Chapter 67     [Title below]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Li Fan enters the billiards hall and was instantly stunned.

As he sees Huang Lei wearing a yellow changpao, that he had borrowed from gods know where, as well as holding a peach sword in his hand. He is gesturing in the billiards hall scaring those students who were here to play billiards into hiding at the side not daring to step forward.

He is showing the whites of his eyes. He is obviously dressed like a daoist priest but he is muttering Jump Great God and the likes.

“Lei-zi what are you doing? Had you ate the wrong medication again ah you!”

Li Fan cannot help but reprimand. This fellow really keeps talking about deity every day.

“Big brother you had come ah.”

Seeing Li Fan, Huang Lei immediately keep away that deity appearance and groveling says, “I am currently inviting the deity to drive away the devils, big brother you just wait for a while!”

“Drive away your damn evil!”

Li Fan rolls his eyes, “What era is it already? Don’t be tricked by these feudalistic methods!”

“What big brother says is right!”

Huang Lei immediately says, “But this thing from the ancestors still has some reasoning…especially today I had made a divination which says that today is not beneficial to make a business deal! That is why I set up this formation to prepare to break this fate for us!”

“Break your sister, less nonsense and handle the proper matters.”

Li Fan’s afternoon rest period is not that long. He needs to hurry and settle this matter.

“Okay then, whatever big brother says!”

Huang Lei pulls out a large bag from his waist, inside it is filled with money.

“Yesterday night we spent 30k in total…right now there is still 170k left.”

Huang Lei place the bag on the billiard table, “Big brother you want to count?”

“No need to count I believe you.”

Li Fan takes out two pile and pulls out ten. He then stuffed the rest into Huang Lei’s pocket before saying to the boss, “Boss, I had come on the agreed upon time. Let us sign the agreement and it is time to hand over everything here to me.”

“Little brother is really trustworthy.”

The boss takes out the rental contract as well as the billiards transfer contract. “In total 170k, we exchange money and goods at the same time.”


Li Fan crease his brows, “Didn’t we agree upon 150 yesterday?”

“Aiyah, little brother you see you had mistaken already.”

The boss laughs, “150k is the rent for half a year while as for the rest, a billiards table 5k each, 4 tables are 20k. The rest of the cue I just treat it as gifting you. There is no need for you to thank me. After all, I am about to go overseas already I do need to leave behind some benevolence for my motherland.”

Li Fan indeed has 20k but he does not wish to give. This boss is absolutely rising the initial price which is a bit excessive!

“Benevolence? Benevolence you motherfucker!”

Li Fan had yet to say anything but Huang Lei is no longer able to sit still.

He tossed aside his peach sword and pulls out a flick knife from his back pocket and nails on the table in front of the boss.

“Fucker, a stab a hole, a hole 5k! You stab me four times and this debt is settled!”

The boss shrinks back his neck and asks, “What-what do you mean…”

“What meaning? You are clear in your heart!”

At this moment, Huang Lei seems to be more useful that Li Fan. He sneers as he raises his leg and steps on the table as he glares at the boss, “Old foggy less of such nonsense with me! If you have guts then come and stab me! Don’t have guts then fucking stop it! Do you really think that you, Huang-ye is that easy to bully!”

“Huang-zi, don’t be like this. You are scaring him.”

As Li Fan speaks he picks up a pack of cigarettes from the boss’s table. This time round he is not polite as he directly pulls out a stick and stuffs it into the boss’s mouth.

“Boss, smoke a stick to calm your fright. My little brother is not sensible and lets you see a joke.”

Li Fan lights up the cigarette before saying unhurriedly, “I do understand your wish to increase the price, but I this person indeed really hate people who go back on their words. Furthermore, you see, this brother of mine doesn’t have any capability and only know how to mingle around. He is unable to do any other work, thus I wish to get him a billiards hall to let him have a simple life. But since boss you actually do not wish to sell, I had also thought it through. This brother of mine ah, perhaps he is unable to do anything good anymore. This 150k  I can also give you.”


The boss is startled, there is also such a good thing?

“Because I, nevertheless need to find a place for my little brother. I think, letting him stay in prison then I would be able to feel relieved. 150k to cut off your leg is enough as a compensation right? After all, you are going to another country to enjoy your life in retirement what, cutting off a leg is also fine right?”

“Big brother you have the final say!”

Huang Lei did not hesitate as he nods his head, “Wherever big brother asked me to go, I shall go!”

As he speaks he pulls over a chair from the side, “Big brother you say which leg of his should I take!”

Li Fan asked very politely, “Boss ah, you say it yourself. I, this person is not tyrannic at all the right to choose is yours.”

“I-I do not have that meaning…aiyah…little brother, you see, it is a misunderstanding ah…”

The boss swallows his saliva. He knows that Huang Lei is a brute and cannot be provoked. He originally thought that Li Fan is only a senior high school student and he is able to extort him a bit before he leaves…but unexpectedly, not only did he fail in stealing the chicken he had lost his grains!

“This…the 170k that I said, actually still had not been discounted…I still need to give you tw-twenty percent discount…in total it is 146k…”

“Then you can keep the 4k change.”

Li Fan places the 150k on the table, “Can we sign the contract right now?”

“Can, can, can, of course, we can!”

The boss groveling signed the contract with Li Fan and this billiards hall finally changed owners.

“Alas, this can be considered as my first business right…”

After obtaining the contract, Li Fan cannot help but feel a myriad of emotions. Ever since I had met Murong Ying my life seems to have walked onto a path that stands out from the masses. Originally I ought to be honestly taking the exams and entering a third-rate university then casually drift along for 4 years before finally casually finding a low-rank job and get along until I die.

Several tens of years later, after finishing Earth this instant, then I can thoroughly conclude. 

[Editor: No idea what this means maybe referring to his death after a few decades?] [TL: Yup]

But he did not expect that there would be a hiccup in this matter.

But he did not regret walking upon this path!

After transferring the billiards hall to Li Fan, the boss kept his things before leaving. There was originally some instant noodles, drinks, and the likes but it seems like the boss had taken all of them away yesterday night.

“What a real old bastard, really fucking miserable!”

Huang Lei curses angrily, “Had I known, I would have first beaten him up before we discuss!”

“Forget did I leave you 19k. Leave aside 5k for our daily expenses. As for the remaining 14k use it as the initial stage operating funds.”

Li Fan takes a look at the billiard hall, “This place really needs to change a bit. If it is only like this, the profits will not be enough.”

Huang Lei slaps his tights, “Big brother I know of a few chicks. Why don’t we find two chicks to let the students bang while they play billiards. High-end enjoyment, big brother do you think that my idea can work?”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 67    [First Business]

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