Chapter 7    [ I am Murong Ying’s admirer]


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“Wang Qiang….bring me to eat Häagen-Dazs okay?”

After the lessons were over, Wang Xiaoyuan pulls Wang Qiang’s arm while sweet beseech him.

“I see that you appear to look like Häagen-Dazs!”

Wang Qiang pushes Wang Xiaoyuan away while Wang Xiaoyuan feels slightly wrong as she looks at Wang Qiang stopping by a Porsche 911. She pouts and says, “But I wish to sit on your Porsche what…”

“Go and play by the side! This is something that I had secretly driven out of my house!”

Right now Wang Qiang is tossing aside Wang Xiaoyuan. Comparing to Murong Ying, Wang Xiaoyuan is rubbish! Why am I go blind back then and like her!

“In a while later when School Director dismiss all of the students when school end and I stop the car right in front of her, hehe…I do not believe that her heart will not be moved!”

How many women are able to decline the lure of a sports car. Wang Qiang already feels like victory is in his hands! With money wouldn’t I be able to deal with any woman? This Wang Xiaoyuan in the past is another person’s girlfriend but didn’t I use an S6 to obtain her!

Woman only pretends to be aloof. But the moment they see money, they cannot help but to want it.

Wang Qiang guards around the school gate and waited for a while. He had yet to wait until Murong Ying had come but Li Fan had already arrived. When he sees Li Fan, his legs subconsciously starts trembling. Damn it…what I am afraid of, even if he can fight he is still a fucking poor fellow!

Thinking to here, Wang Qiang gathers his courage and greats Li Fan, “Li Fan you are going home ah, do you want me to send you back?”

“No need. My niang…request me to run home.”

[TL: niang on it’s own means mother]

Damn it nearly say out Niang-zi, luckily I changed what I want to say in time otherwise a major event will happen! But if I let Murong Ying take advantage would I live my entire life for no reason!

“You also have the life of running back home then.”

Wang Qiang sneers, “This is a Porches ah, Li Fan you need to think clearly, you might only be able to sit in it just this once.”

Li Fan cannot be bothered about him, showoff for what, you will die if you don’t show off is it!

“If you regret now it is still in time. I can be merciful and let you have a ride. But, this front passenger seat is for Miss Murong. As for you, you can just lie in the boots.”

“Wang Qiang are you done already? Can your house boots even lie a person?!”

Li Fan says is uncomfortable as he says, “Some more don’t look down on other people! There will come a day where I am driving a sports car and you be begging for food.”

“Hahaha, what a joke! Pipe dreams! Li Fan ah Li Fan, your pockets are so clean but you have a lot of thoughts ah! You are quite good at talking eh, why don’t you go and write a novel ah you?”

“Scram, a good dog does not block the road!”

Li Fan does not want to speak another word with Wang Qiang this kind of person. When he glares, Wang Qiang is really a bit afraid in his heart.

Forget it, a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him, I shall not lower myself to the level of this poor loser!

Just as Wang Qiang is about to leave, from the school entrance comes a shout with a northern accent.

“That fellow stop for me!”

Li Fan turns around to see a youngster wearing a blue gown standing there. That guy’s appearance is ordinary but his hands are covered with callus, furthermore, it is a lot thicker than other people hands. What the, how many times a day did he masturbate to train out this pair of iron hands! Wouldn’t his pole be rubbed until it turns into Mars?!

“You are calling me?”

Li Fan points at himself.

“That’s right, it is you! I had finally found you!”

The guy in blue gown is feeling very wronged. Today although he had finally settled it with that vendor owner, but he had to help with wash an entire day worth of bowls causing his hands to wrinkle!

“It is all because of you this bastard. Today I am going to break your legs!”

Saying finish he lets out a loud shout and charges towards Li Fan. He carries an aura like a starving tiger pouncing at its food!

Li Fan does not know what but he feels his scalp turning numb, thus subconsciously he wishes to dodge. He turns around and caught sight of the Porches by the side and his eyes brighten up and he does a roll and rolls behind the Porches.


