Chapter 63     [Title below]


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Li Fan did not know what Ling Yuexian had seen, making her such so flustered! In broad daylight, could it be that she had seen a ghost?

Li Fan cannot help but mock. While at this moment Ling Yuexian suddenly buried her face into Li Fan’s back like she is really hiding from someone!

While in front of them is a middle-aged woman repairing her small cart. She appears quite good looking but she seems to have experienced the wind and sun making her aged quite a bit. If it is 20 years ago, she should also be a beauty.

Displaying on the cart is a set of equipment for selling Jiangbing Fruit. It seems like the wheel is spoilt and she is trying to repair it.

Li Fan had left home in a hurry thus he had only eaten a few buns and thus is still hungry. Now that he had met a person selling Jiangbing, the bug in his stomach starts calling out.

Li Fan ask, “Aunty are you selling Jianbing?”

“Selling ah!”

The aunty wipes her hands and says, “Usually I would not sell in this area. But today something happens to the cart thus I can only set up my vendor here.”

“Then that is such a coincidence! It shows that we are fated ah!”

Li Fan digs through his pocket and there are only 7 dollars left. The remaining money was left with Huang Lei. This 7 dollars was left from buying water previously.

“Aunty ah give me a Jianbing, add egg and ham sausage! How much?”

“8 dollars.”

The aunty puts on the glove and starts heating up the pan.

While Li Fan embarrassed hands over a handful of small notes, “Aunty…this….I only have 7 dollars…”

“No worries, it is alright.”

The aunty is rather magnanimous, “Right now it is the period of time for a young man’s body to grow. Eat more so that you will able to grow well. Little brother ah are you bringing your younger sister to school is it?”

Li Fan senses Ling Yuexian’s body shiver slightly before her right hand starts twisting his waist bit by bit.

What the heck, why did you pinch me for? What does this meaning ah?

Why do I not understand at all?

“Little brother?”

“Ah, aunty she is not my younger sister. She is my girlfriend.”

Li Fan laughs while the aunty was also amused by him, “Aiyah you say, you these children. So young and already started dating how can your studies be good.”

“Aunty you cannot say it like this. Our’s is a pure revolutionary romance!”

Li Fan starts saying nonsense, “Between us, there are none of those wicked things. There is only pure love! Unlike those current lovers who hug, kiss, or holding hands, what are they like! My girlfriend and I would have a red face when holding hands!”

Feeling the change of the hand on his waist, Li Fan did not bat an eyelid. Anyways I have zhenqi protecting my body what does this bit of difficulty count as. Just endure it.

“Really is rare ah.”

As the aunty fry the Jianbing she says, “Right now there are very few kids who have this kind of awareness of yours. Then would you guys hold up your studies while dating?”

Li Fan says loudly, “We are mutually helping each other in our life, encouraging each other in our studies! Our objective is to enter Peking University together and then marry before giving birth to 8 or 10 children!”

The movement on the waist is getting stronger. Li Fan, endure it!

“Really is not bad. Then aunty really must support you guys. I gift you another piece of ham sausage.”

Aunty smiles merrily, “But this girlfriend of yours is not going to show her face?”

Li Fan also smiles, “Aunty she is a good girl, she is rather shy. So don’t take offense.”

“No worries, a young girl. Looking at her, I cannot help to recall my daughter. Seeing your school uniform, you ought to be in year two right. Alas, sometimes I am also worried if she would be able to have puppy love in school and the likes. Being a mother ah really do not have any peace of mind ah.”

“Aunty then how is your daughter’s studies?”

“Good. It had always been good and had never let me worry about it before.”

“Then what is there for aunty to worry about. Isn’t it enough if her studies are good! In our school, as long as your studies is good, you will get privileges. Not to mention dating, even if you fight the school would not care.”

“Aiyah how can you do that. Studying is important but being a person is even more important ah.”

The aunty passes the Jianbing to Li Fan, “Okay, I will also not debate with you anymore and delay you from attending class. Eat slowly on the way and take care while cycling  child.”

“Thank you aunty, see you aunty!”

Li Fan hangs the jianbing on the bicycle before starting to cycle away.

After cycling awhile away Ling Yuexian finally raises her head and fiercely hammers Li Fan’s back, “Aunty your sister ah aunty….”

“What’s the matter my Dr. Xiao Ling, what are you angry about ah?”

“That’s my mother!!!”

“What the heck!”

Li Fan nearly cycles the bicycle into the gutter, “Then why did you not say so earlier. Meeting our mother, I did not greet her properly!”

“Get lost, she’s my mother! Not our mother!”

Ling Yuexian grabs hold of Li Fan’s ear with a hand, “What are you thinking about! If my mother knows that I am dating, I will be finished!”

“Aren’t we acting? Everything is for Dr. Xiao Ling’s career!”

“Hmph, just now that was not what you said.”

Ling Yuexian pouts, “What pure revolutionary love, holding hands will give you a red face…why is your face not red ah you!”

“Dr. Ling perhaps you do not really understand my physiological structure.”

As Li Fan explains earnestly, “This face of mine ah, is thicker than normal people. Thus when my face is red, it cannot be seen.”

“Get lost!”

Ling Yuexian huffs angrily and says, “There is also reasoning for having a thick face ah you!”

“What choice do I have about that. Natural thick skin, the day after tomorrow I can also ignore you as well!”

Li Fan sighs, “Dr. Xiao Ling ah, you really need to help me take a good look of this mental disease of mine ah.”

“Hmph! Still have the mood to joke about. I have received bad news.”

Ling Yuexian grabs hold of Li Fan’s waist and says, “I had heard from a junior high student who said that Yi Zhong’s devil teacher, Chang Chunxi had just been poached at a high price by our school.”

“Chang Chunxi? Who is that ah?”

Li Fan had never heard of him before.

“My god…you don’t even know who Chang Chunxi is…all of the students in Yi Zhong is really dreadfully frightened by him….”

Ling Yuexian exclaims, “In the past, there was a class in Yi Zhong that was filled with those kinds of students who does not like studying and are very hard to manage. This class had always been called the demon class in Yi Zhong. Those students who are unable to study were all place in it. Later on, the class became more and more disorderly, thus the school found this Chang Chunxi. He is nicknamed to be even more devilish than a devil…in the end, in a month, he had managed the entire class orderly!”

“Why did our school invite him here for?”

“What else could it be for…”

Ling Yuexian looks at Li Fan like she is looking at an idiot, “Of course it is specially airdropped to handle you!”

“Ha! My face is really so huge!”

When Li Fan heard this, he laughs, “I do want to see if this Chang Chunxi is a devil or I am scarier!”

“Give me a break…in school be a bit more honest and don’t cause trouble.”

Ling Yuexian advised Li Fan, “You better not get expelled…just now didn’t you say that we are going to enter Peking together…”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 63    [Meeting mother-in-law]

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