Chapter 15 – Black Clouds


After Bai Song logged out, he saw Qui Yu and their daughter eating the fried rice. At this time, someone knocks on the door. Bai Song went to open the door with suspicion.

Who could be the person knocking on the door?

When the door was open, he saw a normal looking woman who looks to be around 40 years old standing outside with a cold expression. Just when she was about to say something, she saw the pair of daughter and mother inside the house and stops, reaching out with a hand, she pulled Bai Song outside.

Looking at the person in front, Bai Song unable to recall her name, only feeling that she is familiar. She should the landlord.

After making sure that the pair of mother and daughter is unable to hear them, she finally say with a deep tone: “Bai Song. This is my last warning for you. It have been dragging on for 4 months. If you don’t pay the rent tomorrow, scram out of this building.”

“I have told you wife to divorce you long time ago. Really does not know what she is thinking, still willing to stay with you this scumbag.” The woman after giving out her warning, puts on her slippers and left.

After hearing the last sentence, Bai Song eye frost over. So that is why Qui Yu have thoughts of divorcing, it is all because of the landlord.

With a stomach full of anger, Bai Song went back into the room. He pick up the bowl and starts to eat depressingly. At this time, he have forgotten that it is because he was a scumbag, which is why the other people recommend to divorce. Man at times is also such a strange creature.

“Sister Zeng came and ask for rent?” Qui Yu speaks up suddenly.

“Yes.” Bai Song depressingly picks at his rice and reply.

At this time, Duo Duo have just finish eating, Qui Yu stood up and clear the bowl, turning her back, she say: “Sister Zeng is a good person.”

Bai Song is stun, but did not say anything. After finishing his own bowl of rice, he washes it himself. As the space in the kitchen is small, it is only partition slightly. Qui Yu is still cleaning up the stove.

In the small space, when the two of them turns, just nice their lips touch slightly. Their eye widen in shock at the same time and starts into the eye of each other.

How long have it been since their last kiss thought Qui Yu. After their daughter Duo Duo was born, they have never kiss for a few years already. As for Bai Song, he have already forgotten the taste of kissing, as well as forgotten that this beautiful lady standing in front of him is his wife.

Qui Yu retreats back half a step, her eyes no longer as cold as earlier. Bai Song suddenly say: “Please believe me within three day I will definitely gather enough to pay for our daughter school fees.”

Qui Yu turns around and back faces him, not letting Bai Song to read her expression. Bai Song signs and walk out of the kitchen. Not using the gaming cabin to login but to walk out of the house.

Bai Song walks with no destination in his mind. The pressure from his burdens is too much, if it is not because he could make use of his memories of <Myth>, he really have no idea how to solve his problems.

Get a job? With his enormous debt, daughter needs, rents, daily expenses, even if he work for his entire life, will he be able to redeem this family that is about to be scattered and smashed.

Bai Song walks into the garden and sits on the grass patch, noticing a still burning cigarette on a bench, he pick up the cigarette and takes two puff. In the past when he have no money, this is how he solve his cigarette craving.

He takes a deep draw harshly, the smoke flow down his throat into his lungs. The spicy hot smoke causes his to choke. This is what his brother Liu Ying taught him: if there is any problem just suck the cigarette into the lung.

Correct, at least I have a brother.


The star lights are scattered by the blocking grey clouds, even the moonbeam fades due to it.

Under the bright light within his house, Liu Ying is sketching seriously on his document. He raised his head and looks at black clouds which looks as if it is going to rain soon.

“Liu Ying, why did you take our savings again and lend it to that rascal? Our savings are only left with that bit of money. His daughter need to attend kindergarten, but does our child don’t need to life?” A woman is sitting on the bed, around her feet is used tissue. Apparently she have just finish crying.

Liu Ying did not reply, instead bow his head and continues to concentrate on the document.

“You say he is your good brother, but what does he treat you as? His cash machine?”

Liu Ying settles finish the document in his hand before replying: “He will change.” After finish saying, he picks up another document and continues to work.

“How many years have it been and you still have not seen through him?” The woman voice is starting to break after all of the crying: “You have given him the chance to change, but how about our child?”

“I will borrow the money!”

“Borrow the money?”


The room became very quiet, only the sound of the documents flipping and the woman sobs remain.

After a long while.

“Liu Ying… let us divorce.”


The next day.

Today Qui Yu have to work overtime as well, but she pass Duo Duo to the landlord Sister Zeng earlier to be taken care. Although Bai Song have promised that he will take good care of Duo Duo this time round, but Qui Yu last sentence stops him from persisting.

“Make sure to honour your promise.” Qui Yu said before leaving.

As Qui Yu brought Duo Duo to eat breakfast with her, Bai Song went alone to the breakfast stall and spend 2 dollars to purchase a bowl of porriage and two big bun, the salted vegetables is free of charge.

Bai Song login, the first thing he did is to climb up a tree and activated his perception to observe the surround, after observing for five minutes, Bai Song finally climb down the tree.

After making sure there is not one around, Bai Song return to the deeper parts of the forest. Before he start searching, Cat Maiden have already appear behind him.

At the first instant of Cat Maiden appearance, Bai Song who have his perception activated noticed her.

“Meow~~Let us set off now.” Cat Maiden tone seems to be in a hurry.

“Wait a bit.” Bai Song stops Cat Maiden and say softly: “To obtain Mayor Xi trust, I have received a quest from Mayor Xi. He seem to want me to obtain a necklace.”

“Meow, is it this one?” Cat Maiden points at the necklace that is hanging on her neck, which is among her clothes: “That old thief, until now he is still craving for my mother’s necklace.”

After receiving the necklace from Cat Maiden, Bai Song checks it but it is unknown. Even in his past incarnation, there is no one mentioning that the necklace have any special effect, should be just a quest item.

Cat Maiden originally have a body similar to a human, except she have a pair of cat ears and a tail. Bai Song clench his teeth and equips Cat Maiden with the thief equipment that he have looted yesterday. Afterwards, Cat Maiden took out the Form Changing Grass and muttered a segment of beast language, changing her into a lively and adorable young human girl.

To make it even more convincing, Bai Song also ‘specially’ instructed Cat Maiden a bit. Form Changing Grass not only hides a person presence, it is also able to changes the looks of person. After finish using, Cat Maiden looks is similar to a player with as well as an average level.

When they pass the village gates, the guards did not have any reaction. On the road, the other players cast envy looks at Bai Song, after all with such a beautiful female partner, anyone will be envious as well.

When Bai Song sees the envious looks, he could only smile bitterly. If any of them knows that the beautiful girl is a BOSS that can instant kill any of them, lets see how they can still laugh.

“En, we have reached.” Bai Song walks to the place where Mayor Xi is and pointed out an area and tells Cat Maiden: “You go over to that area and conceal yourself first.”

After seeing that Cat Maiden is properly concealed, Bai Song smiles and walks inside.


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