The blue gown guy’s hand slaps onto the Porches’ door and immediately leave behind a palm print on the car door.

“My Porches!”

Wang Qiang nearly cry out, who are these people ah!

“Dodge? Where can you dodge to!”

The blue gown guy only concentrates on teaching Li Fan a lesson. He chases after Li Fan as he continuously throws out Thunderbolt Palm at Li Fan. Li Fan borrows the Porsche and keeps dodging making that blue gown guy keep hitting the car. After a while, the entire Porsche is completely covered with palm prints and it is basically impossible to see the appearance of a car.

Wang Qiang really started crying out. Who did my Porsche provoked can the two of you not fight here?

But Li Fan does not care about Wang Qiang’s car while the blue gown guy is slightly anxious.

“Scumbag, let me see where you are going to dodge!”

Saying finish he lifts up his left hand and slaps the car.

“Nine Layer Rushing Thunder!”

The small Porsche creak under that slap and slides out on it’s side leaving behind four black wheel marks on the ground, causing Wang Qiang to nearly faint.

“What the hell, is this for real.”

Li Fan is slightly shocked, just how powerful is this inner strength!

“Stinky fellow, I had already trained my family’s Rushing Thunder Palm to the 5th layer! Beating you is a piece of cake!”

The blue gown guy is slightly delighted while Li Fan starts to have a bit of a headache. Although he has 11 years of inner force, he does not know any martial arts techniques. Thus he is at a disadvantage when facing this blue gown youngster who had trained for an unknown number of years.

While Li Fan is thinking of a method he tries using talking to stall for time, “It is not like I had provoked you, why did you find trouble for me?”

“You rob me of something that I cherish, you snatched away my goddess!”

The blue robe guy says angrily, “Murong Ying should be my wife! I had train Rushing Thunder Palm so bitterly is so that I can marry her!”

“What the hell, brother let me tell you, you really cannot blame me ah!”

Li Fan explains feeling wronged, “It is she who is marrying me.”

“You are still angering me! I am going to kill you!”

The blue gown guy is completely flustered and exasperated and he suddenly uses 8-step Rushing Cicada. He is like wind and instantly jumps in front of Li Fan and slaps out towards Li Fan’s forehead!

“Don’t be afraid! Cross palm with him!”

In Li Fan’s ear, he suddenly hears Murong Ying’s voice. It seems to be slightly discernible but every word can be heard clearly! Li Fan did not hesitate at all as he enters a horse stance and sinks his qi to his dantian. He immediately sends out a palm colliding against that incoming Rushing Thunder Palm!


A strong wind rises from out of nowhere blowing away all of the surrounding broken stones! Li Fan senses a surge of enormous strength coming from the opponent palm but at the same time it is like something in his dantain got evoked and automatically erupts out sending out power to his palm.

The blue gown guy laughs, “Hahaha, what an idiot, to actually dare to cross palm with me. My Rushing Thunder Palm is matchless throughout the world!”


Their palms seem to have exploded apart jolting Li Fan into retreating a step. While the blue gown guy actually flies out and fall flat on his face in a sorry figure.

This kind of feeling…is too violent already!

Li Fan is slightly in disbelief as he stares at his own palm, is this inner strength? This is a lot stronger than the feeling of me splitting a brick into two!

“Good fellow…”

The blue robe guy climbs to his feet with difficulty and spits out blood, within contains a tooth, “So your inner strength is actually so strong…I had thought that you do not know martial arts. The people in the city are all too treacherous already!”

Li Fan shouts feeling wronged, “What the, you this rod must have killed too many people already! It is you who attack me okay!”

“I had suffered a loss, wait till I had healed up my internal injuries then I shall find you again to settle this debt!”

The blue gown guy throws behind this fierce sentence before limping away.

“Don’t come again, I really do not welcome you!”

Li Fan shouts towards that guy’s back. While Murong Ying who had suddenly appear behind him carrying a nice fragrance as she walks over.

“As my man how can you say such kind of no ambition words!”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 7  [I am Murong Ying’s admirer]

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