Chapter 1 – Return of the origin

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On a cold winter night, as the night deepens, the cold wind blows down the streets. Even the the stray dogs are nowhere to be found as they are hiding from the biting cold.

“Mom, the uncle under the bridge seems cold, can I help him?” The little boy stopped. Even though wearing thick gloves, he is still rubbing his hands together to create friction and warm up his hands.

The middle-aged woman originally wanted to take her son away. But looking at the pair of clean and clear eyes for a long time, she finally takes out a ten dollar notes from her bag and gives it to her son.

“Ah!” When the middle-aged woman got close, she suddenly screamed!

Original the man’s eyes appear to be concave as if it was freshly dug out. With his face was as white as wax and his skin was dried out, how can he still be alive!

The strangest thing is that despite the man being dead stiff, the corners of the mouth is actually slowly rising.

When Bai Song opened his eyes, he saw the evening dim.

“What is this? Light?”

He looks at his hands unbelievably. He does not feel cold at all! When he looks at the surrounding environment, he was shock silly.

In front was a small room less than sixty square meters.

The room has a small bathroom, facing the south of a shabby little TV. In front of the TV not far away was a very small table with some leftovers left on top. The bed is placed at the edge of the room next to a small wardrobe and refrigerator.

The space of room though compressed but unexpectedly looks neat.

I can see things?!

Bai Song thought that he was dreaming as his eyes had already been dug out by the loan sharks and his legs had been crippled.  Even if he is dreaming, in his dreams there is only darkness.

With doubts, he walk towards the small bathroom. Turning on the lights and stands in front of the mirror.

The next moment he was stunned. In the mirror is a young with a bit decadent face, with some stubble on the chin and looks to be around 23/24 of age.

I have returned to the past? I have reborn!

When this idea came out, Bai Song harshly slapped himself twice, the burning pain only makes him extremely excited.

Maybe this is happiness that is brought by pain!


From the corner suddenly came a young and soft voice, which makes the Bai Song excited mood instantly turn into ashes.

Bai Song walks out of the bathroom, wearing a striped short – sleeved shirt, to see a little girl around three to four years old gently rubbed her eyes as she walks towards him, her pair of ignorant eyes looks at Bai Song. “Dad, I am hungry.”

Bai Song retreated three steps and plop down on his ass on the floor. The little girl in front of him which look similar to him, opened his memory bookshelves.

“Blos…som? Blossom!”

Suddenly, Bai Song crawled from the floor toward the little girl and hug her tightly, continuously mumbling the little girl’s name.

“Dad, pain …” the little girl struggles slightly, but found that she cannot escape.

At this point, Bai Song have awoken from his excitement. Immediately letting go of Duo Duo, exclaimed excitedly: “Okay, Dad immediately make for you. No! Dad bring you out to eat delicious food, we shall eat well. ”

“Dad … don’t our family have no money?” The little girl seems to be afraid of Bai Song rushing over and slightly retreats two steps.

Bai Song looked at the date and remembers how awful he was in the past. Gambling, playing game, not willing to work. The source of income is muddy, depend on his parents for food, finding friends to borrow money and his wife in the end also brings the daughter with her and left him.

Which also leads directly to his final tragic outcome.

Since I have restart, this is an opportunity given to me by the God to correct my wrongdoing. Bai Song picked up Blossom gentle and said: “Blossom do not worry, we will be rich.”

Just that Blossom expression did not change to that of pleasure, instead looks at Bai Song foreignly and some fear could be seen faintly.

Those memories of him beating and scolding his wife and daughter suddenly emerges from his mind. Blossom eye expression is like an invisible sword, stabbing deep into Bai Song’s heart giving him a heartache.

At this moment comes the sound of the door opening. Bai Song’s heart tightens up suddenly, a few seconds later, the door opens.

A woman around Bai Song’s age walks in, she have a professionally dressed figure and her tired looks gives the beautiful appearance of a few discounts.

“Mother.” Blossom breaks away from the Bai Song’s hug, trots over.

“Eh … Blossom.” The originally tired face shows a spoiled smile, but the moment she sees Bai Song she immediately took back the smile and her face became cold.

Bai Song bitterly follows behind, closing the bedroom door.

Facing his wife from his previous life, Bai Song for a moment felt that he have a lot of things to say, such as apologies, admiting to his mistake, but when he saw that cold expression, a pot of cold water poured over his heart, rendering him unable to speak.

