Chapter 56     [Title below]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Li Fan stands in front of Su Chen. After 5 minutes, Su Chen’s fighters were all lying on the ground while Li Fan does not have any injury at all. He is like a majestic general!

This is how Huang Lei sees Li Fan and feels like he is a god that descended from heaven. Big brother is damn powerful ah! Su Chen has so many professional fighters but were all defeated by big brother!

I indeed did not follow the wrong person. I had chosen the right big brother, there is bound to be food and drinks!

“Little brother, what do you wish to do?”

Su Chen still maintains his calm as he says, “If this matter ends here, I will treat it as this matter had never happened before. If you injure me, I guarantee that you will not be able to walk out from here.”

The paddle in Li Fan’s hand is placed horizontally by Su Chen’s neck, “If I kill you, would there still be this kind of trouble?”

Su Chen smiles, “Even if you kill me, are you able to kill my backers?”

“Why should I care about you for. Let me first kill you then decide!”

As Li Fan speaks he swings his paddle fiercely towards Su Chen’s head!

Su Chen watches as the paddle descend. It is like a lightning bolt descending from heaven! he finally loses his original calmness and falls on his butt.

Li Fan’s paddle stops on his forehead while Su Chen’s legs are trembling softly. After experiencing so much matter, at that moment of death he is still afraid! Because at that moment, he thought of his wife, mistress as well as his son….he is really afraid, he does not wish to die.

“Little, little brother…”

Su Chen swallows his saliva, “You are still young…you must not step onto a broken path ah..”

“Boss Su, aren’t you always very bullish? Why did you admit to being terrified now?”

Li Fan cannot hold back his smile, “Where is your backbone? Your rules?”

“Little brother…let us discuss it thoroughly.”

Su Chen coughs drily, “What do you want I can give you. Big brother is old already, have family and job, I do not wish to die.”

Li Fan asks, “Then you say do I need to listen to your rules now?”

“No need. Of course no need.”

Su Chen waves his hand, “Little brother ah, what you say counts!”

“Big brother let him off.”

Huang Lei grab hold of Li Fan, “If you kill him, it will really be  troublesome one. Furthermore, Boss Su is a person with some status. What he says definitely counts.”

“Right, counts, counts!”

Su Chen keeps nodding his head. His earlier big brother’s attitude had also disappeared.

He did not expect that he the grand City A’s Su Chen would have his boat flipped by a senior high school student.

“So Boss Su is willing to let bygones be bygones with us, in the future, we shall mind our own business. You walk your glorious road while we walk our difficult bath. Boss Su, big brother what do you guys think of my idea is that okay?”

This sentence of Huang Lei indeed fit with Su Chen’s thoughts. This senior high student in front of him had already fought until his eyes had turned red. Seeing that burning rage in his eyes, Su Chen cannot help but recall about the time back then when he was around this age.

At his age, holding machete he chopped a big brother in City H. Later on, he escapes to City A and another big brother took a fancy of him. Only then did he slowly mingle his way up. Back then he also has a reckless hot-blooded spirit.

Give him a knife and he even dares to stab the mayor!

The current Li Fan gives him this kind of feeling! Su Chen is really a bit afraid in his heart as he is no longer the hot-blooded youngster in the past. He is not a person with family and job. A successful man!

That big brother back then was stabbed to death by me because he underestimated me…

“Little brother ah, today it is indeed big brother who is in the wrong…big brother is acting like a pretentious prick, in future big brother no longer dares to.”

Su Chen can only get off his high horse and says good things, “Killing me is not beneficial to you at all. For example, giving both of us a path of retreat, what do you think?”

Currently, Li Fan had calmed down. Indeed it is the current society era, not the ancient martial world. If I kill this Su Chen, I would need to go behind bars.

Su Chen this fellow is indeed very evil but going behind bars because of him is not worth it! Murong Ying is still waiting for me. I cannot do such a stupid thing.

Pei why do I think of Murong Ying again!

Am I still a man, really have no future prospects!

Li Fan looks down on himself secretly while Su Chen who had mingled around for so many years thinks very rapidly.

“Little brother let me say something from the bottom of my heart. It is not easy for big brother to open this casino. This dividend here is also not mine. There are those that belong to the big boss above me as well as for bribing those group of government bloodsuckers.”

Su Chen meaningfully pats the money box in front of him, “This set aside for me is not more than little brother. Furthermore, this gathering place rules were also not set by me. Instead, it was set by them. Today you had broken the rules I can forget and not bear recriminations and smiles it off. But…those people might not let you off.”

“What is the matter? There is still someone who wants to find trouble for me?”

Li Fan snorts coldly, “Anything! I, Li Fan wait for them!”

“Little brother what Big brother say to you is all good thing.”

Su Chen seems to be advising Li Fan, “Those people are not good to provoke. As for the rest, I shall not say anything more. This one million you also take away. In the future, perhaps we will never meet again.”

“Huang Lei take out 200k.”

Li Fan lets Huang Lei takes out 200k and place the remaining in the cash box before borrowing match from Su Chen.

“Little brother wants to smoke? I have a good quality cigar do you want one?”

Su Chen immediately pulls out his concealed goods. Li Fan is also not polite as he picks up a cigar and places it in his mouth. He rejects Su Chen’s lighter, instead, he pulls out a 100 yuan note and uses the bank not to light up the cigar. Different from a cigarette, the smell of the cigar is very fragrant. Especially what Su Chen smoke is definitely not ordinary goods.

After which, Li Fan swings his hand and the flame on the note lands in the cash box and burn up the remaining money inside!

“Ah! Money!”

Huang Lei is very heart pain and wish to rush up to put out the fire but was stopped by Li Fan.

“Boss Su, this 200k is what I ought to get.”

He points as the burning cash box, “The remaining 800k, I help you settle a debt. Let us meet again in the future.”

Speaking finish he valiantly and vigorously brings Huang Lei and leaves.

“Little brother!”

Before Li Fan exit the room Su Chen seems to awaken and suddenly says, “If it was 10 years ago, you will definitely be a protagonist! But now…big brother wishes that you would be able to live long!”

Also, do not know if Su Chen’s words is a blessing or mocking, but who cares, I accept all of them.

When Li Fan exit the cruise, Guan Wenbao is standing by the side and bows towards Li Fan.

Li Fan says to Guan Wenbao, “If there is a chance, let us fight fairly.”

“Most likely there is no more chance to meet again.”

Guan Wenbao looks at Li Fan who is in the darkness, “Remember at all costs. Be careful of people from the Brocade Guards.”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 56    [Be Careful of the Brocade Guard]

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