Chapter 6    [It is hard to be a good person]


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Ling Yuexian turns around and sees a guy wearing the same school uniform coming over and help and is slightly shocked.

Who is this guy ah, why do I not have any impression of him.

But right now there is someone who is willing to help me.

Ling Yuexian feels slightly touched because of this. Originally she thought that the hearts of the people around are cold, unexpectedly there is still a kind-hearted person.

“Fucking child you also wish to meddle in other people’s business?”

The rogue glares at Li Fan. That fierce manner seems to have a hint of a gangster. If it is the former Li Fan he would be nervous. But now it is different. With inner qi within him, Li Fan becomes more confident in his heart.

“What the is matter, you can play rogue and still do not let other people to meddle?”

Li Fan argues strongly for what is right. Ling Yuexian is also the best student as well as a flag bearer. She will not for no reason accuse people wrongly.

“Okay ah, I want to see which eye of yours see it?”

That rogue threatens very obviously. Li Fan did not say anything as he picks up a piece of rock from the ground.

“Aiyah you still wish to hit people is it?”

The rogue smiles widely, “Do you think that I will be afraid? Come, hit me ah, over here! If you don’t hit you are the grandson!”

He keeps inclining his head towards Li Fan, this kind of bully rogue is a complete pain the neck. Sometimes even the possible cannot do anything about it. Li Fan raises his eyebrow, “Why would I hit you for, I only want you to apologize to my classmate.”

“Fucking Child, are you thinking too much?”

The rogue almost smile until his mouth is crooked, “You also did not inquire about who I am? In this district who does not know who I Ma San is! Other people also call me Brother San! So what if I did not touch, even if I did touch what can you do? You also want to me your Brother San to apologize, why don’t you take a look at yourself, two idiotic students, you are asking for a beating is it?”

Hearing this, Li Fan only picks up a stone with a hand as his other hand chops down!

-cracking sound-

The stone instantly breaks into pieces.

Ling Xuexian is slightly shocked while Ma San swallows his saliva.

Those people waiting for the bus while watching the show also start discussing.

“Wow, this student know kung fu ah!”

“It should be fake one right?”

Ma San coughs drily, “Today I am not comfortable, so I am not going to care about the two of you fucking child. Considered yourselves lucky!”

Saying finish he turns around and is about to leave when Li Fan grabs hold of his wrist, “Don’t go. You still have not apologized!”

“I apologize your fucking head!”

Ma San is gloomy, even students actually dare to ride up my head! Today if I do not blow up you would not know how powerful I am!

Just as Ma San is about to become fierce and show-off, Li Fan suddenly clenches his wrist tightly.

Like a pig being slaughtered, Ma San lets out a pitiful cry. At that instant, Ma San feels like his wrist no longer belongs to him.

“Quickly apologize.”

Li Fan’s tone carries a trace of threat. Ma San is a smart person and he immediately begs for forgiveness, “This brother, I am wrong! I no longer dare to!”

Li Fan rolls his eyes, “Do not apologize to me, apologise to her!”

“Great aunt ah, spare me ah. I am only momentarily confused. In the future, I no longer dare to!”

“I am not that old…”

After Ling Yuexian mutters this sentence, Li Fan let Ma San off. While at this moment Ma San’s arm had already become so swollen until his leg size. He does not dare to say anything and immediately turn around and escape.

“Okay in future he will not dare to try to play rogue again.”

Only then did Li Fan turn around and says to Ling Yuexian, “You can relax.”


Unexpectedly not only is Ling Xuexian not grateful, she snorts coldly and turns her head away.

What is the matter with this lass, her period did not regulate properly? I had done a good deed and not only did I not hear a thank you, instead I got a cold treatment, what is this justification!

“Young lady did your great aunt came today, making you unhappy?”

Being snubbed after his good intentions, he is unhappy thus this tone carries some mocking.

“Your great aunt then come!”

Ling Yuexian scolds with a red face, “This student although I do not know which class did you come from, but you should keep away this clumsy acting of yours!”

When Li Fan heard this he is slightly confused, “Acting? When did I act?”

“Break stones barehanded, this method is no longer new!”

Ling Yuexian says impolitely, “In future use a fresher method to pick up girls, perhaps I might see you differently!”

