Chapter 18 – Rose Pact


Bai Song did not open the chest immediately, instead he stands on the spot and send Cat Maiden off with his gaze. But this time round, Cat Maiden did not walk towards the deeper parts of the forest, instead she is walking out of the forest.

Bai Song knows that Cat Maiden is going to leave this forest now. She does not have any intention of staying here anymore, because she have passed Bai Song the guardian chest that she have been guarding all this time.

Bai Song waits until he can no longer see Cat Maiden’s figure before he carries the chest behind a large rock to hide his figure.

The chest is not lock, evidently it have been opened before. Bai Song lets out a long breath as his is currently very excited. After half a day of efforts and wasting so much time he have finally gotten it. The chest is very big but when Bai Song opens it, there is only a ring and a long sword.

When Bai Song sees the very empty chest, instead of being disappointed, he is abnormally excited.

[Three Corpse Ring (Ghost item, First Grade)]

Critical Hit chance +10

Strength +10

Agility +10

Level Requirement: None

Durability 40/100

Special effect (Can choose to activate or deactivate): When a critical hit occurs, there is a 50% chance of randomly possessing the target with one type of corpse ghost. Corpse ghost possession duration is 30 seconds, the same target will not trigger the effect again within 3 minutes of the first trigger.

Malignant corpse ghost: Twisting around the target, causing the target to be poison, with a small probability of triggering deeper poisoning.

Curse corpse ghost: Twisting around the target (缠绕触发目标), causing the target attacks and defence to drop, with a small probability of triggering big curse technique.

Lava corpse ghost: Twisting around the target, causing the target to be inflicted with burning status, with a small probability of triggering corpse fire immolation.

Looking at this special effect, Bai Song suddenly remember a fight scene in his previous incarnation.

It was an archer, in a thousand man fighting zone, he fired a volley of sword rain at a hundred man group, and immediately around them appear a few tens of corpse ghost. Those corpse ghost were horrifying, causing all kinds of lava and acid rain to shroud them annihilating the hundred man group.

Ghost equipments are a kind of extreme existence, it is refined from a corpse mountain. In the previous incarnation, the evaluation of the ghost equipments differs, some says that the peak grade ghost equipments is stronger than any gods equipments, while others say that instead of getting a ghost equipment, it is better to get a damaged god equipment or a semi-god equipment, the ghost equipment is also worse than a peak dark gold equipment.

Because a ghost equipment need to be raised, like raising a pet, it’s growth need food experience, need to foster affections, as well as having a degree of loyalty. Of cause a ghost equipment does not need to foster affection, but it burn lots of experience. Ghost equipment burns both money and resources, and the most worrying part is that this toy is that it burns the player experience.

Ghost equipment needs experience to grow, and when its durability drops, you need experience to repair it.

If you think that after you have raised it to its peak and the job is down? You are dead wrong as ghost equipment will try to devour their owners when it becomes strong enough, hence you still need to look for valiant equipment to supress the ghost equipment.

Bai Song equips the Three Corpse Ring on his fingers. At this time, the Three Corpse Ring changes to can’t be drop state. This is still the basic grade. If it is to becomes as strong as how he remember in him previous incarnation, he still need to put in a lot of hard work and effort.

If it is a normal person, facing this situation, he will sell the ring. If he sell the ring, all the problems he have in the real life will be solved and maybe creating large changes to his lifestyle. After all a ghost equipment cannot be raised by any random person, but is Bai Song a random person? Conveniently, Bai Song also turns off the ring effect, because if the effect does not activate, its durability drops slower.

After wearing the ring properly, Bai Song gaze focus on the long sword. The sword blade is long and its hilt have beautiful rose carving.

Bai Song apathetically picks it up to look at its stats, this should be the compensation that Cat Maiden promise, and hence he does not have high hopes for it.

