Chapter 62     [Title below]


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Li Fan woke up very early. Ever since he started training he no longer had the bad habit of dawdling in bed.

Although he maintains his vigilant heart, as long as there is no anomaly in the surrounding he is able to sleep with ease. When he woke up, Li Fan is in great spirits. He feels like the qi in his dantian is very abundant.

Yesterday night he had fought several huge battles continuously and had used up quite a bit of inner strength. But after sleeping it all replenished back. If Murong Ying knew about this, perhaps she might be envious to death. Because normally when they normal martial artist loses their inner strength, they can only replenish it back through meditation. For example, Murong Ying herself, because Li Fan had sucked away 11 years of her zhenqi, thus she needs to frequently close up at home and continuously meditate to recover her zhenqi.

While Li Fan who has the Pure Yang Body, he is able to recover his qi through sleeping which is what other martial artists are envious about!

When Li Fan had woke up, Murong Ying is still sitting in meditation. After all, she had uses her inner strength to help heal Tie Zhu thus she had used up quite a bit of inner strength.

“This girl actually starts to sleep in!”

Seeing that Tie Zhu and Murong Ying still has not gotten up which is a once in a thousand-year chance. But on the table, breakfast was set up. It ought to be done by Tie Zhu.

Li Fan wolfed down a few steam buns before going and wearing his shoes to go out.

While shocked him is that the iron shoe is gone. A paper is pasted on the shoe rack.

<Your leg strength is enough. From today onwards, there is no need to wear the iron shoes.>

What the, Murong Ying actually relaxed her restrictions towards me?

Li Fan’s cheeks are streaming with tears as he says in his heart, finally made it.

After comprehending the 5 Animal Combined Assault technique, Li Fan more or less also understood that his flesh had already been trained to the limit already. Martial artists need to be both perfect inside and out. From now on, as long as he continues to maintain his normal physical training, he will be able to maintain his external strength requirement. From now on, what he needs to do is regarding his inner strength cultivation.

The stronger his inner strength, the stronger he will be able to become!

But after saying goodbye to the iron shoes, Li Fan will need to think of some method to strengthen his White Deer Kicking Door move.

As he puts on a branded converse shoes while considering how he can make up for the deficiency of his killing move.

Without the iron shoes, he can only use his zhenqi to take its place. But how do I  make the zhenqi become as sturdy as a pair of iron shoes?

After Li Fan puts on the shoes, he left the house while he is still thinking about this matter in his heart. It is like he had made an arrangement as he conveniently walks to the bottom of Ling Yuexian’s building. Today he came out even earlier and Ling Yuexian had not come down yet. Li Fan paced back and forth under her building when his eyes land on a discarded electric pole by the side.

If my zhenqi gathers together, based on what I know the higher the density, the quality becomes higher. Will it let my zhenqi become as hard as steel?

Thinking to this point, Li Fan cannot help but want to try it out!

He lets the zhenqi in his body swiftly revolves before entering his right leg. At this moment, Li Fan felt that his right leg had become super heavy! The zhenqi is like it has substance, heavy as they squeeze together, making Li Fan’s right leg return back to feeling like he was wearing the iron shoes!

Not just a pair of iron shoes! Right now the weight on my right leg is ten times heavier than wearing iron shoes!


Li Fan’s heart is slightly moved as he kicks the trashed electric pole with his heavy leg.

But Li Fan thinking is good. But the reality is out of his expectations!

When he kicked out, before his leg reaches the electric pole, the zhenqi he had gathered on his legs had already dispersed!

When Li Fan’s kick the electric pole, the zhenqi had nearly dissipated into nothing. There is only a bit of zhenqi left which kicks off the dust on the electric pole.

“What the…what is this situation…”

Li Fan blanks out for a bit as he clearly did not expect that this kind of result would appear.

“Looks like during the split second I make my move, the zhenqi gathered on my legs will immediately disperse.”

Li Fan considered for a bit. “Since that is the case, that means that I cannot gather all of my zhenqi in my leg. I need to leave behind some to use for controlling this portion of zhenqi!”

Li Fan split half of his zhenqi to keep the zhenqi in his leg from dispersing! This time round there is definitely no problem as he turns around and kicks out fiercely with his right leg!

“White Deer Reverse Door Kicking!”

Li Fan’s right leg is like carrying a black glow before kicking that abandoned electric pole.


This large electric pole instantly broke into two from Li Fan’s kick. Luckily the top of the electric is already broken. Otherwise, this kick of Li Fan would have created quite a bit of destruction!

Such a loud sound instantly attracted the attention of a lot of people come and take a look. Li Fan is also not an idiot. He had retreated far away and pretends to watch what is happening.

“Aiyah…it is becoming more and more dangerous here!”

“When would they add a bit more money for the relocation money ah….”

As the surrounding people are discussing spiritedly, it seems like they are worried about their safety. While Ling Yuexian is wearing that familiar school uniform as she walks out from her house. Seeing the fallen electric pole on the ground, she frowns. But upon seeing Li Fan, her brows loosen.

“You came quite early today ah.”

Ling Yuexian takes a look at her watch, “You came half an hour earlier?”

“No. Just arrived.”

Li Fan is a very honest child. But the moment he says so, Ling Yuexian becomes unhappy.

“Didn’t I ask you to come half an hour earlier! Why did you not listen ah.”

“My big sister ah, I also need to sleep okay?”

Li Fan cannot help but roast, “Right now I am sleeping later than a dog while waking up earlier than a rooster! It’s not easy for me ah!”

“Hmph, shows no initiative!”

Ling Yuexian looks down on Li Fan fiercely, “If you do not work hard, there will not be any girls who like you!”

“Afraid for what?”

Li Fan waves his hand, “Isn’t it enough with you being my girlfriend?”

“Get lost, who wants to be your girlfriend!”

Ling Yuexian emphasis fiercely, “It is one week! One week okay?! Wrong, now there is only left five days!”

“A few days is also okay ah.”

Li Fan says casually, “If two people are together for a long time, it will exist forever.”

“Hmph…who will be together with you forever…”

“Then bed and blanket!”

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“You are asking for a beating!”

Ling Yuxian stretches out her hand and twists Li Fan’s waist in a 360 degree!

But Li Fan’s zhenqi automatically gathers on his waist thus Ling Yuexian is unable to wring it at all!


She looks at Li Fan unhappily, “Why is your flesh so hard! Indeed has thick skin!”

“Yes, yes, yes. My Dr. Xiao Ling, it is as you say. Can we leave now?”

“Forget it. I shall not look into this. Let me give you a chance to curry favor with me.”

Ling Yuexian passes the bicycle to Li Fan while she familiarly sits behind Li Fan.

This time round her palms gently holds onto Li Fan’s waist. Their mood seems to become a lot more familiar.

“Thank you Big miss Ling for your reward!”

Li Fan smiles merrily and asks, “Big miss Ling, then can we set out on our journey now?”

“Set off!”

“Your Highness is leaving the palace!”

As Li Fan cycled the bicycle as he shouts, “Idling people, be careful and make way!”

Just as the two of them just cycle out for a distance, Ling Yuexian suddenly appears like she had seen a ghost and exclaims loudly, “No good!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 62    [Real: White Deer Kicking Door]

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