Chapter 10 – Previous Life Expert


It’s actually the Valour Awareness skill?

Bai Song looks at the axe warrior in amazement. Valour Awareness is a very uncommon godly skill. This axe warrior has no idea of the advantage he has and is casually showing this skill to other people.

To be honest, it is not that he is stupid. But this skill without a certain amount of perception, based on the skill description, is actually a very useless ability. In <Myth>, there are a few skills with hidden effects or we should say, there are skills that need to be used in conjunction with another skill to be able to unleash the hidden effect.

In the later stages of the game, as the points in perception increases, Valour Awareness is able to ignore all invisibility skills, as well as largely increase one’s agility, allowing heavily armoured tank to be as lithe as a swallow. If the increase in agility is only a bit, it would not be called a godly skill.

The scariest part of Valour Awareness is its ability to mark the weak points of the enemy as well as doubling all damage to the weak point.

Bai Song saw that the axe warrior personality is not bad, hence called him back and say: “If you are not planning to look for a 3rd member for the party, I can join your party.”

Sure, no problem and it is not like I can find another person.”

If any average player have heard Bai Song’s tone of speech, they would have been very angry, but the axe warrior is actually very happy.

Bai Song accepted the axe warrior party invitation, looking at his level and finally realises why he is unable to party with anyone. It is because this fellow is actually Lv4.

Most average players are already Lv5, the stronger ones have reached Lv6. Of cause Bai Song has no qualification to talk about others. After all he is 1 level lower than him at Lv3 currently.

Hehe, at the beginning, I have accepted the blacksmith’s task to dig a hole. While I was digging, I dug up a piece of stone. According to the blacksmith, it is a very precious stone, hence he gave me a series of task. When I have finally finished all of them, my reward is this ‘chicken’ skill.” The axe warrior rubs his head in embarrassment. Feeling that wasting his precious early gaming time on this worthless task will make him the joke in other people’s eyes.

When he heard that Valour Awareness is being called a ‘chicken’ skill, Bai Song has to forcefully hold back his strong impulse to bash up the axe warrior, and did not let him know the truth of the skills ability.

Oh? You are only Lv3? Are you really unlucky like me?” the axe warrior looks and saw that Bai Song’s level is actually even lower than his, laugh loudly: “So be it, these things are not important, my name is Fermented Beancurd, you can just call me Fermented Beancurd. My objective is to be an elegant swordsman.”

My name is One Meter Bai Song. Call me Bai Song ca…” Speaking to here, Bai Song suddenly stops despite have more to say.

Bai Song is trying to recall where he heard of Fermented Beancurd, this very familiar name. Sudden Bai Song remembers among the three war gods one of them is called Fermented Beancurd.

In <Myth>, when making ID, we are not allowed to use those weird symbols. As well as the following names, example are: Treasure ChestCrystal, ╰☆Dream World‰Hammer, Slightly Silly T_T, Fallen丨灬 Angel……. Are absolutely not allowed in <Myth>.

Hence Fermented Beancurd this three words1 is Fermented Beancurd himself. As his ID cannot be repeated.

Looking at this previous life influential figure, who is currently smiling at him, Bai Song lets out a sigh. The affairs of the world is subtle and impermanence2.

Can what?” Fermented Beancurd looks at Bai Song who stops talking mid-way and ask.

Nothing much, you can just call me Bai Song.” Bai Song glance down and looks at Fermented Beancurd axe and ask in curiosity: “Since you want to became an elegant swordsman, why are you using an axe.”

Hai, don’t mention it anymore, <Myth> equipment drop rate is so low hence I just have to make do with what I have.” Fermented Beancurd signs helplessly. He looks over at Bai Song and noticed his equipment: “Oi, you dare to say me, aren’t you the same, you are still using novice equipment.”

That is the case.” Bai Song laughs after hearing that, but does not give any explanation and said: “Fermented Beancurd bro, don’t dally anymore, the main group is setting off.”

Glorious Guild has gathered nearly a thousand players, along with over a thousand guildless players. When the other guilds saw Glorious Guild sending out so many people, some of them send out a few people to scout the situation, others send out over a hundred member to join the expedition.

Momentary as the large expedition advances towards the Demon Cat Forest, causing those players who were grinding to panic as they have no idea what is happening.

At the front most group.

Young Master Bai, you have gathered all of the Glorious Guild members from the surrounding areas. I only have a question, do you have absolute confidence in succeeding this expedition?” The person asking is a guy who looks to be around 30 years old, under his nose grows a dense moustache. The person being questioned is a young man.

One Blade guild leader, do you know why after so many years Glorious Guild is unable to progress to the top? It is because you always want it to be 100% chance of succeeding before engaging in major task.” The young man face is full of frost, and he looks like Bai Cheng.

If Bai Song would have seen the bearded man, he would be shocked. Isn’t he one of the top guilds Black Meat guild leader One Blade! How come he is Glorious Guild guild leader?

What you are doing is wasting a large amount of manpower, and with so many other players following along, there is a chance of making a mistake. Are you so certain of killing the BOSS? Furthermore, you have not gotten any information regarding the BOSS stats from the NPC!” One Blade said to Bai Cheng in anger: “I will report this matter to the chairman.”

Hump, One Blade guild leader, I respect you age, hence I call you One Blade guild leader.” Bai Cheng sneer coldly, saying in contempt: “One Blade guild leader, in the past, you have shown some results, but that was in the past. These two years, you have no accomplishments. This time regarding <Myth>, my father have already appointed me as the decision maker, hence there is no need for you to say anymore.”

Bai Cheng after finish speaking left without looking back. One Blade stops his footsteps and looks at Bai Cheng’s back view. In One Blade’s heart, a thought of leaving is slowly starting to develop.

I’ll be damned. Just how rich are you? On this journey, I keep seeing you eating dried meat.” Bai Song look at Fermented Beancurd who is like a foodie, after a while, Fermented Beancurd took out a piece of dried meat and eats it.

Oh…” Fermented Beancurd mumbled with his mouth full of dried meat: “That time the blacksmith past me a piece of dried meat to eat, I felt that it is very delicious, hence I traded the ores that I have dug up for these dried meat.”

Here take a piece and eat as well.” Fermented Beancurd pass a piece of dried meat to Bai Song.

Bai Song massages his head. Originally thinking that Fermented Beancurd who was one of the three war god’s will at least have some form of an expert demeanour… but who would have known that he is a possessed foodie who exchanges his ores for food during the early gaming stages.

Regarding things that other people give, Bai Song is not thick-skinned enough to keep it in his backpack. As his stamina bar is still green, eating does not restores a large amount. Hence Bai Song can only treat it as trying out good food. In <Myth>, there is all sorts of delicious food, there are a lot of foodies who invented series of delicious and fragrant monster meat list.

These useless ingredients that do not give extra stats, does not restore much heath nor does it have any special attributes. But just because it is delicious, there is always people who are willing to pay a high price to purchase them.

Hence there is no need to mention how frightening a foodie is.

1 His name in Chinese is豆腐乳

2 Impermanence is one of the essential doctrines and a part of the three marks of existence in Buddhism, which asserts that all of the conditioned existence, without exception, is “transient, evanescent, inconstant”




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  1. Food is life…
    A wise man once said…
    (Welp I’m a wise fool I mixed the sentences too bores to rewrite yet I am still writing PS)


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