[Rose Pact Longsword (Bronze)]

Damage 41-49

Critical Hit Chance +5

Strength +5

Level Requirement: Lv10

Durability 50/50

Special effects: Inflicts additional damage to bleeding targets

Bai Song looks at the stats carefully. The weapon is beyond what he have expected, its damage is higher than other similar level sword but not by much. The silver grade dagger1 is an lv 12 weapon, damage is 59-65, however if it is the same quality and level, a long sword damage is originally higher than a dagger.

The best about this equipment is the critical hit chance +5. As a longsword user, they have a low critical hit chance. As well as the special effect of dealing more damage towards bleeding enemy is quite good. The imperfection is that the longsword does not possess effects that causes bleeding, but if it is paired with a user with bleeding skills, it will be quite good.

“It should be able to sell at a good price. Currently there is not players at Lv10.” Bai Song thought and keeps the longsword into his backpack.

Bai Song job the entire journey back to the village, luckily there is not much people selling item, hence there are still free stalls. Bai Song does not have much to sell, just a long sword.

After a while, a pair of couple walks pass Bai Song stall when the woman sees the beautiful sword and say to the man: “Wow, look at this sword, it is so pretty.”

“You like it? Let’s buy it since you like it.” The man indifferently shrug his shoulder, with a rich man tone says: “tell me how much does this long sword cost, I shall buy it!”

“Ten gold coin.” Bai Song indifferently report a price.

“It is only ten gold… what!” The man expression of not lacking in gold changes to anger: “Are you treating me as an idiot? Don’t think that just because my girlfriend wants it you can try to slaughter me.”

When other players in the trading district heard ten gold coin, gathers around with curiosity or to mock. Currently a single gold coin is sold for around two thousand by the gold farming organization. Furthermore even if you have the money you might not be able to buy it as most of the farmed gold have been booked.

On the black market, gold coin is sold at an even higher price.

Bai Song is too lazy to bicker to with them, when you put an item up for sale, the stall have a screen to display the item attributes. Hence Bai Song directly display the longsword attributes on the screen.

“Lv10 Bronze equipment? God damn it, where did this item drop from.”

“Looking at his newbie gears, if you say that he got it from kill monsters, I would not believe even if you kill me.”

“Could it be a professional thief using Steal? Stealing it from the NPC?”

The news of an Lv10 bronze equipment appearing spreads very quickly throughout the trading district, there are also people who uses the chat system to inform their friends and so forth.

Of cause most people left after taking a look, after all a bronze equipment is not very uncommon, most of the big guilds elites are provided with them. Of cause there are a few lucky party that have manage to obtain one or two of them.

After a large number of the people who are here to watch a show have left, Bai Song is not dejected. At the beginning, there are a few players who want to negotiate with him, but Bai Song is not willing to sell it a copper less.

At this time a player holding onto a wand walks over, cautiously looking at the attribute. Then with a smiling face says to Bai Song: “Brother, this sword of yours is not worth ten gold coin.”

“Yes, what you say makes sense.” Bai Song nods his head but say: “But I will not accept a copper less.”

This roundabout causes that guy to be dumbstruck, momentarily speechless.


1 Silver grade dagger is the dagger mention in chapter 13 when he steals from the Glorious guild but return back to Cat Maiden.


3 thoughts on “Chapter 18 – Rose Pact

  1. 缠绕:Wind

    maybe it will become :

    Malignant corpse ghost: Aim the ghost[because of the item attack using ghost not wind] to trigger and causing the target to be poisoned, with a small probability of triggering deeper poisoning[Deadly poisoning more fit than Deeper poisoning] .

    Curse corpse ghost: Aim the ghost to trigger and causing the target attacks and defence to drop, with a small probability of triggering big curse technique[High Curse maybe more fit than big curse].

    Lava corpse ghost: Aim the ghost to trigger and causing the target to be inflicted with burning status, with a small probability of triggering corpse fire immolation.

    or maybe i am wrong.

    maybe he can sell it in Real Money, so it will sell faster ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^


  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    Two things of note though: “of cause” should really be “of course” and (not present in this chapter) “sign” should most of the times be “sigh” (i.e. a persons sighs, since he is bored/tired/etc.)


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