Chapter 17 – Eating Both Black and White


Mayor Xi looks at Bai Song satisfied face and cough coldly.

“Greedy thief if you are satisfied give me the necklace.” Mayor Xi says in a hurried tone, looking down at Bai Song who is sitting on the stool.

“Mayor Xi, I am a warrior that abide with my promises. Although this cloak is slightly tattered, I will accept it.” Bai Song raised up the beverage but does not drink.

“Bah! Despicable robber.” Mayor Xi says with disdain.

Spectral Cloak appearance does have some ‘tattered’ spots, but that is its design. It is like those youngster on the streets, purposely tearing their jeans. When Mayor Xi heard it, he is so angry but does not have an outlet to release his anger on. This fellow still wants to pretend that he is in a disadvantage after he have gotten a massive advantage.

But what makes Mayor Xi slightly better is that Bai Song finally passing the necklace over to him. Mayor Xi’s entire attention is on the necklace. When he was just about to receive it, Bai Song suddenly splash the beverage in his hand at Mayor Xi. Mayor Xi indeed have some skills. Even when he was unprepared and caught by surprise he is still able to react and use his arms to block the beverage.

But no matter how you try to block water, there will still be a few drops that will touch your skin. Mayor Xi flies into a rage when he realise that not only did he not obtain the necklace, he is also unable to move.

“Despicable and shameless person, what did you splash on me.” Mayor Xi is both anxious and angry.

Bai Song stands up to equip the cloak and slowly says: “Nothing much, I just drip a few drops of Form Changing Grass juice into the beverage.”

Form Changing Grass!

When Mayor Xi heard this three words, his forehead starts sweating. Of cause he knows what kind of person will need to use Form Changing Grass.

The following events makes his thoughts became real. From the window, a beautiful and young girl jumps in. Such a beautiful girl did not stir up his feeling of love, instead it makes his heart colder.

The two of them did not make any unnecessary talks. As Cat Maiden is in human form, her claws have changed into a dagger, which she stabs directly at Mayor Xi’s heart. But strangely, Mayor Xi does not seems to have a heart. Despite Cat Maiden stabbing his heart 3-4 times continuously, Mayor Xi is still alive.

“Looks like you are about to succeed.” Cat Maiden says in an expecting tone, not at all shock about Mayor Xi body situation.

Mayor Xi lies in the puddle of blood, his eyes glaring hatefully at Bai Song, seemingly as if saying he will take revenge. But Bai Song feels that the eyes is always staring at the necklace, longing for it.

At this time, Mayor Xi suddenly moves with a speed almost as fast as lightning. With no time to think of why Mayor Xi could move, Bai Song immediately active the cloak ability, Strong Concealment.

Plop, Mayor Xi collapse on the floor as Cat Maiden stabs her dagger (claws) into his head. After struggle for a while, Mayor Xi finally stops moving.


Bai Song release his breath. If he have not open his perception and detected Mayor Xi actions as well as activating his cloak Strong Concealment special effect in time, it could have been a big problem.

It looks like this necklace is a very precious item. Bai Song can feel that during Mayor Xi’s last gambit, he main objective is obtaining the necklace while killing him was the secondary objective. The player who completed this task in his previous life also drips the Form Changing Grass juice onto the necklace, causing Mayor Xi to be paralyse when he came in contact with it.

But base on what that player have said, Mayor Xi was easily killed by Cat Maiden with a stab, but the situation he is currently experiencing differs largely.

But what Bai Song did not know is that Mayor Xi does not have any suspicion of the player in the previous life. Mayor Xi started absorbing the necklace power the moment he received it, revealing his real body which allows Cat Maiden to kill him with a single stab when she notice the advantageous situation when she jumped in.

But in the end, the precious stone was damaged by Mayor Xi and his blood have seeped into the jewel, causing massive damage to the necklace.

The player in his previous life have only gotten Cat Maiden’s quest reward. But Bai Song after taking a few risk have also managed to get his hands on Mayor Xi’s rewards. When Bai Song have entered the room, he changes his plan at the last minute, deciding to obtain Mayor Xi’s rewards first then obtain Cat Maiden’s rewards, obtaining the rewards from both sides.

Furthermore, he have managed to protect this precious necklace. Bai Song holds onto the necklace tightly, as this necklace is no ordinary item. But Bai Song’s joy is popped in moments when Cat Maiden came over and say dully: “return me.”

“I be damn!” Bai Song got upset immediately, thinking in his heart: “In the past life this necklace got broken. But I have used my abilities to protect it so why should I return it.”

Under Cat Maiden ‘good-natured’ meaningful looks, Bai Song considers again. Comparing the unknown necklace against the reward he is about receive as well as considering how to level up to Lv20 while being hunted by a gold grade BOSS.

After thinking it through, in the end Bai Song holds it out. He feeling that it is not worth it to waste his precious early gaming time as a risk for the unknown necklace. Furthermore, the necklace was broken previously hence he have nothing to reference to.

Cat Maiden looks at Bai Song’s dejected looks and soft-heartily comforts him by saying: “Meow~~this item is very important to me, I know that you have spent a lot of effort to protect it, eh…treat it as I own you a favour okay~~meow~~”

Bai Song nods his head calmly. Since he have already made up his mind, he might as well be at ease.

“Meow~~lets go, we cannot stay in this location for long.” Cat Maiden says before reaching out a hand and drags Bai Song along as she jumps out of the window onto the roof of other houses.

Cat Maiden drags Bai Song along like a ninja, jumping from rooftop to rooftop and after a while, they reach the fences of the village where Cat Maiden pulls Bai Song into an empty alley.

Fences have a special boundary. If you tries to forcefully exit the boundary, you will be captured by the guards. Thus they have to walk out like normal players and Cat Maiden grabs Bai Song’s arm while they are walking to make it more realistic.

This causes other players surrounding them to glare at Bai Song. If looks of envy could kill, Bai Song would have been dead under the glares. Bai Song pats Cat Maiden hand: “Enough already, we are out of the village now. You can let go.”

“Meow~~” Cat Maiden looks at Bai Song slightly puzzled: “Meow~~you don’t feel comfortable with me holding your hands? But your face shows that you are very happy, meow~~ humans are really complicated.”


The two of them jogs faster into the Demon Cat Forest. Luckily, Bai Song have the Spectral Cloak that give him additional 30 agility, allowing him to barely follow Cat Maiden who slows down so that Bai Song can keep up.

They have no idea whether to cry or laugh as the Demon Cats actually attack Cat Maiden when they enter the Demon Cat Forest causing Cat Maiden to be slightly awkward. After the first incident, Cat Maiden immediately releases her overbearing aura, allowing them to continue onward without any more Demon Cat blocking them.

“Meow~~You wait here.” After walking to an empty area, Cat Maiden ask Bai Song to wait. After a short period of time, Cat Maiden returns hugging a big chest.

After Bai Song receives the chest, Cat Maiden tells him: “Meow~~inside is the reward as well as the compensation I promised you.”


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