Chapter 9    [Learning external martial arts]


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The gates to a new world are slowly opening towards Li Fan.

“Martial Fighting Family….this term is hardly seen, isn’t all of them call martial heroes? Oh my…”

Li Fan cannot help but interrupt but a small marble suddenly hits his head making him cry out in pain. A bump rises on his forehead when he picks up the marble to take a look, it is actually made from gold and it is worth a lot!

“Interrupting other people talking, do you not know manners?”

Murong Ying withdraws her slim lily hand, “Although my secret weapon arts is only ordinary but to punish you, it is enough.”

Big miss is indeed different…this secret weapon is a bit too wastrel already right!

Li Fan looks at the golden secret weapon and uses strength to bite it, completely forgetting about his pain.

“Furthermore not anyone can be called a hero! A major hero serves the country and it’s citizens. A minor hero helps his friends and neighbors.”

Murong Ying reminds Li Fan, “In future do not anyhow speak, you will become a joke.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I understand. You can continue to speak.”

Murong Ying orders, “Tie Zhu, revolve your inner strength.”

Tie Zhu enters a horse-stance and squats there. Her clothing starts moving on it’s own without any wind blowing on it. It is like her body is carrying around a breeze.

“This is the inner strength. Right now it is being revolved out and is flowing outside of the body.”

Murong Ying explains, “You can go up and touch it.”

“Boy and girl should not anyhow touch each other!”

Li Fan resolutely rejects!

Murong Ying continues to explain to Li Fan. “To a martial fighting family, inner strength and external martial arts must complement each other.”

Li Fan mutters in his heart, not to mention her voice is rather nice to hear, furthermore, what she says is more interesting than his lessons!

“Today you had seen Liao Bing, his family trains in the Rushing Thunder Palm which is an external martial art.”

Murong Ying does not know what Li Fan is thinking in his heart as she explains to him Liao Bing’s martial arts. “Base on what I know, Rushing Thunder Palm have a total of 7 layers. After training to the 5th layer, it will be able to break gold and jades.”

“Right, right that Liao Bing had trained to the 5th layer!”

Murong Ying gifted Li Fan another gold marble. Another bump appears on Li Fan’s head making him clench his teeth in pain. Grandmother ah, is this too bullying already! Next time round, I do not believe that I am unable to catch this hidden weapon!

“But his inner strength is superficial. Although he had cultivated for over ten years, but his inner strength cannot be compared to mine.”

Murong Ying points at Tie Zhu and says, “Tie Zhu had also cultivated around ten years of inner strength. Her standard is ‘Cauldron Fire Turn Green’.”

“Let big miss and Gu-ye see a joke.”

Tie Zhu seems to be ashamed while Li Fan says in his heart, can you lass don’t be shy ah! You completely do not have the power of a girl you know what I am saying?!

“For inner strength, there is a total of 6 levels. Beginners are ‘Peeking through the door’. After cultivating a few years they will enter ‘Mastery by comprehending the rest’. After cultivating for ten years, those with slightly better innate talent will be able to be like Tie Zhu, enter the ‘Cauldron Fire Turn Green’ layer. While those with very gifted innate talent, for example, me, after cultivating for ten years I had entered ‘Entering the Inner’. To get to even higher levels, one needs time as well as talent. Those are then the real experts, also called ‘Rising to the Peak’! While I had starting cultivating inner strength since I am 4. In total, I had cultivated for 16 years as well as consumed all kind of pills and herds. I had already reached Rising to the Peak.”

[TL: this is the most confusing one I had translated which is not a poem…]

She pauses for a while before saying, “But yesterday you had sucked away 11 years of my inner strength….right now I had dropped back to ‘Entering the Inner’ and will need to recuperate for around a year to be able to get back to my former day’s standard.”

“Then what about me?”

Although Li Fan is a bit ashamed but is not like he was the one who takes the initiative to kiss Murong Ying, thus he might as well let it go.

“As for you….although you had sucked away 11 years of my inner strength. But you do not know how to revolve your qi, thus most of it was wasted. Right now you are only at ‘Cauldron Fire Turn Green’ that’s all. If you cultivate a bit, you should be able to bearly enter ‘Entering the Inner’.”

