Chapter 59     [Title below]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

This girl is very pretty. It is a pity that one of her eyes is blind and is covered with a black eye-patch. On the eye-patch, there is a pattern of a falcon. It seems like it symbolizes something.

“Ah, you are…”

An imperial concubine just wanted to turn around to drink water when she saw this woman. But before she can ask anything, the woman’s hand suddenly toss out 8 needles which accurately hit all of the acupuncture points of the girls. These flying needles did not take their life,  instead, it causes them to faint.

After they were dealt with, the girl touches her Tang blade as she walks towards the deeply asleep Li Fan.

She walks over to Li Fan’s bed as she looks at the deeply asleep Li Fan. Her finger touches her knife and a black figure suddenly flashes.

While Li Fan who is originally sleeping on the bed had already disappeared. The bed was split into two! In a blink of an eye, Li Fan was hanging upside down on house roof wrinkling his brows as he looks at the girl in black clothing underneath him.

“Who are you? To actually sneak attack me while I was sleeping?”

Li Fan had practiced martial arts for over a month. Although this time period is not long, but the training he had received is devilish. After all, Tie Zhu always night attack him and to prevent Tie Zhu from getting her way, Li Fan learn this ability so that he is able to sleep but still be able to stay alert to the enemy!

-metallic sound-

The single eye girl did not say anything. Her finger hooks around the scabbard. Her knife speed is also very quick. That knife swiftness is as fast as lightning. At this moment the blade had already returned back into the scabbard.

She uses her scabbard to lift up a jade pendant on her waist. On top of it is two words.

“Brocade Guard?”

Li Fan wrinkles his brows deeply, “Isn’t this Ming Dynasty court’s Eagle Claw? How is it possible to still be remaining.”


What replied to Li Fan is a Tang blade!

That blade edge is very sharp. That Emperor’s bed earlier was a clear example!

Li Fan revolves his Monkey Assault technique making his body become as light as an ape. He leaps off the ceiling to the hanging lamp by the side following which his body sweep and lands on the wall opposite.

Within this period of time, the single eye girl had already slashed out three times but the knife cuts the air!

Doubt flashed across this woman’s single eye.

“Ought to be my turn?”

Li Fan’s legs bend as he steps on the wall. His entire person shoots over like a cannonball!

His figure is graceful as his hand stretches towards that woman by the neck!

Monkey Assault technique! Great Sage Picking Star!

This move can be rated as Li Fan’s killing move. If it manages to grab hold of the girl’s neck, he will be able to instantly take her life!

Killing intent surges from her body. This person does not come with good intention. Li Fan definitely will not be lenient otherwise it will be ruthless towards himself.

But that woman also does not seem to be confused. She swings her hands out throwing out three flying needles towards Li Fan’s eyes and heart!

This flying dagger technique can be said to be her ultimate technique! Normally when it was used as a sneak attack, it had basically never failed before!

“Nice move!”

Li Fan sneers coldly. Although the three flying needles were very fast. But in his eyes, it naturally slowed down.

Li Fan’s Pure Yang Body bestow him a very powerful martial capability! Furthermore, his Great Sage Picking Star is precisely prepared for this moment!

In a blink of an eye, Li Fan’s hand sweep out three times and with a flash, three needles appear in his hands.

“Back to you!”

Although his flying needle technique is not that good. But Li Fan possesses over 11 years of zhenqi! Furthermore, he is also very close to the single eye girl, those needles immediately shoot towards her like bullets.

The shock in the single eye girl’s eyes is very deep but she had experienced a lot of fights and is clearly an expert! Although Li Fan’s actions had been out of her expectations, she swiftly raises the Tang sword in her hand horizontally in front of her and assumes a defensive style.

-dang, dang, dang!-

The three flying needles were deflected away accurately by the Tang blade’s scabbard. While Li Fan’s assault had already reached in front of her. That palm carries a strength that cannot be ignored which heads towards the single-eyed girl’s face!


The single-eyed girl snorts and does not seem to place this palm in her eyes.

She actually also raises her palm to meet Li Fan’s palm.

The moment their palm came in contact the girl lets out a muffled groan as she retreats three steps and vomits out blood!

While Li Fan is also not feeling well too, his body flips in the air before landing on the ground. His qi and blood are rolling. If it was not for his strong inner qi, he might have vomited blood!

The single-eyed girl glanced at Li Fan and realize that his face carries a red glow like nothing had happened to him. She can only scowl and leaps over to the window.

“Where are you going!”

Li Fan does not wish to let this killer who tried to assassinate him leave. He immediately chases after her. But that girl turns around and toss out a bunch of flying needle which was all grabbed by him using Sage Picking Star!

By the time Li Fan regain awareness, the girl had already jumped out of the window. The night is boundless,  does not know where she escaped to!

“Damn it!”

I don’t believe that I am unable to catch up to you!

Li Fan jumps out from the window as well. He is on the third floor, jumping out he stretches out his hand and grabs hold of the window. He swings out as the zhenqi in his body revolves causing his body spin in the sky and steadily lands on the 5 story roof.

The girl had indeed already disappeared, don’t know where she disappeared to.

“Damn it, consider it that you run fast.”

Li Fan stomped his feet angrily creating a few cracks on the cement.

This person came to kill me. This means that she definitely is no one good! But just who is the person who wishes to kill me? Could it be that she is an expert that Su Chen dispatch?

Not likely!

Li Fan feel that Su Chen would not be able to invite out this kind of expert. From the palm that they crossed earlier, she should be ‘Entering the Inner’ or higher. Furthermore, she should have inner injury otherwise, even if we compete in inner qi, she should not have lost to me.

Furthermore that token ‘Brocade Guard’ what does that mean?

Everything is like an enigma which shrouds Li Fan’s heart.

Cannot, I cannot enjoy myself here anymore. I must return home. Matters regarding the Jianghu, I can only go and ask Murong Ying. But if she sees me, I don’t know what kind of punishment she would give me.

I can only be resigned to it! After all, I cannot wait for death!

Li Fan sent Huang Lei an SMS to let him meet him at the billiards hall at 12pm tomorrow. At the same time, he leaps and steps on the terrace underneath him with qinggong, leaping over 10 meters away!

With the support of qinggong, it allows Li Fan to leap onto roofs and vault over walls. This kind of feeling is indeed somewhat wonderful!

But Li Fan is currently not in the mood to appreciate the moonlight. He accelerates his footsteps and in less than twenty minutes he had already returned in front of his home.

This three storied villa is still lit up like it is waiting for the return of its owner.

It’s so late already, Murong Ying is actually still not asleep?

Let’s not alarm her and go back to my room first.

Li Fan walk quietly and lightly jump up to his window from outside and silently enters his room.

But the moment he jumps in, he blanks out. Because Murong Ying is lightly sitting on his rope like it is a swing.

“Finally willing to come back?”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 59    [Brocade Guard]

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