Chapter 11 – BOSS killing


Bai Song and Fermented Beancurd formed a mini 2 person party. Their party belongs to the rear guard and most of the other parties have already entered Demon Cat Forest.

Large parties flooded into the Demon Cat Forest, even those Lv9 Demon Cats became as weak as a Lv1 monster when facing over a thousand players. This the reason why Bai Cheng is full of confidence, furthermore, this expedition task is given out by Mayor Xi, hence there is a chance of completing it.

Snorts, if the BOSS can’t be killed, what is the point of giving out this task? Is there any meaning?” Bai Cheng rolls his eye as he looks back at One Blade: “Glorious Guild needs a person like me to lead, One Blade is nowhere as good as the rumours say, so cautious about everything.”

Later when we meet the BOSS, two tanks go and taunt it, pull it to those who are not from our guild then run away. Archers and mages don’t pull aggro first. Let them pull all the aggro then slowly damage the BOSS.” Bai Cheng like a model strategist gave his order through the group chat.

Originally, in the early stages of the game, a group can only holds up to 200 players. But when Bai Cheng lets Mayor Xi knows that he has over a thousand players under him, Mayor Xi gave Bai Cheng temporary privileges to be able to command a thousand player group to incite Bai Cheng into accepting the task.

Bai Cheng is not like those kind of rich second generation player who only know how to fool around, as for commanding players in-game, he has opportunities previously to exhibits his innate skills in commanding people, and has obtained merits in the past. Otherwise, no matter how stupid the hidden financial backer of Glorious Guild is, he would not have let such a large investment be handed over to an idiot son to be prodigal.

Another reason is his disappointment in One Blade as well as the fact that his own son has some talent in commanding people. In the past two years, One Blade development pace is still stuck at the beginning, unable to make any progress at all.

One Blade looks as Bai Cheng replaces him of his commanding post feeling helpless. Thinking of how much infighting there is inside of Glorious Guild, how those below him scheming to get more privileges, as well as the boss’s relatives buying over people to hinder him, after two years and Glorious Guild still manages to stay at where they used to be spoke tales of One Blade’s ability.

Like a game company boss, they have never played the game that they have released. Hence they have no idea of what is actually happening.

Song bro, why are those Glorious guild people standing still?” Beancurd’s height is not very tall, hence is jumping up to see the situation in front.

As this group of players are standing still, Bai Song continues to walk forward. Beancurd looks at Bai Song ignoring him, consider for a moment before jogging to catch up with Bai Song.

As Bai Song walks close to the group, he noticed a familiar face, Bai Cheng. At the moment Bai Song notices Bai Cheng, Bai Cheng notices Bai Song as well. The two of them looks at each other before looking away.

Isn’t that guy the commander of the Glorious Guild? Song bro you know him?”

Beancurd who is following Bai Song asked when he noticed the eye contact between them, laughing evilly: “Are the two of you gay friends?”

Regarding the jest, Bai Song has no idea how to deal with this loudmouth expert from his previous incarnation.

He never thought that he is this kind of expert.

At this time, a burst of ripping sound came, a purple Demon Cat rushes out from the forest, and it is bigger than the other Demon Cats.

The crowd does not have time react before one of the warrior at the front got slashed and turned into a white glow.

Bai Song looks over. The purple Demon Cat is one of the Cat Maiden personal guards, it is not an elite, only an ordinary Lv14 BOSS.

At this time a person shout out.

My Identification Skill shows only question marks”

I am also seeing question marks”

This is the BOSS, everyone charge it, it drops gold equipment”

At this period of time, there are few people with Identification skills, only those who are super lucky and got them or those members under the wings of the large guilds.

Two of the large shield bearers from Glorious Guild looks at each other before rushing towards the Demon Cat. Both of them are wearing bronze grade armours, one of them is even Lv8 and is holding a silver grade shield. At this stage were iron grade equipment are uncommon, these two set of bronze grade armour and silver grade shield showcases the power of a large guild.

Bai Song looks at the silver grade shield, thinking: If that silver grade shield dropped, my daughter’s school fees will be settled, returning the money to Liu Jing and there is still enough money leftover to buy some toys for my daughter, pay rents and change the living conditions etcs……

But it is a pity that below Lv10, equipment drop rate upon death is so low that it is up to god.

The slightly lower grade equipment shield bearer is the first to taunt the purple Demon Cat. When his taunt succeeded, before he could react, he is instantly killed. His death is not worthless, as his death gives the other silver grade shield bearer enough time.

The silver grade shield bearer taunted immediately after the other shield bearer died and successfully taunted the purple Demon Cat. The purple Demon Cat slashes the silver grade shield bearer into red blood but did not kill him instantly, allowing him to shield bash the Demon Cat and stun him. But as he is being suppressed by the level difference, the stun only causes the purple Demon Cat to stop in its footsteps for a moment.

But this pause allows the silver grade shield bearer to rush into the crowd of players that do not belong to their guild. The purple Demon Cat rushes over and with a slash kills the silver grade shield bearer. With his death, the purple Demon Cat loses its aggro target and started to slaughter the crowd of players.


Looking at the two shield bearers who die without dropping any equipment causes Bai Song to sigh. Indeed below Lv10, equipment drop rate upon death is too low.

Bai Song tells Beancurd to follow him and climb up the same tree as him when he saw the death of the two shield bearers. After saying, he does not care if Beancurd follows him and climb up a tree. As expected of one who will become an expert, Beancurd despite loving to jest about, but when it comes to crucial moments, he is aware of the situation.

Song bro, we are not really safe up in this tree.” After think for half a day, Beancurd finally manages to choke out a sentence: “That cat seems to be able to climb trees.”

Bai Song rolls his eyes at Beancurd, a cat can climb trees, this knowledge who needs you to tell me?

The purple Demon Cat seems to have no limit, massacres happen among the crowd. Although the drop rate of equipment upon death at below Lv10, but after such a large number of players have died, quite a lot of gear has dropped on the forest floor.

To the agility type BOSS, the players running away will only heighten its primitive bloodthirsty brutality. Not clear who is the first to say: “Let’s fight it out with it, after all we don’t lose levels when we die. All for the gold equipment.”

Perhaps it is because of the greed for the gold equipment. Some of those players who have already gotten away came back and starts to fight back against the purple Demon Cat.

When the purple Demon Cat attacks a person, it will leave behind some puddle of poison on its original spot. A thief who practices slinking tries to slink his way and steal the drop equipments. But unluckily, he stepped onto the concentrated poison, instantly collapsing on the floor and his corpse became a white light.

We can start to take action now.”

Bai Cheng smiles, everything is progressing according to his calculations.


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