Chapter 2 – Easter egg


The night slowly darkens.

After dinner, Qui Yu washes the dishes in the kitchen while Duo Duo is in the living room watching cartoons. Although the TV screen is not clear, she is still very engrossed.

Bai Song conveniently puts the phone on the stool. He is ready to take a bath to calm himself down and to think about his future plans.

Whish Whish.

After wiping the mirror, which was covered with a layer of mist, Bai Song looks at the familiar face in the mirror. Bai Song, till now, still feels that everything is still in his imagination. Suddenly a feeling of fear forms in his heart. He is afraid that all of this is false, an illusion.

After Bai Song put on his clean cloths and walked out, he came face to face with a beautiful but surprised face.

“Where did the money come from?” Qui Yu asked.

“You’re talking about the money?” looking at where Qui Yu is sitting which is not far from his cell phone, she had probably read the message. Bai Song said, “The money is borrowed from Liu Jing.”

“Liu Jing?” Qui Yu heard but replied in confusion, “Didn’t he lend you a lot of money? Last time, you said his child was just born. Where did he get the money to lend you?”

Qui Yu words left Bai Song silence. Smiling forcefully, Bai Song replied, “It should be his private money, he had always love to keep a stash of private money since young.”

Although Qui Yi does not understand Liu Jing well, but with these twenty thousand, it should be enough to solve the urgent needs and Duo Duo’s tuition fees as well.

From Qui Yu’s face, finally exposed a smile, thinking: maybe he had really changed.

But this happiness cannot be sustained long. Grinding his teeth, Bai Song decided that it must be said.

“Wi … Qui Yu.” Originally wanting to say wife, but Bai Song felt that he is still not qualified to change the call: “This money … is not for Duo Duo’s tuition fees.”

“What did you say?” Not thinking about Bai Song change in greeting, Qui Yu look stun.

“This money cannot be used to pay tuition! “Although whispered, the tone is unusually strong.

Qui Yu looks at Bai Song, no longer speaking, her face full of disappointment. Looking at Qui Yu’s behavior, Bai Song originally fervent heart became cold. He really wanted to explain, telling her all about his plan for the game, his designs, how much money he can earn and the like.

But he chose to say nothing. He is afraid that what he can achieve is lesser than what he had planned.

The night comes.

The wind tonight was especially noisy.

“Dad …” Duo Duo’s voice broke the silence atmosphere, her little hand rubbing her eyes: “I want to sleep already.”

Watching at his daughter changing into a small vest, and climbing onto the bed and under the quilt, just before sleeping urged sleepily:” Dad sleep early.” Bai Song mood was overturned with mixed feelings, this feeling was so strange yet beautiful.

In his past life, he had never cherished his daughter. But after losing her and getting her back again.. felt really good

When Bai Song climbed up the bed, Qui Yu as usual removed her outer clothing and lie on the bed, then said faintly to Bai Song: “off the lights.”

After turning offing the lights, Bai Song climbed into the bed, this feeling of sharing the bed with his wife and in the past, was somewhat subtle, fortunately he was just too tired, upon lying down he fall into deep sleep.

It is a night without words.

The early morning sun of the first month of summer is the earliest among the four seasons, shines majestically on the earth, and shines into the heart of Bai Song.

Holding his daughter’s little hand, Bai Song walks into a steam bun shop. The two of them spends 13 yuan to fill up their stomach, before bringing his daughter back home.

As for the gaming capsule, Bai Song has already book online through his phone.

You get what you paid for <一分钱一分货 if anyone know any better way to describe please let me know>, after paying twenty thousand, after the father and daughter had returned home for a while, the delivery men are already knocking on the door.

Although the delivery men were surprised, why could someone who is living in such an old house could afford the gaming capsule, but they did have any idle talk as all of them have been though high quality training. After the installation of the gaming capsule, one of the young middle-aged woman, with a face full of smiles explain to him some basic notes.

As for these notes, Bai Song did not show impatience, but instead was very seriously like a pupil listening. This was not because he is afraid of people suspecting him, but because he had never use the gaming capsule before. Upon understanding the usage of the gaming capsule, he could not help but to compare to when he was using the helmet in the past life. The gap is really big.

Of course, all this is irrelevant game content balance, just a simple comfort as well as being able to use nutrient solution which saves unnecessary meal time.

All of this to him are for future uses. Politely sending off the delivery staff, Bai Song gave Duo Duo several instructions, such as when there is an emergency pat the game capsule. This way, Bai Song can be notified even in-game.

Taking a deep breath, Bai Song entered the gaming capsule.

“System start …”

“Entering success …”

A gorgeous CG screen opening, although he had seen in the past, but the virtual simulation is like a real scene, Bai Song still have a feeling.

This is the holographic technology, the most amazing works of the game, whether is it the roars of the warships firing or the cavalry charge, all these sounds deeply impacts a person heart.

This is the opening screen which can be skipped. Bai Song mouth raised a slight arc, but he did not skip because there is a hidden mystery.

The grand scene jump again and again. But if you are a very careful person, you will find that in all the screen appears, in the corner there is always a person wearing a grey overcoat.

