Chapter 20 – Clear Weather


After Bai Cheng left gloomily with his group of people, Spectral Fire walks in front of Heavy Sword.

“Brother Heavy Sword bearing is out of the ordinary, this type of female longsword does not match brother Heavy Sword.” Spectral Fire ask while smiling faintly at Heavy Sword.

“Just a gift for someone else.” Heavy Sword says faintly.

“Oh if that is the case, since this is a present for brother Heavy Sword’s woman, then I shall not snatch from your woman.” Spectral Fire waves his hand to indicate that he will not fight for the longsword.

Heavy Sword nods faintly towards Spectral Fire as a show of thanks.

If Spectral Fire want to have a price war with him, it is not that he is lacking money but rather this longsword is already overprice, hence if they have a price war, whoever won will be titled as spendthrift and foolish.

Bai Song at the side saw their chat and let go a sign. Heavy Sword is a person who have a well-known reputation. Sword Pavilion being a peak first rate guild, Heavy Sword is also a superb expert, furthermore, in the previous incarnation, Heavy Sword have a large number of fans in his social media, so much so that he is almost as famous as a top star.

“Based on the gold farming organization selling rate, ten gold is around 20 thousand dollar. But if we buy it in loose change, ten gold will cost around 25 thousand.” Heavy Sword says peacefully: “How much do you think we shall set the deal as?”

Bai Song knows that his Rose Pact Longsword is actually priced around 5-6 gold, but as the situation currently is a bit special, hence Bai Song dare to call a high price and sell it at 10 gold.

But Heavy Sword also know this point and is an expert, Bai Song consider for a moment before replying: “21 thousand then.”

Heavy Sword does not show any sign to Bai Song’s answer, with an expressionless face says: “Okay, give me your card number and I ask someone to send you the money.”

At this time a notice shock Bai Song.

<System Notice: Player “Heavy Sword” sends you a friend request>

Seeing that Bai Song was shock, Heavy Sword only says faintly: “Accept it, after all there will come a time where we might need to contact each other.”

Bai Song vaguely remembers that during an interview in his previous incarnation, Heavy Sword once said that normally he does not add friends, even most of the high ranking members in Sword Pavilion was not added as well.

Actually, the reason why Heavy Sword added Bai Song as friend is because his guild is not getting any bronze drops so far, although they have manage to get a set of silver drops, but there is no level 8 or 9 bronze drop. Although Heavy Sword likes to train on his own, but he knows of the problem that their guild are facing.

At level 10, there will be two big dungeon opening, Abandon Mines and Farm.

As for Level 10 this level, after one or two more days, most of the elite players would have achieve it, but until now, their equipment have not change. A dungeon for farming is very important to the guilds. As for this player in front of him who opens a stall, being able to obtain Lv10 bronze equipment that most large guild were unable to obtain cannot be explain by just luck.

Bai Song’s level is hidden from public, but it is visible to friends. Bai Song is the same as Heavy Sword, he does not like to randomly add friend.

Becoming friends, when Heavy Sword saw Bai Song level is only level 3, ponders for a moment.

But Heavy Sword forever have a tranquil expression, as he is a person who does not ask about other people secrets if they don’t talk about it.

When Bai Song heard Heavy Sword sentence, he immediately pass the Rose Pact Sword to Heavy Sword. Usually a trade is usually done by one hand passes the money, one hand receive the goods. But if the other person is a person whose integrity you don’t need to be worried of, you can pass the good over first.

And of cause, Heavy Sword is such a person.

After Heavy Sword takes the longsword, he left, only leaving his back view.

Spectral Fire willingly back off and let Heavy Sword purchase the longsword is not because he is afraid of Heavy Sword, but because originally he is not willing to buy this over-price equipment, and even if he buys it, it is for the guild not himself.

“Brother Song, next time if you have such good equipment, you must think of me as well.” Spectral Fire forever smiling, don’t have the arrogance of the high ranks guild member. “Please don’t gives all the advantages to Heavy Sword, that fellow is actually very miserly, not as generous as me.”

<System Notice: Player “Spectral Fire” sends you a friend request>

Towards Spectral Fire, Bai Song know a bit about him, adding to the fact that he quarrel with Bai Cheng, even if it is for himself, Bai Song still admires him.

