Chapter 58     [Title below]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao


Li Fan turns around to see a middle-aged woman who is around 100 kg wearing an almost bursting maiden attire as she sways her plump butt as she pouted towards Li Fan and says sweetly, “I’ll chase you if I catch you, you let me muah, muah!”

“Get lost!”

Li Fan raises a leg and kicks that woman out of the room!

“A ghost! Huang Lei!”

“Big brother, what is the matter big brother?”

Huang Lei indeed is in the room next door. Hearing Li Fan’s shout, he wore a red underpants and run over.

“Who is this ghost?”

Li Fan points at the fat woman lying on the ground.

“What the why did you run to this room for!”

Huang Lei is quite mad, “Fucking hell! Did you leave home without bringing your brain? Let you come to my room and you fucking slip into my big brother’s room for what! You are really asking for it! Still not hurrying up and scram to my room!”

After driving out the woman, Huang Lei apologize to Li Fan embarrassed, “Big brother ah…I am sorry ah….she entered the wrong room…”

“What the fuck ah, my heart nearly jump out from fright!”

Just now Li Fan nearly collapses, “What muah muah, muah muah her father! Huang Lai and Huang Lei. You really have a heavy taste. You are actually able to take this kind of appearance.”

“Big brother, just think of stinky tofu, while the appearance is not that nice but the taste is good?”

Huang Lei chuckles, “Big brother did not eat before, naturally, you do not know the feeling of ecstasy…why not big brother have a taste first. You are my big brother, you can go first!”


Li Fan scolds in an unhappy mood, “If you do you let me have a good sleep, tonight, I shall hang you up and thrash you!”

“Relax big brother. The one I arrange for you is definitely the boss ah!”

Huang Lei turns around before grinning, “Big brother you see here they come! I shall withdraw first!”

As he finished speaking, Huang Lei slipped away in his red underwear.

Following right after is a row of girls wearing court’s senior concubine attires walks in one after the other. These girls are all young and pretty, as far as the eye can see, they really are like the imperial concubines from Qing Dynasty.

“Your Majesty, propitious.”

A total of 8 girls stand in a row as they bow towards Li Fan.

Monarch Pavilion! So it is this meaning!

Li Fan finally understands, this is the monarch grade’s enjoyment?

This 8 imperial concubine walks over and supported Li Fan onto the bed. Some massages his leg, some massages his shoulders. There is also one who feeds Li Fan fruits. Two imperial concubine is standing by the side as they use a fan to fan Li Fan.

“Your Majesty, are you satisfied?”

One who had some baby fats but still appears to be quite beautiful a girl takes off Li Fan’s upper outer garment and let him rest his head on her leg. Although this kind of life is slightly corrupted and depraved but the moment Li Fan thinks of Murong Ying’s arrogant manner, he cannot help but to have a kind of thrill in betraying her!

That’s right what I want is this feeling! Murong Ying, didn’t you follow me very closely? Didn’t you say that without you I will not be able to do anything? Right now I shall let you Murong Ying know that even without you, I, Li Fan is still able to live like an immortal!

“Your Majesty, your muscles are very stiff ah.”

As this girl who acts as the imperial concubine wipes essential oil on Li Fan, she rubs the acupuncture point on her back as she gently says into Li Fan’s ear, “I need give Your Majesty a proper massage.”

“Then it’ll be hard on you.”

As Li Fan enjoy the service of these girls, he rather liked it.

Having money is really good ah. It is a pity about that 800k of mine,  acting cool is too extreme…

Li Fan slowly close closes his eyes. After fighting for an entire day, he is indeed slightly tired.

While that imperial concubine exhales by his ear, making Li Fan’s heart slightly itchy.

“Your Majesty, do you want to let your little brother experience our unique Flying Dragon and Phoenix Dance service?”

“Flying Dragon and Phoenix Dance? Such a bold name, then let’s have a look.”

Li Fan says in his heart, anyways money does not matter. Tonight I had earned so much, not spending it is a waste. Money ah, earning is to spend it. This way is the meaning of earning money! Furthermore, Huang Lei also did not have it easy tonight. Letting him enjoy a bit is right.

Li Fan plans to bring his brother to properly indulge tonight. He originally thought that this Flying Dragon and Phoenix Dance is some kind of massage method and did not expect that one of the imperial concubines would stretch out her hand and pull off his pants.

“What are you doing?”

Li Fan is shocked as he grabs hold of his pants.

The imperial concubine says very seriously, “Giving Your Majesty mouth ah.”

[Editor: Lol]

“Mouth, mouth what?”

The imperial concubine says seriously, “Of course I am giving Your Majesty ** ah?”

“Isn’t it called the Flying Dragon and Phoenix Dance?”

“That’s right, we are a phoenix and you are the dragon. We shall bring you and fly!”

As she speaks, the imperial concubine licked her lips decadently.

“Didn’t…you say that it is for my brother?”

“That’s right. It is for Your Majesty’s little brother ah…”

The imperial concubine gripped the hard thing in Li Fan’s pants before winking at Li Fan, “Your Majesty’s dragon root seems to have answered for Your Majesty already.”

“No, no, no! I do not want this service!”

Although he is somewhat aroused, Li Fan still decline the rest of this concubine!

“Zhen’s brother is indisposed today! It is inconvenient to come out and meet people! Concubine, continue to massage and let Zhen rest can already! The tip will not be less for you girls!”

[TL: Zhen is the way an emperor refers to himself ]

“Thank you, Your Majesty, for your grace!”

The imperial concubines immediately beam in happiness. They are more than willing to have this kind of customers!

Only then did Li Fan become relieved. Bullshit, if I threw away my first time dubiously then that would be a real injustice ah!

Although these girls are beautiful, but because of their identity, Li Fan does not wish to hand over his precious first time.

As for the first time…let’s leave it for Murong Ying…spits, leave for her for what! I’d rather give it to dog than give to her!

Spits, spits, spits! What rather give dog! My brain just short-circuited!

Li Fan spits a few times to get rid of bad luck.

The imperial concubines also no longer give Li Fan the special service and set their mind at rest and serve him until he falls asleep.

These imperial concubines’ techniques are not bad. Li Fan became quite comfortable from the massage. His body’s exhaustion had obtained some relief and very quickly he becomes dizzy and slowly enter the land of dreams.

“This little friend is a virgin right.”

Hearing Li Fan’s soft snoring, one of the imperial concubines start chatting with her sisters, “To actually not want to do **.”

“I reckon that he disdains us.”

“I don’t mind doing him…this little brother’s below is a rather big one…”

“You this pervert!”


The girls start making noise but their movement is very light as they are afraid of waking up Li Fan.

At this moment, the window by the side suddenly got lifted open as a figure floats in along with the wind.

This is a woman wearing black long clothing who came in with the wind. She is wearing a black cap wrapping up her long hair. The long clothing she is wearing is like the moon splendor of the night, pressed between silver thread.

On her waist is matched with a black Tang blade which is four foot long. She is wearing boots with a black cloud which makes no sound when she lands on the ground. The girls in the room did not sense this person entering.

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 58    [Flying Dragon and Phoenix Dance]

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