As the small dark room became quiet, the cold beauty carasses their daughter dotingly and turned to look at Bai Song, suddenly sighed: “Bai Song, the kindergarten is about to start, Blossom cannot don’t go to school and with my salary, it is already very difficult to maintain the house expenses. So…”

“Do not!”

Hearing to this point, Bai Song stood up like a lightning strike. This sentence in past life has been engraved deep into his heart.

Because he clearly remember the following sentence is: I cannot afford your smoking and drinking expenses, let us divorce.

“How much is needed, I will come up with a way, do not say anymore… okay?” Bai Song tone carries a few pleading, even submission.

Su Qiu Yu who is going to propose divorce today after careful deliberation realised that Bai Song had changed, changed to become lazy and is no longer the Bai Song that she knew and loved.

At that moment, she was surprised and stunned. She had a subtle feeling that the Bai Song in front of her is not the Bai Song that she had been familiar with since young till now.

A bit foreign.

But also, Deja Vu?

Sighing, she slowly said: “Kindergarten tuition fees is close to twenty thousand … and needs to be paid upfront.”

“Okay!” Bai Song agreed immediately.

Facing Bai Song decisiveness, Su Qiu Yu was full of doubts.

She could not understand why Bai Song is full of confidence to be able to get close to twenty thousand yuan. But at that moment, her daughter Blossom pulls on her clothes and interrupts her thoughts: “Mom, I am hungry.” Su Qiu Yu pets Blossom head and stands up to prepare dinner.

Watching his wife skillfully throwing the leftovers into the pot to stir fry, a few minutes later pan out a plate of what that looks like dull colored fried rice and the way his hungry daughter scarfed the food down, makes Bai Song’s heart somewhat complicated.

He turns on the TV, the TV screen have lots of statics, it is difficult to imagine this developed era, there are people still using this sort of old TV. On the news channel where the hostess face is blurred and the sound is intermittent, Bai Song eyes suddenly light up.

Because he vaguely hears that <Myth>has been opened for two days, the news is broadcasting some players’ online situation, as well as expert reviews and so on.


Bai Song slapped his tight as he think: even if I do not remember about stocks, but towards this game, while it is still fresh in my memory, when the time comes to make money wouldn’t it be easy?

But the next moment he realised a problem. In the past life he did not play the moment it comes out but two years after it was launch and the reason is very simple, expensive!

First batch did not have helmet for sale, instead all of them are gaming cabin, and the gaming cabin are in the tens of thousands to millions range, of which the lowest price would still need 20,000.

When Bai Song finally manages to play, it is from participating in an online draw, where he drew the six prize, a gaming helmet at a value of a thousand eight hundred. At that time, in order to attract more players to play, a variety of low-cost helmet was finally being developed.

Looking at Bai Song slapping his tight and his face becoming moody, Blossom subconsciously moves her bench, her little face filled with fear. The sound of Blossom shifting her chair brings Bai Song back to reality. He smiles apologetically at his daughter and bows his head down and continues eating.

After the meal, Bai Song feels his pocket for his phone. When he realise that the phone is not on his body, he searches for it. As the room is very small, Bai Song did not waste much effort to find it. While he is searching for the phone, he finds a slightly yellowed phone under his pillow, in the picture is a young couple smiling happily and holding a one-year-old baby.

It is their family portrait.

Bai Song takes a deep breath and quietly put on his shoes. Taking his phone, he walks downstairs. Looking around and seeing that there is no one around, Bai Song turns on the phone book.

Looking at his dad’s number in his phone, Bai Song’s hand suddenly tremble slightly. Yes, he wanted to borrow money! <Myth>have been launched for two days already and now is the time to fight, other then borrowing money he had no other way, if that thing is taken by another person then … …

After the phone beep a few times, the call went through.

“Dad … how are you?”

After so many years of not hearing voice of his father, Bai Song voice carries a slight trembling.

“Do not call me dad, I do not have a son like you.” The tone of the phone is very light, even slightly cold, which make Bai Song feel uncomfortable: “When you earn back the money you lost gambling, then you call me dad.”

Finished speaking his father hung the phone and a busy tone came.

At this point Bai Song is aware of the seriousness of things. Although he have confidence in his ability to make money, but if he say he will be making money by playing a game who will believe him?

