Chapter 19 – Setting up a stall


“This, brother you are too much, although this item is quite good, but you are obviously trying to push up its price.” Although the wand holding guy is slightly tempted, the price cause him to hesitate.

At this time a burst of gloomy laughter travels over.

“Spectral Guild deputy leader Spectral Fire actually can’t take out this small ten gold, let me take a look at that item, my Glorious Guild wants it.” The voice speaking is slightly feminine, Bai Song takes a look, it is a familiar person, Bai Cheng.

“It’s you!” Bai Cheng brings two person and walks in from outside, looking at Bai Song’s face, and looks at the description of the equipment that Bai Song is selling, says sorrowfully: “As expected, you have snatch the BOSS drops, I think it is not just this thing only right?”

Bai Song mouth twitches slightly. Bai Cheng says that he have taken advantage of Glorious Guild, which is true. If he have not taken advantage of Glorious Guild annihilation and snatch up the silver grade dagger, Cat Maiden would not have given him this Rose Pact Longsword.

“Over a thousand people annihilated, you don’t have the abilities and still want the equipment, how could there be such a shameless person living in this world.”

When Bai Cheng heard what Bai Song said, his face turn pale from anger. “Okay youngster, I will give you one last chance, if you give me both this equipment and the item you pick up from that day, I will treat is as nothing have happen.”

“I be damn, calling you an idiot is not an injustice.”

“Good, good, good.” Bai Cheng was so angry that he says good three times is a row before saying to the people surround them: “Whoever dares to make a deal with this guy will becomes the enemy of Glorious Guild.”

As expected, after hearing what Bai Cheng have say, those who were planning to buy the equipment all decided not to buy.

When Bai Cheng was about to be proud, the wand user who Bai Cheng say is Spectral Fire politely say to Bai Song: “Brother, it is not that I can’t take out ten gold but you know due to the development funds, I have limited resources. Can it be cheaper by a few gold coins, of cause I will not let you lose out, I am now formally inviting you to join our Spectral Guild.”

“There is no need, I will not be joining the guild, and furthermore the value will not be one gold lesser.” Bai Song with good-will smiles towards Spectral Fire. He have heard of Spectral Guild, it is a second-rated guild with a pretty good reputation.

Do not look down of second-rated guilds, second-rated guilds in the big picture have their own speaking power, but each and every first-rated guild are supreme existence1. If it is a first-rated guild, Bai Song will never choose to go against them. Even if Bai Song is a reincarnated player, if a first-rate guild want to deal with him, it is something easily done. Guild like Glorious Guild, at most can barely fight against Spectral Guild level.

Furthermore, Glorious Guild in his previous incarnation does not have any reputation, obviously it is a guild that will fall apart. But there is a need to take note of One Blade this fellow. After all One Blade will becomes the guild leader of the first-rate Black Meat Guild, and become a supreme character.

“Spectral Fire, what the heck is the meaning of this? Can I treat it as you are trying to pick a fight with our Glorious Guild?” Bai Cheng looks at Spectral Fire frostily: “Is this your boss desire?”

“What desire? Of cause it is the meaning of the words above.” Spectral Fire ineffable face smiles while he touches his wand skilfully. “Hey hey, I can still makes this kind of small decision, but it is a pity that this fellow brother does not want it.”

As for Glorious Guild trying to expend in Wind Sprout Village, sooner or later, they will become opponent with Spectral Guild. Currently as both their guilds strength is similar, they will not be afraid of each other.

As the two of them are fighting, another person shows up. He carries a broadsword on his back, and says to Bai Song: “This sword of yours does not worth ten gold.”

“That’s right, that’s right, this sword of your is not worth so much.” When Spectral Fire hears another person who have the same opinion as him, he immediately jump in and say with a smiling face.

Bai Song looks over, no longer pretending to be uncaring, what must be said must be say: “This two fellow, I ask you guys a question.”


“Go on and say.”