“Luck only, let Fire guild leader make fun of me.” Bai Song accepts the friend request.

Spectral Fire smiles, without saying anything leaves as well, in his heart thinking: “Even Heavy Sword is willing to add him as friend, looks like this fellow is not so simple, Bai Cheng that second-generation rich kid much have been deflated by this fellow.”

As for the surrounding player, seeing that the main character have left, slowly disperse, going off to do their own things.

As for Bai Song, he immediately chooses to logoff.

After exiting the gaming cabin, Bai Song uses his phone to check his account, as expected, there is an additional 21 thousand dollars. But after receiving this money, Bai Song have a headache.

Originally, he have planned to return the money to Liu Jing first, then purchase a gaming cabin for Liu Jing, later on allows Liu Jing to follow his memories, and making sure that Liu Jing is able to become one of the top players.

But his promise to Qiu Yu, makes him slightly unsure, after thinking for half a day, Bai Song decided to go upstairs to look at his daughter.

The afternoon have already past.

“Papa!” His daughter Blossom is in the landlord house watching cartoons, when she saw Bai Song, she immediately rush over.

“Thank you for taking care of Blossom.” Bai Song looks at the landlady sister Zeng and thanks her.

When he sees Sister Zheng nods her head, Bai Song brings Blossom downstairs.

Right after Bai Song left, from the room comes Guo Ping gloomy voice: “Wife did the guy, Bai Song from downstairs came up?”

“Yes.” Zeng Hong Faintly reply.

“Have you collected Bai Song house rent? If it keeps dragging it is not good. It have been so many months, if they still say that they don’t have money just drive them away.” Guo Ping reclines on a rocking chair and decided with satisfaction at his plan.

“They have paid the rent. You can count them.” Zeng Hong takes out a stack of money from her bag and place in front of Guo Ping.

“Eh? Isn’t his house so poor that they almost can’t buy food to eat? Just relying on his wife meagre earnings to eke out a living, how did they come up with so much money.” Guo Ping takes the money with a bit of shock.

“You go and ask him then.” Zeng Hong rolls her eyes and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes.


The rain slowly drizzles.

The damp street as well as grey clouds covering the sky causes the heart of a person to feel depress.

At this time, a light wind caress his face, even seemingly blowing away the grey clouds in the sky, allowing the warm sunlight to falls on the people face.

Bai Song carries his daughter from when he is withdrawing the money till they have board the public bus. The kindergarten starts in two days’ time, hence Bai Song decided to pay the school fee in advance today.

Carrying his daughter down the public bus, Blossom eyes are drawn towards the cars park in front of the school and curiously ask Bai Song: “Papa, is these cars faster than the public bus?”

Bai Song heart trembles, smiling forcefully: “Yes, faster than the public bus.”

Blossom blinks her cute and gullible eye: “Then how much is a trip?”

Bai Song was unable to speak for a moment. After a while, he pinches her cheeks: “In the future papa will buy a car then we will not need to spend money.”

After paying the school fee, Bai Song is left with around 3k.

Bai Song have not eaten lunch, hence when he pass a food stall he asked his daughter: “Do you wish to eat something?”

Usually other family child walks past such kind of food stall, they will pull the adults to crying they want to eat. But Blossom very sensibly shakes her head, indicating that she is not hungry.

Bai Song sees Blossom wishing to save money for him not knowing that he have not eaten, after thinking about it, he decided to bear with it. Also he have earn a small sum of money, there is still innumerable expenses, not mentioning others, just Liu Jing loan needs to be return as soon as possible.

This time Bai Song brings Blossom to a shoe shop. Since his daughter is going to school soon, he wanted to buy two new shoes for her, as the shoes she is wearing have been worn for a long time.

“Boss, do you sell young children shoes? Like this child who is almost 5 years old.”

“Your daughter wears what size?” the boss puts down his book.

“Almost 5 years old.”

“What do you mean by almost 5 years old? 5 years old children feet sizes are all different, can be big or small.” The boss shakes his head and says: “What kind of father are you, not knowing what shoes size your own daughter wear. Let’s let your daughter try out the shoes herself.”

Bai Song down slights awkardly lets Blossom, lets Blossom try out the shoes. After thinking about it he regrets deeply, he have never bought a single thing for both his daughter and wife.

Finally, Blossom picks out a pale yellow shoe, which is too big when wearing.

