Chapter 8    [Martial artist family]


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“Does being your man means that I must stir up trouble for my life?”

After being pelt by a whole bunch of trouble Li Fan is unhappy in his heart, “Who did I provoke?”

“You say it too vulgarly. Don’t forget that I am the Martial Alliance Head. There are a number of people who come and challenge me.”

Murong Ying is slightly arrogant as she says, “In addition, there are even more people who are pursuing me. Right now you had become my husband, naturally, you need to share this pressure with me.”

“This is not fair, I am suffering too much of a loss!”

“Then you can consider breaking the engagement.”

[TL: The ultimate comeback attack from Murong Ying]

Li Fan’s gaze is steady as he says, “Suffering losses is a good fortune! My growth still need even more tempering!”

“This is then like my husband.”

Murong Ying nods her head, “Then tonight you continue to run back home.”


Li Fan is almost about to collapse, I had already been in a horse stance for an entire day. Only after the lesson could I rest for a while. Not only is my shank aching, but even my hip is also in pain! Although this girl keeps calling me husband, actually she does not have any feelings for me! I am really being bullied in my house ah! Like what the ancient says, a single cent overwhelming a hero ah, not to mention a few hundred kgs of gold!

Cannot I must rouse myself back to the top of the family! I must let Murong Ying know who is the owner of the family! As a guy, I must achieve what I say!

“What are you waiting for, hurry and run ah!”


As Li Fan prepares to get on on the journey, a car suddenly charges out in front of him and nearly crash into his body. What the, how is he driving his car! Is he blind?

The car door opens and Wang Qiang jumps off the car. This fellow when did he change to another car? He really has a lot of branded car ah! This Mercedes-Benz is at the very least need a million right?

“Miss Murong! Let me send you back home!”

Wang Qiang’s father’s company is just in front of the school. Since he is unable to take out the Porsche, seeing Murong Ying walking out he immediately drives his father’s Mercedes-Benz over.

Murong Ying resolutely rejects, “No need.”

“Miss Murong, please give me a chance!”

At this moment Wang Qiang had completely forgotten about those girlfriends of him. Currently, in his eyes, there is only one person, Murong Ying. This top grade beauty, she looks so beautiful and her figure is still okay….especially those pair of long legs making people salivate ah!

Just this pair of legs, is enough for me to play for a year!

“Sorry, I already had a fiance.”

Murong Ying’s sentence nearly causes Wang Qiang to crumble apart.

“Who, who is he?”

Murong Ying did not reply Wang Qiang, instead, she says to Li Fan, “Husband why are you still not going home?”

Li Fan’s scalp turn numb, this woman, she is a demoness ah!

“Li Fan? How is that possible!”

Wang Qiang’s world is slightly scattering, “Where am I worst than him! Miss Murong you are lying to me right?”

Murong Ying lightly tilts her head to the side and compares the two of them before saying thoughtfully, “Talking about this….you are indeed much more handsome than him, and richer than him…”

“Right, right, right, that’s right!”

Wang Qiang keeps nodding his head while Li Fan is depressed in his heart and also a bit sour. What is the matter with me, could it be that I am jealous? It definitely must be a wrong feeling!

“But I just like him, no reason. And, call me School director.”

With Murong Ying purposefully saying it like this, how Wang Qiang wish that he is able to eat Li Fan’s flesh and drink his blood! What is the ability of this guy to be able to let this kind of beauty take the initiative to take a loss and throws herself into his arms!

“Miss Murong with your noble identity, you should be riding a Mercedes-Benz to and fro for commuting ah!”

Wang Qiang does not wish to give up and continues to do his final strive.

“Mercedes-Benz…” Murong Ying smiles, “It does not match up to my standard.”

“Match, very matching! You completely match up to the Mercedes-Benz!”

Just as Wang Qiang just finish speaking, a black-brown Bentley stops by the school gate. Tei Zhu steps out from the driver seat and bow towards Murong Ying and says “Big miss I am here to fetch you back home.”

“Ah, husband, you run home on your own, I be waiting for you at home.”

Murong Ying boards the Bentley under the shocked gaze of Wang Qiang. The car speed off. Li Fan curses, damn it you went off on the car leaving me behind to eat the dust, it is too much!

He adjusts his mental state and looks at Wang Qiang who is crying tearfully and pats his shoulder and comforts, “No worries, Mercedes-Benz is not bad. Work hard and you will also be able to drive Bentley.”

Saying finish, he strides with heavy steps and runs in the direction of home, leaving behind Wang Qiang in tears. After a disturbing for half a day, in the end, the other person is driving a Bentley. Comparing to Mercedes-Benz, it is really not matching…

Li Fan does not care how much Wang Qiang is suffering as he is also nowhere better. With Murong Ying this kind of fiancee, it is indeed having face but there is no practical meaning! Cannot touch, cannot kiss and still need to undergo such kind of demonic training, who can bear with it ah!

When Li Fan had run back home, the sky had already started to turn dark. The two rows of bodyguards were still standing at the gate upright. Seeing Li Fan, they immediately bow and welcomes, “Welcome back home Gu-ye!”

“Don’t, don’t be such so polite…”

Seeing weird gaze from the surrounding neighbors, Li Fan knows that his beautiful neighborhood life is definitely finished. That next door neighbor Aunty Wang will not send dumplings over ever 3-5 days, while the still-developing junior high school little sister on the opposite house will no longer come and ask me question anymore…wuwuwu…my beautiful daily life ah, where did you go to…

Murong Ying who is sitting at the dining table looks at her watch and says, “You are slower than in the morning by half an hour.”

“My legs are aching okay? I had been in a horse stance for an entire day!”

Li Fan is bellyful of bitter complains.

“This is nothing, there are still a lot of things that you still need to learn.”

Murong Ying sits there while Tie Zhu helps her fasten the napkin. Indeed is a big miss, she needs someone to service her for everything.

When Tie Zhu wants to service Li Fan, she is rejected by Li Fan’s expression.

“Let us eat first. Replenishing your physical strength is also very important. After all, at night you still have even more training program.”


When Li Fan hears this is got a fright, today still had not ended?!

Although there is only the two of them eating, but the dining table is over 3 meters long. Each of them is sitting at one end, while Tie Zhu starts to serve the food. On the large table, there are both chinese and western style dishes. Murong Ying only eats a bit of everything maintaining her big miss elegance. While Li Fan is not polite. He whose stomach was rumbling from hunger since earlier starts to clean the dishes. After working out his appetite had also increased. Very quickly of the numerous number of dishes, Li Fan ate over half on his own.

While Li Fan is demolishing the dishes he suddenly recalls the blue gown guy and cannot help but ask, “That, today who is the one who finds me to compete today?”

Murong Ying slightly raises her head and says indifferently, “No talking when eating, no chatting when sleeping.”

What the… so many regulations!

Li Fan rolls his eyes and continues to feast. In the end, when she is finally done, Murong Ying wipes her hands clean before saying unhurriedly, “He is called Liao Bing, the young master of City H’s Thunderbolt Gate. Although he had practiced until his Rushing Thunder Palm is slightly mature, but his inner strength is shallow so there is nothing to fear.”

“He is able to send a car flying with a palm and that is still shallow?”

Li Fan cannot help but become speechless, “Then how would having profound inner strength be?”

“That is just relying on his Rushing Thunder Plam’s technique, Pushing Mountain Moving Stone. There is nothing worthy to be surprised about.”

Murong Ying claps her hand and Tie Zhu immediately undo her pink apron and stand by the side like she is going to do a demonstration.

“Today I shall give you a lesson and let you know what is call a Martial Artist Family.”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 8  [Martial artist family]

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