The guy carrying the broadsword on his back and Spectral Fire were both curious that this fellow actual ask them a question.

“Have the two of you recently gotten any bronze grade item drops?”



The two of them gives the same answer. But Spectral Fire jumps in and say: “This, bronze grade equipment drop rate are usually low, hence if they don’t drop it is normal.”

“Then everybody, may I know when have you most recently heard of bronze equipment dropping?” Bai Song turn around and asks the bystanders.

“In the beginning my party have gotten bronze drops, but recent there is none.”

“Neither have I, oh right, in the beginning there is news of people getting bronze drops but recently I have never seen it drop again.”

“It’s right, recently in the forum, there is no one coming up and say that they have gotten bronze drops.”

Even Bai Cheng is thinking in his heart, from the moment he reaches Lv7, he have never gotten any bronze drops again.

The guy carrying the broadsword on his back and Spectral Fire looks as each other. Both of them are not ordinary players, hence when they listen, they realise that there is something wrong. At this time both of them have the same thoughts: “At Lv10 Abandon Mine Dungeon will be open.”

When Bai Song see the two of them reflecting, smiles faintly, actually there is nothing strange, it is just that the drop rates for Lv7-10 monsters are the lowest. In the previous incarnation, when he was around level 10+, he then party up with other players to clear dungeon. Of cause those rich players can hire people to clear the dungeon for him, after all being rich does not mean that you can clear the dungeon by yourself.

During this levelling phase, the monsters hardly ever drop bronze equipment, at most they drop silver equipment which are not worth much.

The guy carrying the broadsword on his back is wearing a scarf that is covering his face partially. At this time, a voice came out of the scarf and say: “I can’t take out 10 gold currently but I can change it to a similar value in real cash and transfer to you. What do you think?”

When Bai Cheng heard it, he was not happy and before Bai Song could reply, he call out: “Is Sir not clear, this fellow have offended our entire Glorious Guild, if you intend to trade with him, don’t blame me for not warning you.”

“Humph!” When the guy heard it, he snorted coldly and removes his scarf before saying to Bai Cheng while staring at him engrossingly: “When I, Heavy Sword does things, there is no one who dares to threaten me.”

“Heavy Sword? It can’t be that the Sword Pavilion main forces are developing in Wind Sprout Village? Why would Heavy Sword come to Wind Sprout Village?”

“I be damn, the famous Heavy Sword actually appears here, and he is my idol.”

“This time round, Glorious Guild Bai Cheng will be embarrassed. Comparing their personal strength, Heavy Sword can oppress him with a single hand, as for their influence, Heavy Sword is the number two man in Sword Pavilion, whose influence is overwhelming.”

Even Spectral Fire very politely greats Heavy Sword when he see him: “So it is brother Heavy Sword, it is truly a honour to meet you at last, you reputation can’t be compared to meeting you in person, brother Heavy Sword is indeed imposing and out of the ordinary.”

Bai Cheng face alternated between white and purple, after a long while before clenching his teeth and say the two underlings: “Let us go.”

After saying finish, he walk off gloomily.




1 Basically I rewrote the sentence, because the actual sentence in the novel itself makes no sense. Well at least that is what I believe.

Chinese: 可别小看所谓的二三流公会,二三流是在整片大陆来说,每个一流公会都是超级般的存在.

Translated: Do not look down of second-rated guilds, second-rated guilds in the big picture, every first-rated guild are supreme existence.


4 thoughts on “Chapter 19 – Setting up a stall

  1. “During this levelling phase, the monsters hardly ever drop bronze equipment, at most they drop silver equipment which are not worth much.

    Bronze is worth more than silver? Wth..


    • not really Shreyas this is the actual sentence.
      The first phrase is : Don’t look down on 2nd or 3rd rated guilds
      The second phrase is actually incomplete : in the whole game 2nd and 3rd rated guilds are (so I had to add in something that fits into the sentence)
      The last phrase is: every 1st rated guild is a supreme existence.


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