Chapter 13 – Group Annihilation


When the oil circle burned to its peak, it becomes a raging firewall, causing the thieves who were preparing to close in to be shocked.

Based on common knowledge, such commands and formation, should results in no losses, but One Blade keeps feeling that there is a problem with the situation.

Cat whimpering!

The purple Demon Cat BOSS grief filled cries resounded out in the forest. It is about to die, causing those thieves outside of the circle to finally unable to take it. Almost as if they have planned it, they rushes in from different points.

Using an oil circle to create a firewall is in the end still a fake fire wall, hence after the thieves enter it, despite appearing, in terms of health loss, all they need to do is to eat the medicine they have popped into their mouth earlier, hence there is almost no loss in health.

Other than the thieves who have learned Sneak from the large guild, the rest of the thieves are the lucky solo players. But adding up all of them, there is less than 10 of them. After entering the circle, all of them becomes a flaming point, which all of the archers and mages outside aim at and fire their fireballs and arrows.

In the first volley, all but one on the thieves died. He had nimbly avoided most of the attacks and his equipments are top tiers ones. After resisting most of the stray attacks, he managed to survive.

Bai Song watches the thief movements from the tree and knitted his brow: “This fellow is definitely an expert, no ordinary scout thief.”

At this moment, inside the fire circle appears a warrior carrying an axe who did not forget to grin towards Bai Song after entering the fire circle.

That is… Fermented Beancurd?” Bai Song heart beats like a thousand Demon cats have stampeded pass. But changes to suspicion as to how Fermented Beancurd have ghosted his way into the circle as Fermented Beancurd is not a thief.

Bai Cheng saw another person appearing and starts to panic slightly. He felt a large amount of fear and shouts out loudly: “Ignore those two people. Kill the BOSS first and the closer one grab the drops.”

In his panic, he forgot to use the group chat……

Cat whim…per…

After the disjointed cry, the purple Demon Cat BOSS finally dies, dropping a purple dagger and a pair of shoes. The closest warrior is about to bend down when an icy cold dagger continuously slashes his throat.

Continuous Strike on a vital part!

That mysterious thief was about to pick up the drops when the purple Demon Cat body suddenly exploded, filling the sky with venom which instantly kills off all of the players inside the fire circle………except for an axe wielding warrior.

Bai Song stares at the situation.

Inside the fire circle, Fermented Beancurd is the furthest away from the BOSS. He is worthy to be call an expert in the future. The moment he saw that the situation is bad, he immediately lies on his stomach, his thoughts and body reaction speed reaches the peak. His luck is good as not a single drop of the venom landed on him. Otherwise with his Lv4 health, he be send to afterlife immediately.

After the venom explosion ended, everyone seems to have turned crazy and without Bai Chengs instruction, all of them wish that they were born with two more legs to rush towards the Demon Cat corpse. But the closest to the corpse is still Fermented Beancurd who is inside the fire circle.

Greedy humans.”

The faint words seems to possess the ability to penetrate, coming from all directions. Fermented Beancurd mental strength is rather strong, not stopping his actions instead try to move fast. But the next moment, Fermented Beancurd split into 3 parts and turns into a glow of light.

Bai Song who is still standing on top of the tree looks at Cat Maiden. When the Demon Cat is killed, he is 70% confident that he is able to obtain the treasure, but he chooses not to take any actions.

Those that kill my personal guard can all die.” Cat Maiden slashes towards Bai Chengs direction.

Although Cat Maiden is very far away from Bai Cheng, but that slash creates a wind blade. Everyone the wind blade passes through, got turned into two parts and were instantly killed.

An archer shot an arrow but before the arrow could reach the Cat Maiden, it is broken by the wind blade. When mages throw a fireball over, it got blown out by the wind blade.

Retreat! Retreat!” Bai Cheng screamed in panic into the group chat. Looking at the BOSS in front, he instantly realise that it is impossible to take it down.

But it is already too late. Cat Maiden raised a hand and  hundreds of wind blades form. Cat Maiden opening move is a group annihilation AOE big move. Bai Cheng does not have time to give any more orders, before he could finish saying retreat, he was turn into a white glow by the revolving wind blades.

As Bai Song and the rest of the players are not in the same direction, he was not chased by any wind blade. Cat Maiden seems to have gone crazy over the death over her personal guard, or to establish her fame. Looking at the few lucky players who survive, she rushed over and chase them down.

After making sure that there is no one around, Bai Song slips down from the tree and strides over with a rapid pace to the front of the purple Demon Cat BOSS corpse and reaches out his hand.


[Purple Absorbing Dagger (Silver Grade)]

Damage: 59~65

Agility +10

Strength +5

Require level: 12

Durability 40/40

Special effect: Poisonous forest cat claw, your attacks have a 4% chance of inflicting poison status, 50% of the damage caused by the poison will heal you up.

I’ll be damn! Looking at the special effect, Bai Song immediately wanted to keep it into his backpack, but at this time a cold voice sounded out from behind him: “Meow~~ you can try and keep it into your backpack.”

Bai Song jerks, turns around like a machine and looks at Cat Maiden cold face staring at him. Bai Song’s hand under Cat Maiden cold gaze tremble slightly and really puts the dagger into his backpack.

This causes the meowing to turn awkward.

Looking at Cat Maiden unfriendly expression, Bai Song heart got tempted slightly, but in the end shakes his head and immediately took out the dagger from him backpack: “My hand slipped, my hand slipped. You see, I have brought you another good thing.”

After done speaking Bai Song immediately took out the Form Changing Grass, hurriedly display his good intentions. As expected, when Cat Maiden saw the Form Changing Grass, her pair of beautiful eye’s attention were all placed on the Form Changing Grass.

Seemingly no longer caring about the Purple Absorbing Dagger. To call it a dagger is a stretch as its exterior looks like an enlarged cat claw

When Cat Maiden notice that Bai Song hand trembles and wishing to keep the dagger into his backpack, she snatches the dagger back. When Cat Maiden saw Bai Song depressed expression, but remembering the Form Changing Grass, Cat Maiden tone became softer: “Meow~~ I must have this dagger then I can revive my personal guard. I will reward you with something else.”

Just waiting for this sentence.

When Bai Song obtained the promise, gotten an advantage but still does not pretend anymore and acted as if he does not care about the dagger anymore.

Meow~~what a hypocrite .” Cat Maiden mouth twitches slightly. Ignoring Bai Song and walks alone deeper into the forest. “Wait for me here, I need to revive my personal guard first then prepare a bit.”

When Bai Song hears Cat Maiden words, he promise in his heart starts to comb through his plans one more time for errors, because his next actions will cause large commotions in the village.

Killing Mayor Xi.


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