Bai Song shakes his head and say: “Blossom, this pair of shoe is too big, you should change to a pair that fits your feet.”

“No, mama says choose bigger ones, so that it can be worn for more years.” Blossom stubbornly shakes her head.

(TL: I feel like crying now.)

Bai Song nose got slightly block. Picking up the pair of shoes that Blossom have chosen: “Boss change it to a smaller pair.”

At this time Bai Song also sees that inside the shop, there is a few woollen stuff toys in plastic bag. Bai Song chose a woollen penguin that is slightly bigger than Blossom and ask: “Boss how much is one of these?”



The wind have stop making noise. Today’s evening is especially beautiful, the horizon have a few reddish clouds, warms the heart and delights the eye.

Bai Song takes the public bus with Blossom and returns home with an arm full of items.

Qiu Yu as usual, returns home with a tired appearance after work. When she open the door, she sees Bai Song with Blossom watching a comic book.

Her daughter is hugging a woollen penguin that is bigger than her. Qiu Yu blinks her eyes, Blossom is really carrying a large stuff toy, shock she ask: “Who send over this thing?”

Could it be using the daily expenses money kept in the house?

When Qiu Yu thought of it she starts to panic.

“Mama.” Blossom looks at Qiu Yu and pounce into her mom’s bosom.

“You have return?” Bai Song smiles satisfied and say: “Today after I have brought Blossom to sign up for kindergarten, I bought it conveniently on the way back home.”

“Bought conveniently…” At this time Qiu Yu cried out in shock: “What? You say today you brought Blossom to sign up for kindergarten?”

“That’s right mama, today papa brought me to the kindergarten. There is a lot of people.” Blossom act coquettishly in Qiu Yu’s embrace cutely.

“Where did you get the money from?” Qiu Yu ask in shock.

“Didn’t I tell you? I earn it all from the game, today other than signing up for Blossom kindergarten, after buying a few more items I am left with 2 thousand dollars.” Saying finish, Bai Song takes out a small stack of folded money from his pocket.

Qiu Yu is stun when she feels Bai Song passing the money into her hands. Feeling the money in her hands, she realised that this is not a dream.

“Mama, papa bought all of this for me.” Blossom points at a pile of items which consist of shoes, stuff toy, comic books……

Bai Song have really changed.

Qiu Yu eyes starts to mist. Bai Song softly brushes away her tears: “I have also bought you a present take a look and see if you like it.”

Saying finish, Bai Song takes out a skirt. At first he wanted to buy a shirt, but when the attendant ask about her 3 size, he was stumped, hence he decided to buy a skirt that looks like it fit.

“A bit tight……” Qiu Yu compares the skirt to her waist and gives her opinion.

“Lets change it tomorrow then.”

“Don’t want……”

“Eh?” Bai Song makes a sound in doubt.

“This is the first present you have given me after marrying me.” Qiu Yu keeps the skirt away carefully.

Because of Bai Song slow changes that his healing this scattered and smashed family, during dinner, the family reveals a joyful mood.

As the night deepens, their daughter have fallen into deep sleep.

“Qiu Yu.”

“Oh?” Qiu Yu does not understands why Bai Song changes the way he calls her.

“Nothing much.”

Bai Song remembers the times he was living as a scumbag person, changing his perspective of thinking, if he was Qiu Yu, would he have given up on this family way earlier……

Futhermore she is still so young and beautiful, after leaving him, she could have started a new beginning a new life.

Thinking till here, Bai Song reaches out and hugs Qiu Yu in guilt, wishing to properly cherish. As it is pitch dark and Bai Song is unable to see clearly, he embraces her bosom.

“Tonight can’t as tomorrow I have to wake up very early to work. How about… tomoroow night?”


Bai Song is unable to say anything. Of cause he knows what his wife is implying.

As the night deepens more, seeing that both his wife and daughter have fallen asleep, Bai Song walks to the window and looks at the starry night.

The dark clouds gradually disperse, allowing the bright moon to shine brightly.


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  1. Papa Song you must do your best for your family. You can’t let them down.

    I just realized, this is the first novel I read that the MC that is married and wants to live well with his family. Usually they’re single.


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  2. Thanks, what a heart-warming chapter, hope you don’t drop this I love the slice of life and the character development of the story.


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