Chapter 12 – Stealing Treasure


Looking at the way Bai Cheng methodically commanded his group members to kill the purple Demon Cat, Bai Song can only applauded his tactics in his heart. It looks like that guy not a dandy boy but a person who has some abilities.

The purple Demon Cat is an agility type BOSS, but under Bai Cheng commands, he shrinks the moveable empty space for the purple boss to move in. Despite the fact that with every swipe the purple Demon Cat can kill a person, it is still unable to suppress the crowd. When the front row dies, the back row rushes forward immediately.

The purple Demon Cat was surrounded and unable to leave the area. The archers and mages from the back row let loose their arrows and fireballs at the BOSS. Although the damage is not high, but under the massive amount of attacks, the purple Demon Cat is starting to look haggard.

The non-guild players slowly creeps closer, but compared to the beginning, the number of players is significantly less. After all the non-guild players levels are not really high, removing Bai Song and Fermented Beancurd these two low levels who are pulling down the average, most of them are around level 5 or 6.

Under Peaceful mode, no one is able to PK below Lv10, but now at this BOSS fighting zone, two rows of archers stood orderly preparing their bows, a party of crack troops prepare their weapons and eyes the scattered solo players.

Wait, where are you going?” Fermented Beancurd who was about to slip down the tree was caught by Bai Song like a mother cat carrying a kitten. Bai Song is holding onto the back of Fermented Beancurd shirt.

Hey, Brother Song let go of me. I want to go and steal the gold equipment.” Fermented Beancurd who is hanging in mid-air wave his arms like a tortoise padding in the water. “If I’m late, the BOSS will drop already.

Fermented Beancurd just finish saying and heard a “bang”. Fermented Beancurd falls on the ground harshly. Bai Song smiles apologetically at Fermented Beancurd. All his points is added into agility, hence his strength is not enough to pull Fermented Beancurd up.

Sorry.” Bai Song smiles in apologises at Fermented Beancurd. Originally about to say somethings but after thinking, the two of them after all strangers who have just meet. And his warning might cause Fermented Beancurd to create suspicion about him.

Really……” Fermented Beancurd patted away the dirt on his body. After walking a few step and realises that Bai Song did not follow him and turn around and ask: “Brother Song, why are you not coming down. Let’s go and see if we can snatch the equipment this is also good.”

I will not go.” Bai Song shakes his head, rejecting Fermented Beancurd idea.

[System notice: Player “Fermented Beancurd” send a request to add you as friend]

Fermented Beancurd waves his hand towards Bai Song: “Brother Song let’s be friend. Later if I succeeded in snatching the equips I will let you know.

Bai Song smiles and accepted the request.

The BOSS is about to die, hurry up and snatch the gold equipment.”

When Fermented Beancurd sees that he is unable to break in, without fear that the world in not in chaos, starts shouting.

In the face of gold equipment, those solo players immediately starts to get restless. After all this is not the real world. If it is in the real world, facing those with power, these people might bow their head. But this is a game, hence dying once does not mean anything.

Of course, solo players do not dare to fight against the large guild, as if they really offend the large guild, the large guild might just slaughter you till you go back to Lv0. But now in such a large crowd, does Glorious Guild dares to hunt down all of them?

But solo players are in the end non-guild members. Under the cooperation between the Glorious Guild members,they find it very hard to get past their blocks. As for repelling the solo players, Bai Cheng passed this task to One Blade, letting One Blade bring along a thousand of his underlings to hold them back.

Although One Blade is not satisfied with Bai Cheng, but since he was tasked to hold them back, he will do his best. He is this kind of person, if he does not want to do it, even if you hold him at knife point, he will not do it. But if he is decided to do it, he will put in his 100% even if he is not happy about it.

The solo players tried to attack but were ineffective. The other guilds have also sent players, but they belong to those small guilds that are unable to affect the situation. All the big guilds have their own plans, while they have not gotten any precise information, they will not change their plans easily.

Not sending any group over does not mean that they do not send in some people to track the situation. In fact all of the large guilds have sent in people who are specialised in investigation, all of them are thieves that have learned Stealth.

Boss, Glorious Guild is killing a high level BOSS, the BOSS level is currently unknown, and Identify skill is all question marks.”

What is the current progress?”

Looking at the situation, it is about to drop soon……”

Idiot, why are you still talking rubbish with me! Quick go and steal the drops.”

This conversation occurs with all almost all the spies and their guild leaders conversation.

Bai Song stood on the tree, to occupy the high ground to observe the situation. Suddenly he noticed behind the solo player’s party, there is few players that look like thieves disappear from his view. Bai Song despite having opened his perception awareness, and his body ability to clearly identify the situation around him based on his hearing which was brought to the boundary of perfection, due to the fact that there is too many people underneath him, and his perception only have one point is unable to detect the location of those thief.

Even if it is the big brother of Seven Freaks of Jiang Nan1, a blind man whose surname is Ke, who depends on his hearing to determine his position for tens of years will be at wit’s end with the disruption caused by the sound waves. Of cause, if Bai Song perception increases, he will gain the ability to be able to block out certain sound wave whenever he like.

One Blade preserve with great toughness, not letting any solo players to get pass his post, at this time, a underling whose task is to observe the situation said: “Boss, a few thieves have disappeared  at the back.”

Young Master Bai, a few thieves have slip past the blockage, we are unable to block them. Please take note.” One Blade said finish and cut the chat, personally join the formation to fight off the solo players.

In the early stages, regarding those thieves who have learn the Sneak skill, there is especially good method to find them, hence Bai Cheng have never expected One Blade to be able to block them.

Furthermore in Bai Cheng eyes, One Blade is a person who is an expert in guard, but for offence, he is inadequate. Hence he does not have any hope of him bringing him any surprises.

“Pour the oil.” Bai Cheng mouth edges lift slightly, and gave the order to those players who have yet to take action through the group chat.

Those players took out a barrel of oil from their backpacks and looks towards each other. After making sure there is no errors, they pour the oil onto the floor. After they have finish pouring, the oil just nice form a circle and reported back to the chat channel in sequence “completed”.

After Bai Cheng hear it, he shouted loudly: “Disperse! Contract!”

After shouting the orders, all of the close combat players regardless of what weapon they are using, all close in on the purple Demon Cat. While, all of the range player, retreated out of the oil circle.

After making sure that all of the party is in position, Bai Cheng did not give out and order, instead, personally cast a fireball at the oil circle, causing the entire oil circle to go up in a fiery flame.

Why didn’t I heard of this person in the previous incarnation?” Bai Song looks at Bai Cheng face with suspicion. In his memories, not only does he have no impression of his name, he also does not have any impression of his face. Sigh: “His command is clear and knows how to collect oil to create a firewall effect, to guard against theft. He is considered to have some abilities.”

1江南七怪 is a group of martial artist from Legend of the Condor Hero which is the book one of the Condor Hero series. For more information, you can follow this link to learn more about them. By the way just a side note, the reason why I love wuxia stories is due to watching this three book series. Especially the second book Return of the Condor Hero.


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