The scene switches again. Bai Song’s intentions moved and his body slowly falls downwards. No one had known that in the opening screen, the player can move.

The scene changed into an uncountable number of warships.

Slightly different from the pirate ship war scenes in the beginning, these ships have the banner of the empire. The warships formed a special formation, the soldiers on the ships also wore the empire armour.

And in front is a giant octopus monster, it’s thick tentacles make threatening gestures while brandishing about. There is no doubt that it only needs a light blow to sink those menacing warships. The war is about to erupt and the opening screen starts to accelerates. But the closer Bai Song got, the slower the progress on the screen.

Not looking around, Bai Song directly ignore the main warship, instead focus at the edges and found a small boat. On the boat is that guy who is wearing a grey overcoat.

System Tip : Easter egg found, perception +1

The picture turn black and when there is light, Bai Song have been transported to a luxurious palace. The floor is covered with soft red carpet, from the sole came a comfortable sensation of begin massage. A man carrying a large sword on his back slowly walked over.

“Welcome to the , please choose establish your role now!” That sound is not a cold AI, but a very warm old voice.

“The establishment of character.” Bai Song is very familiarly said the instructions.

“The establishment of the role is successful, character name?” the standard build process flow.

Without hesitation, Bai Song directly reported: “One Meter Bai Song”

“Name detection no repeat, are you sure you want to use the name?”


“Please select the race.” The voice faded. In front of Lei Bao Shi appeared in front of a virtual big screen. Other than Human, there are Elite Orcs and so on.

Most of the mythical racial talent is related to life, Human racial talent is the production of goods speed + 10%, the Orc family is to increase the ability to climb and damage reduction, and there are other regarding swimming speed, all sorts of production talents of various races talent.

“Human” without hesitation, Bai Song chose the most popular race, places with many people is the place to make money. Who would choose an unpopular race, to earn money from ghost uncle?

“Please choose a trainee job.” After the reception uncle finish saying, in mid-air appears a few icons.

There are swords, shields, wands, bows and arrows, dagger these five types, which is not a formal job. The current choice represents the future direction of development. For example, the choice of the staff allow you to be a trainee magician, later on you can job change into many different kinds of mage, and example would be a DPS mage or a Priest Summoner. If there are opportunities, you can also initiate a hidden job.

Bai Song knows of an inheritance regarding a hidden mage job, but he did not intend to choose the staff, instead he double-click the dagger.

“Please select the starting location.”

“Double crown kingdom, Wind Sprout Town.”

“Congratulations on player One Meter Bai Song successful creation. Set foot on the journey of your adventure.”

“Entering the game… ”

From the darkness came a ray of light, Lei Bao Shi slowly his eyes.

A lively small village from the dark age appear in front of Bai Song’s view. Standing on top of a small hillside where a stream calmly flows. Near the stream was a huge windmill rotating against the wind, the base of the windmill looks to be mechanical.

The cattle in the pasture are eating in the plains, the merchants are hawking along the streets of the small village. The people are either busy or carefree, and other than the NPCs, everyone else is busy with their own stuff.

Bai Song looks at his hand, from his backpack took out a pair of newbie daggers and starts to swing around. The familiar feeling gave Bai Song confidence.

Name              : A Meter Bai Song

Occupation     : Apprentice Rogue

Level: 1                       Experience: 0/500


HP                   : 100/100                     MP                              : 100/100

Attack             : 3-5                             Defense                       : 1-3

Magic Attack  : 4-8                             Magic Defense            : 3-4

Strength          : 3 (affect attack damage, area of influence is job-related, gives more increase as compare to mage)

Agility             : 3 (affect the attack speed, speed, a small increase in defense)

Constitution    : 2 (affect health, huge increase in defense)

Intelligence     : 1 (Effect spell attack and spell crit, area of influence is job-related)

Spirit               : 2 (increase mana, magic regen speed, magic defense)

Perception       : 1 (improve eyes, ears, nose sensitivity.)


Continuous strike        : increase attack speed to continuously strike the enemy, resulting in 70% of the original attack power, attack from the back crit rate increased by 30%.

Racial talent                : manufacturing goods speed + 10%.

Author notes (Stats table and skill list will not appear a lot in the future.)   

Seeing that point in perception, Bai Song smiles.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – Easter egg

  1. Thanks for the chapter! I like the premise of the story where the guy is trying to fix his family, but fuck this chapter pissed me off. What good does manufacturing speed do for a rogue????? Fucker could choose an org and get damage reduction and the ability to climb, but instead wants to be a cock-sucking human just because it’s “popular”, it’ll probably work out, but fuck what is it with these FANTASY novels always picking the fuckinng boring human race.


  2. •After offing the lights -> After turning off the lights
    •In his past life towards his daughter, he had never cherished her, but now after losing it and gotten it back again …felt really good. -> In his past life, he had never cherished his daughter. But after losing her and getting her back again.. felt really good
    •There is no doubt that it needs a light blow to sinking those menacing warships -> There is no doubt that it only needs a light blow to sink those menacing warships


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