Chapter 61     [Title below]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

“Wrongly accused ah! Wrongly accused ah!”

Li Fan nearly cried, “That day it was you who forcefully kissed me okay? My first kiss ah, it is gone just like this!”

“Relax. I will take responsibility.”

Murong Ying assertively pats Li Fan on the shoulder, “As long as you scrupulously abide by the principles of a wife, I will not toss you aside.”

“What the, our status got reversed?!”

“Both were our first kiss, I do not mind, why did you mind for?”

Murong Ying rolls her eyes at Li Fan, “As a man why do you like to keep droning on and on.”

Being lectured by a woman, Li Fan is in a bad mood!

“Anyways on surface, you are a lawful citizen of the government, thus the government will not do anything to you. As for the Brocade Guard….I estimate that they will not let you off.”

“Fucking hell….”

Li Fan stretches out his hand and grabs hold of the golden marble that Murong Ying shot at him.

“This hidden weapon technique of yours, when comparing to that single-eye girl, it is way inferior.”


Murong Ying raises her eyebrow, “She only has one eye?”

“Yeah like Tie Zhu but  not as malevolent.”

“She is holding a Tang blade in her hand and is an expert in flying needles?”

“Ah? How did you know?”

Li Fan is slightly shocked. Could my Niang-zi know how to predict?

“How is this hard to guess?”

Murong Ying smiles faintly, “In the Jianghu, how many people do not know her name? Remember. The one who tried to assassinate you is one of the big four blackguards in the Brocade Guard, Heartless Blade. She is called Yu Xi.”

“This name and nickname are damn cool!”

Li Fan whistled.

“Be serious. Her strength is very powerful.”

Murong Ying reminds Li Fan, “She is a ‘Rising to the Peak’ expert and she actually lost to you. Looks like she had indeed suffered some serious internal injury. But today’s fight should be her testing your strength. The next time, she will not come and look for you.”

“Aiyah did she got frightened from my beating?”

Li Fan immediately raises his chest.

“No. It is that she thinks that it is beneath her to fight against you.”

Murong Ying says, “The Brocade Guards will send out ordinary hundred households and thousand households to deal with you.”

“What the! Beat them to death!”

Li Fan is very angry. After half a day, it is because she looked down on me!

“Anyways be careful in the future.”

Murong Ying thinks a bit, “As for the matter regarding the Brocade Guards…looks like I need to ask Tian Tian to go and investigate a bit…”

She seems to be very unwilling when she mentions this name she appears a bit uneasy. Who is this person called Tian Tian to actually make Murong Ying react like this?

“Okay. Go and sleep then.”

Murong Ying swings her sleeve, “It is no longer early. I am also going to sleep now. In the future, do not come back so late. Everyone is waiting for you.”

“Everyone? Who is everyone ah?”

“Of, of course, it is Tie Zhu.”

Murong Ying did not even turn her head around and walks towards her room.

“Niang-zi, don’t so ah. Tonight let’s sleep together ah!”

“Okay ah, Gu-ye!”

Tie Zhu’s huge figure suddenly appears in front of Li Fan as she smiles sweetly at Li Fan, “Gu-yu can take me as you like. My body is very sturdy and sexually enthusiastic!”

What the heck! Sexually enthusiastic your sister!

“In the future, if you wish to enter my room, you must first get by Tie Zhu’s stage.”

Murong Ying stands behind Tie Zhu and says calmly, “If you are unable to defeat Tie Zhu then you are not allowed into my room.”

“Playing hard on me is it!”

Li Fan rolls up his sleeve, “Today I shall charge through my wife’s door!”

“Gu-ye, you need to get pass Tie Zhu’s stage first ah!”

Tie Zhu suddenly stretches out an arm that is as thick as a leg and blocks Li Fan’s path.

“Wild Bear Hugging Tree!”

Li Fan suddenly stretches out his hands and hugs Tie Zhu’s waist.

“Ah! Gu-ye! This one is still not mentally prepared!”

Tie Zhu’s large face immediately turns red in shyness while Li Fan rolls his eyes.

Prepare your sister!

“Fall for me!”

Li Fan enters a horse stance as his legs step on the ground while his waist exerts strength and actually forcibly lift up Tie Zhu this kind of gigantic person and flip her to the back and does a suplex!

Tie Zhu’s horse stance is also very impressive but she is actually unable to stand firmly and was surplexed by Li Fan!


The entire villa trembles. Murong Ying stands there seeing this scene, her crescent moon-like long eyebrow rises slightly.

Li Fan dust off his hands and look at Murong Ying. Recalling the dialogue he heard a while ago, he smiles, “I chase you, if I catch you then I shall muah, muah you!”

Murong Ying did not say anything but only points.

Li Fan subconsciously looks back to see Tie Zhu sitting up as she hugs her arms. Her face is filled with delight as she shouts, “Ah! Gu-ye hugged me! So, so exciting! Gu-ye, Gu-ye this one still wants!”

“What the heck! Are you a monster?!”

Li Fan nearly crumbled.

“Aiyah, Gu-ye I had forgotten to say that other than Fourth Kitchen blade technique, under Big miss request I had learned a few years of the Iron Shirt.”

Tie Zhu rubs her bald head, “In the end, I cultivated until qi deviation thus I no longer grow any hair.”

What the…indeed cultivated into a monster!

“But Gu-ye’s martial arts improved quite quickly! That move just now was also the 5 Animal Mimicry? I had never seen it before!”

Tie Zhu feels that the 5 Animal Mimicry that her Gu-ye uses is not the same from what she understands.

Murong Ying also raises her eye. She also has a question but is embarrassed to ask.

“It is a martial art that was developed from 5 Animal Mimicry. I created it myself .”

Li Fan points at himself, “It is called 5 Animal Combine Assault technique! Just now that move is Wild Bear Hugging Tree from the Bear Assault Technique!”

“Gu-ye is so impressive! Let us go again! I want! Hug! Hug!”

“Hug your big head ah!”

Li Fan is so angry that he raises his leg and kicks towards Tie Zhu. Unexpectedly Tie Zhu uses her body and forcibly block Li Fan’s kick. Li Fan feels like he had kicked an iron board as his leg trembles.

While Tie Zhu stretches out her hands and grabs hold of Li Fan’s leg before she exerts strength and tosses Li Fan out like throwing a discus.

Li Fan flips in the air and land on the ground.

“Stop. Let’s end it here.”

Murong Ying suddenly speaks, “Tonight is already late. Don’t mess around and stop disturbing the neighbors. Husband, today you go back and sleep first. Tomorrow  you can challenge again.”

“Okay! Tomorrow lets do it again!”

Li Fan pants with rage as he turns around and leaves. After he returns back to his room Tie Zhu suddenly withdraw her smiling face and vomits out blood.

Murong Ying immediately hurries forward and taps a few of her acupuncture points and help her clear her qi and blood flow.

“Big miss…Gu-ye’s martial arts are becoming more and more difficult to deal with ah…”

Tie Zhu smiles embarrassed, “This one is afraid that this one will not be able to hold him down…”

“No harm.”

Murong Ying supports Tie Zhu, “Let’s return to my room to heal first. Then I shall teach you a few moves to break his 5 Animal Combine Assault tomorrow!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 61    [Want to Sleep? Then fight first]

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