“What are you talking about?”

Li Fan is angered, this lady is too self-conceit already right! I had helped her and still got into trouble!

“Anyways stay away from me. I shall treat it like I had not seen what happened today and will not tell the teacher about you. The bus had come, let us never meet again!”

After saying the last three words to Li Fan angrily, she turns around on her long legs and boards the bus.

“What the heck…what is this person ah!”

Li Fan is gloomy. Indeed it is hard to be a good person ah! This lady as well, seeing a rogue and become so scared and attacks me! Isn’t this a rat firing a gun in it’s nest…what the heck man talking about this, it is not like the two of us are together. Forget it, let’s just treat it as I am unlucky today!

Li Fan resentfully continues to run to school. While by the side, at a steam bun vendor, a young guy wearing blue Chinese gown drinks down the porridge in the bowl in one gulp as he looks in the direction that Li Fan left in. He speaks in a northern accent to himself.

“That’s right. That is him the little lover of Alliance Head! Not wrong at all!”

He is very angry as he slaps the small table, “I am the top expert of Thunderbolt Gate! How dare he snatched my goddess, today I shall let you have a taste of the power of my Thunderbolt Palm!”

This slap of his causes the small table to split into two. Just as he is about to chase after Li Fan, he got held back by the vendor owner.

“You this fellow still wish to escape after spoiling my table?”

“I am the young master of Thunderbolt Gate! What I have is money, I can just pay you back!”

Saying finish he sticks his hand into his pocket and instantly his forehead is covered with cold sweat, “Not good, my wallet got stolen by someone…”

“Who do you think that you are deceiving! Dine and dash and you still damage my table! Today you are not going anywhere!”

“Cannot ah, I still need to chase after a bad person!”

“I see that you are then the bad person! Let’s go to the police station to talk reason!”

The blue gown guy is not allowed any explanation before being dragged away. While Li Fan does not know that he got lock-on by someone. He originally thought that he will be able to hide in his class for some peace and quiet when in the end the facts prove that he is too young.

The history teacher is an old lady and what she is talking about is Empress Dowager’s foreign policy which makes people feel like sleeping. As usual, the students were all hypnosis. But today all of them display that all of them love to study a lot. After all, Murong Ying is currently sitting at the last row of the class listening to the class.

The atmosphere in the class had never been so enthusiastic before. Halfway through the class Murong Ying suddenly raises her hand.

“Teacher Zhang, sorry for interrupting I want to ask a question.”

“Ah, please ask.”

“I am not asking you but the student.”

Saying finish Murong Ying points toward Li Fan who is sprawling on the table sleepily.

“Li Fan come and reply a recent history question.”

Murong Ying suddenly calls out Li Fan while he is delighted as his history is the best. Even if he does not listen to class it is okay. If she wants to make me make a fool of myself in front of all of the class, hmph not possible! Bring it on! I shall face it!

The history old lady mutter apprehensively in her heart, this new school director is really setting vigorous new policies, ah, to personally check on the lessons?

“You come and answer. When is the birthday of the girlfriend of the foreigner who gifted Empress Dowager Cixi with a motor car?”

Li Fan is stun.

“You don’t even know the most basic history how did you study usually!”

Murong Ying also solemnly pushes up the golden spectacles that she is wearing on her delicate nose and reprimands, “It is necessary to straighten your learning attitude! From today onwards are you not allowed to sit in class.”

“Ah? Then I am to stand while attending class?”

Li Fan is about to collapse, isn’t this just purposely picking fault at me! Who would learn this kind of knowledge, are you joking?!

All of the surrounding students take joy his misfortune as they look at Li Fan. Especially the guys, all of them are saying in their heart, tsk who ask you to dance with the beautiful director yesterday night! You deserved to be punished!

“You are a cute student. How can I bear to make you stand while attending class.”

Murong Ying smiles sweetly making all of the male students becomes stupid. Li Fan’s heart also starts beating swiftly. If other people know that she is my fiance, perhaps I would not be able to survive until the end of lessons.

“Then there is no need to be punished standing?”

Li Fan feels happy. This woman is not that harsh ah, she is still concern about me.

“Mm, in future do horse stance while listening to class.”


Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 6  [It is hard to be a good person]

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