[TL: what the…what a big jump…fuck me…]

“So I am actually such so strong ah, hahaha!”

Li Fan is very delighted while Murong Ying pours cold water over him, “But your external martial arts is a pitiful zero! I had said before that a martial artist is both perfect inside and out, to complement one another! Next time when you meet Liao Bing he will use speed to attack slow and can completely use external martial arts to beat you up!”

“What the…”

Li Fan is slightly embarrassed, “This cannot blame me right. In the past, I am just an ordinary student. As for martial arts and the likes, I had only seen it on tv before…”

“No worries. Luckily you have a very thick foundation, right now it is not too late to learn.”

Murong Ying comforts, “As long as you let me teach you, I guarantee that I will **you into an expert of the generation.”

** This term is a bit too weirdly already right!

“Can I ask…” Li Fan raises his hand, “Just now you said that there are 6 levels in inner strength. Then what is above ‘Rising to the Peak’?”

“That is ‘Great Scholar of the Generation’, those are the hidden experts. If they take action, then I would not be able to be the Martial Alliance Union’s head anymore.”

Envy appears in Murong Ying’s eyes but with a blink, it turns cold again.

“The important matter currently is to let you learn a good external martial art. Otherwise, the next time you meet my pursuers or challengers, perhaps you will die very miserably. It does not matter if you die, but I do not wish to live as a widow.”

“Wait a minute!”

Li Fan suddenly thought of something, “So be it if I have to fight against your pursuers, but why do I also need to fight against your challengers?”

“You had sucked away my inner strength. Right now my strength had dropped how can I deal with those experts.”

Murong Ying smiles sweetly causing Li Fan to nearly become uncontrollable.

“Furthermore, as my husband, naturally you need to help me block those dangers.”

What the, in the end, you came my here to have a holiday is it! Indeed is a demoness!

“Since you are unable to defeat them, then how am I able to defeat them!”

Li Fan immediately interrupts. This time round Murong Ying no longer tolerate him and toss out a golden pellet. But this time round, Li Fan is already prepared. A gleam flashes across his eyes as he senses the direction the golden pellet is coming from, the portion of the scalp which was about to be hit becomes numb first.

Following this feeling, he almost subconsciously swings out his hand and actually grabs the golden pellet in his hand! Murong Ying lets out a surprised sound. Although I had only used 30% of my strength, but Li Fan is just a beginner but is able to grab hold of my hidden weapon. This is really shocking.

Looks like I had slightly look down of this high school student.

While Li Fan’s delighted manner makes Murong Ying rolls her eyes.

“Aren’t you quite good now. In the future, all of the challenges will be handled by you.”

“What the…”

Li Fan who had just used a stone to crush his own legs do not even have time to cry.

“Big miss, don’t blame Gu-ye, it is best to let him choose martial art to train first.”

Tie Zhu who is by the side says a good word, only then did Murong Ying’s anger went down slightly.

“Hmph, next time you dare to show off again I let you know!”

“Yes, yes, yes, Niang-zi is the most imperious and formidable!”

“My Murong Family is the best in sword techniques, then blade techniques. The weakest is bare-handed techniques.”

Murong Ying asks, “Among the external martial arts, sword techniques are the strongest, blade techniques the most nefarious. Boxing technique the most tyrannic. Which one do you wish to learn?”

“Gu-ye, I feel that it would not be bad if you learn blade techniques.”

Tie Zhu seems to be currying favor as she says, “Furthermore, this one’s is best at blade techniques and can accompany Gu-ye to train!”

“Forget it!”

Thinking of him training with Tie Zhu, Li Fa’s hair starts to stand. Everyone else is training with a young junior sister and start to have an affinity with each other, why did I get this good! Even if I get beaten to death I also do not want!

“Tie Zhu’s blade techniques is indeed powerful, are you turning your back on her?!”

Murong Ying raises her eyebrows and Li Fan hurriedly says, “Not at all ah! It is just that in this modern times, blade techniques are not practical ah! It is not like I am able to carry a machete as I walk about the streets daily right!”

“That is also reasonable.”

Murong Ying lowers her head and considers, “Then what martial arts to let you learn…”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 9  [Learning external martial arts]

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