If he is unable to gather twenty thousand, then he to wait a month later. With the release of advance virtual helmet, even if he decided to buy the advanced virtual helmet, its price is also close to ten thousand.

If he is unable to gather twenty thousand now, a month later will he be able to gather ten thousand?

One by one he called, friends, classmates, relatives……it’s either they do not pick up or the moment they hear about borrowing money they hung up before he can explain to them.

At this time, he saw a name, Liu Jing. It is his best buddy, from elementary school to now, he has always been the best buddy. Although Bai Song is unable to remember how much money he owed Liu Jing, he recalls that Liu Jing life which was worry-free, his family broke up cause of Liu Jing himself.

Hesitating for a few minutes, Bai Song finally pressed the dial button.

After ringing for a while, the phone is pick up, it is Liu Jing’s voice: “I eating? You ah have any problem?”

Bai Song’s nose became sour after hearing his voice after a long time, his voice is the only voice that is not indifferent to him.

Bai Song paused for a while but did not hide from the other: “Liu Jing, I find you borrow some money.”

“Borrow money?” from Liu Jing’s side came the sound of chopsticks being put down, speaking in a low tone: “Bai Song, do you remember how much money you borrowed me? Give you an idea, I myself don’t even remember. I have never been expecting you to return me, but you can you not think about me? I have a family, my child is just born, I am also not well-off …”

“I’m sorry …” After a long time, Bai Song only said this sentence: “I will go to make money, the money I owe you before I will pay back slowly, sorry … brother.”

“You go and work and earn money?”

Liu Jing did not expect Bai Song will say such words: “You are borrowing the money for?”

“I have a way of making money, it’s regarding …” Bai Song originally wanted to elaborate but thinking that he is unable to borrow the money for the gaming cabin he decided that there is no use talking about it anymore: “Well … you eat first, after a while let’s go out and have a chat, that’s all… ”

While feeling apologetic to Liu Jing, Bai Song hangs up.

Bai Song sigh, he thought everything will be very easy, thinking that he had mastered the information, he can change the status quo.

It’s better to find a job tomorrow, he did not have any paper, hence he can only find some physical work. Blossom’s tuition, water and electricity charges, food expenses and rent, he does not know if within a year he will be able to play the game <Myth>.

By the time a year have past, those things should almost be completely grab by them. Do not know if  he will able to make it in time.

Feeling hopeless, Bai Song opened the door to the house. At this time he receives a short message, Bai Song open text message and look, written is: account XXX54 user have transfer to you 20000.

“That rascal!!”

Bai Song mood changes from sad to happy, excitement overflowing expressed in his appearance and his two eyes became a little moist.

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22 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – Return of the origin

  1. Wow! nice story, well written, i liked the translation if it is as good as “The Great thief” or “Rebirth of the thief who roamed the world” then this would be my favorite novel ever! i hope it does continue because is good, really good.

    thanks SkyFuji keep it up pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 🙂


  2. An interesting plot underdog like but this time with a family twist hope the author puts a bit more development into the family and not have them be side for a lot of it.


  3. “On a cold winter night, the night has deep. As the cold wind blows on the streets, even stray dogs do not know where to hide.

    “Mom, the uncle under the bridge seems cold, can I help him?” The little boy stopped, even though his hands is wearing thick gloves, is still rubbing to friction.

    The middle-aged woman originally wanted to take her son away. But looking at the pair of clean and clear eyes for a long time, still took out a ten dollar notes from her bag and give to her son.

    “Ah!” When the middle-aged woman got close, she suddenly screamed!

    Original the man’s eyes appear to be concave as if it was freshly bug out, his face was as white as wax, the skin has begun to dry, how can he still be alive!

    The strange thing is that despite the man is dead stiff, the corners of the mouth is actually slowly rising.”


    • The translation is good enough to read ; However, you need an editor to fix some of the mistakes.
      For example:

      First sentence, I don’t understand at all.

      “On a cold winter night, the night has deep. As the cold wind blows on the streets, even stray dogs do not know where to hide.

      Should be more of ,” On a cold winter night, the night was deep(?????)as the cold wind blew upon the streets ; even stray dogs did not know where to hide.”


  4. You need to find an editor. The translation is readable but very messy. The problem can be easily resolved by some editing.


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