai Song have left, the refugees gather around the porridge and fight over it, none of them willing to chase after Bai Song.

When they snatched finish the bowl of porridge, the quest progress changes.

[Quest: “Helping refugees” completion rate (1/3)]

Bai Song chooses to give up the quest without much thoughts.

<System Notice: Confirm on giving up “Helping refugees” quest?>


He does not have the heart to be hopelessly muddled here. After giving them the porridge three times, the time wasted as well the reward is only merely 3 bowls of millet porridge.

Drinking the water like millet porridge, for now the stamina problem is settled. At this time, his communication tool rings, Bai Song picks it up and take a look, it is Fermented Beancurd ID.

“Brother Song, I have found an outrages levelling area, the levelling speed is very fast and I am about to reach level 5.” Even on the other side of the communication tool, one can feel Fermented Beancurd boastful tone.

“No need, I have another levelling area.” In the end, Bai Song copies Fermented Beancurd tone and says: “It is also extremely fast.”

“I be damn, how fast can yours be, come over here quickly, I also have a friend here who is extreme strong in killing monsters.” Before he can finish speaking, the sound of fighting comes from Fermented Beancurd side. “Brother Song, clearing monsters now, talk to you later……”

Hanging the communication tool, Bai Song shakes his head in amusement, super-fast levelling area? No matter how fast it is, it can never be faster than the location that he this incarnation person is going to.

Leaving Wind Sprout Village, follow the main road to the mountain path, also the journey is slightly steep and will use up more stamina, it is good that Bai Song does not care much about his stamina currently.


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