Chapter 60     [Title below]


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“Cough…why are you still not asleep…”

Seeing Murong Ying, Li Fan becomes slightly awkward. Really is disappointing just a woman why are you afraid of her. As a man even if you do not return home at night, there is no need to explain to her!

He had thought that Murong Ying would start showering him with a peal of criticism but did not expect that she would stop lightly and ask, “You…are still angry at me?”


This causes Li Fan to be stunned!

He originally had a bellyful of things to retort but Murong Ying played her hand contrary to his expectations causes him to be shocked.

How to reply…

Say I am not angry then I would not have run to do underground fighting as well as the red-light district to enjoy! Wrong, wrong! It is not to enjoy it is called experiencing life!

Saying that I am angry…would it make me look petty…

“I understand…I did not care about your face.”

Murong Die held her chin with a hand gently like she is seriously thinking. Li Fan cannot help but admit that this girl is the most perfect woman. No matter from which angle she looks equally beautiful.

“The harsh words that I said to you in the morning….it is my bad.”

What the heck? Did I hear wrongly, she actually apologized to me?

Did the sun rise from the west?

Li Fan stares at Murong Die in shock. He cannot help but walk over and uses the back of his hand to gently touch Murong Ying’s forehead.

“What are you doing…”

Murong Ying slaps away Li Fan’s hand but Li Fan says, “Not sick ah…why would she speak weirdly?”

“You are sick!”

Murong Ying glares at Li Fan, “I see that you contemptible individual who just wants others to scold you then you would be happy is it?!”

“Right, right, right! This is then my Niang-zi!”

Li Fan is so emotional that he starts tearing, “Scared me to death. I thought that you had a split personality!”

“You then have a split personality!”

Murong Ying is unbearably angry, “Rotten wood cannot be carved!”

“Why am I rotten wood! Murong Ying! Today I am going to debate with you!”

Li Fan’s temper rises. Since Murong Ying did not continue to apologize, he also has things to say already.

“Firstly let me ask you, for what reason are you in charge of me? Do I owe you?”

“Correctly speaking, it is your entire family who owes me.”

Murong Ying considers seriously a bit before replying Li Fan, “If you are able to pay me back I can have to make a clear boundary with you. In any case, I am already pregnant. As long as it has the bloodline of Pure Yang Body, then it will not be a problem.”

This pure woman ah! To actually still think that she is pregnant with my child! Really cannot do anything about her!

“Since that is the case, your Murong Family is also not lacking in this bit of money. Why don’t you just kick me away and leave on your own and go back to being your Martial Alliance Head?”

Li Fan did not puncture Murong Ying’s delusion instead he asked, “Aren’t you unhappy being together with me this kind of person?”

“I….I only do not wish that the child’s father is a trash that’s all.”

Murong Ying seems to be unable to endure Li Fan’s blazing gaze. She turns her head away and pretends to be indifferent and says, “It is definitely not that I hate to part with you. Don’t think that your love is reciprocated.”

“I also did not say that you hate to part with me ah!”

Li Fan wishes to smile but hold it back, “Let’s treat it as you do it for the good of the child. Then you tell me, where am I wrong today? You had also said before a minor hero helps friends and neighbors while a big hero help serves the country and citizen! I am not considered as a big hero but can be considered as a minor hero right? Intervening when one sees an injustice, did I do anything wrong?”

“You naturally are not in the wrong.”

“That is more like it!”

“You are only too stupid!”

“What the…”

Murong Ying is resentful towards Liu Yi for failing to meet her expectations and lectures, “I only wish to curb your rampant arrogance that is why I say those words to you! So be it if you believe or not. I do not have any bad intentions. I do not wish to see that after learning some ability you go and attract trouble and bring back a ton of trouble back…my, my meaning is that I do not wish that the child does not have a father!”

Murong Ying’s sentence is already starting to not link together already making Li Fan feel that she is somewhat cute.

“Then that is too late. I had really attracted some trouble.”

Li Fan smiles mischievously like a youngster who does not know worry. He does not know the anxiety within and is still able to smile.

“What trouble did you cause again?”

Murong Ying sensed that something is wrong.

“Today a Brocade Guard suddenly came to assassinate me.”

Li Fan says, “Although she got repelled by me, but she is really powerful and is way above me. I am only lucky that’s all.”

“What did you say?”

Murong Ying seems to be slightly shocked, “Shouldn’t be ah…how did you attract their attention? Where did you go to earlier?”

“What a man does, there is no need for a woman to ask!”

“Idiot right now is not the time for you to show off!”

Murong Ying berates lightly, “If you do not wish to die then hurry and say.”

“Fine. I went to do underground fighting.”

Liu Yi feels that there is nothing to hide, thus he says forthrightly, “Won an entire night and won some money which I’m planning to do some small business.”


Murong Ying is mad but is unable to flare up at anyone, “My Murong Family has a  countless amount of wealth! Why is there a need for you to go out and earn money?”

“Your money is yours while what I earn is mine!”

Li Fan immediately make it clear before saying loudly, “Furthermore, it is you who is marrying me! Marrying me is as my wife! I support you do you understand?!”


When Murong Ying heard this, she trembles slightly but did not have anything that she can say.

The two of them glares at each other, the atmosphere seemed to be in a deadlock.

After a long time, Murong Ying finally lets out a sigh and says, “The Brocade Guards are an organization that belongs to the Imperial Court.”

“Imperial Court? Stop messing around already. What era is this? Right now there is only government!”

Li Fan emphasizes, “Niang-zi ah. This thinking of yours ought to need to properly change. As your husband, I cannot shirk from this! Later when we are done with our bed rite, I shall slowly teach you.”

“Shut up! Pervert!”

Murong Ying’s pretty eyes glare, “What time is it already and you are still not being serious! Seeking a beating!”

“Why are you like Tangseng ah!”

Li Fan vent his anger and says, “Why don’t I transform into a white dragon horse and you ride me to journey to India to collect the Buddhist scriptures!”

“Who wants to ride you!”

Murong Die rolls her eyes, “Anyways the Imperial Court is a department of the government. It is created to deal with the Jianghu. Among which Brocade Guard is their secret organization. Its existence is to deal with those martial artists that are out of control. These people are the Imperial Court’s hawks and hounds and all of them are experts. They will not take action against ordinary people but you perhaps had already entered their blacklist already!”

“What the…had I become a wanted criminal already?”

“Relax with me here, no one dares to touch you.”

Murong Ying had already landed as she proudly places her hands behind her back and stands there, “Even if the Brocade Guard’s Da Dutong, in my, Murong Ying’s hands, he will not be able to last three moves!”

“Niang-zi is formidable, assertive…but right now you are in the ‘Rising to the Peak’ stage….”

“That….” Murong Ying blinks her eyes before staring at Li Fan in anger, “Why did you want to kiss me that day?”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 60    [Night fight]

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