Chapter 54     [Title below]


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Su Chen sits there with the blade of the crescent blade by the side of his face. But he is calm as he pulls out a cigar.

“Youngsters are just too impulsive.”

He stands up and dusts off his black overcoat, “As big brother, I must teach him a lesson for on how to conduct himself as a person. After fighting for so long, perhaps he must be hungry. Yu Feng, invite him up to the dining room for a meal.”


One of the black suit bodyguards immediately walks out.

After a while, that bodyguard sees Li Fan. “Mr. Li, our body invites you for an evening meal.”

          [Editor: Body = Boss]

Currently, Li Fan is seeking Huang Lei. Don’t know where this little fellow and ran off to show off.

When the bodyguard appears, Li Fan is very impatient.

“Not meeting. Not meeting. It is not like he is a girl, why do I want to keep meeting him for!”

Li Fan waves his hand, “Tell your boss that in future I will not come here anymore. We shall all mind our own business.”

“Mr. Li.”

As Su Chen’s bodyguard, Yu Feng had been more or less infected with the way Su Chen speaks. He carries a kind of haughtiness, “My boss had already invited your friend over as a guest.”

“You guys captured Huang Lie?”

Li Fan creases his brows. He suddenly takes a step forward while Yu Feng subconsciously pulls out his stun gun.

As Su Chen’s bodyguard, Yu Feng naturally is very outstanding! He did have some reputation overseas. In the professional international bodyguard standard competition, his result ranks in the top 500!

Although this kind of stun gun can only be fired once, it’s might is impressive. Within the country, it is still considered as contraband good. But this is a symbol that Su Chen gives to every bodyguard. Anyways this thing would not be able to kill people thus the higher-ups would not find trouble for me if I use it to protect myself privately!

Yu Feng is also a quick shooter. The speed of him pulling out his gun is in the front rank! He had maintained the records of being in the top ten for drawing and firing within ten meters! He can be said to be lightning gunman! He has the confidence to kill any enemy within ten meters. This is his restricted area!

But this time round just as he pulls out the stun gun, Li Fan’s finger hand already grab hold of his wrist.

“Seeking death.”

Li Fan uses one hand to slap away Yu Feng’s stun gun. At the same time, his other hand grab hold of Yu Feng’s neck presses him against the wall behind him!

“Basterd! Can’t defeat me and take action against my people? If he is missing a single hair, I shall break your neck!”

Li Fan’s wrist is like iron clamps making Yu Feng’s face turn red.

“You…kill me…he…will also die…”

Yu Feng, in the end, is still a resolute man and does not yield. Li Fan is secretly hateful as he throws Yu Feng to the side smashing a chair.

“Mr. Li…please follow me….”

Yu Feng did not say anything as he silently climbs to his feet and continues to politely invite Li Fan.

“Good, who cares if it is a Feast of Hongmen, I am just going to meet him!”

Although I knew Huang Lei for a short time. But he is not bad to me this big brother and respectful. Now that little brother is in trouble, as big brother, I cannot throw him behind and not care about him!

Even if I am only a senior high school, I should also have the awareness of a man! If I toss behind Huang Lei and escape on my own, then am I still a person?

But this Boss Su is too worthless already. Such a big boss actually play such a hand! Really is so fucking dirty!

Li Fan has a bellyful of anger as he follows the bodyguard to the dining room.

On the contrary, this dining room decor is quite sumptuous. All around the walls is covered with fish tanks. Inside it is countless of expensive tropical fish.

While Su Chen is sitting in the middle enjoying an Australian lobster.

There are a lot of bodyguards in black suit standing inside. All of them have a fierce look and looks to be not good people.

Huang Lei is sitting beside Su Chen. Originally he should be eating an evening meal but his expression is not that good. After all, a machete is held at his neck making it not fragrant for him to eat this meal.

“Big brother ah, Boss Sun insist on treating us to a meal…to passionate, unable to reject at all!”

Seeing Li Fan coming over, Huang Lei is like he had seen a savior. Afterwards he says to Su Chen, “Boss Su ah. you see my big brother is here already. If you have anything to say, just say it to big brother. I am just a little brother, how am I qualified to seat together with you guys. This butt of mine is too dirty already if I dirty your chair again…”

As he speaks, he tries to stand up but the machete on his neck presses down making him honestly sit down again.

“Boss Su, you are a bit lacking of tact ah!”

Li Fan purses his brows as. His words carry mocking, “I thought that Boss Su is a protagonist eh but who knows that you also like to play such kinds of lowlife tricks.”

“Little brother have over thought it. I am just trying to treat you to a meal that’s all.”

As Su Chen speaks he flicks his fingers. Yu Feng immediately walks over and takes out a safe deposit box. Inside it is filled with bills.

“Inside here is a million. Among which 200k is what you guys won today.”

Su Chen smiles, “As for the other 800k, it is what reward you because I appreciate you.”

“This deposition of yours does not seem like you are inviting a guest to gift money ah.”

Li Fan snorts, “I am unable to enjoy it ah Boss Su.”

“Little brother is too polite.”

Su Chen laughs, “This bit of money to me is not even as worth the price of a tropical fish in the fish tank by the side. In other words, your efforts for tonight is not even worth any single fish here do you know?”

He points at the fish tank wall by the side and says, “You won the competition, I cannot not give you this money to prevent other people from saying that I am petty. but you had spoiled my Su Chen’s rules. If I let you leave this place safe and sound, I am unable to explain myself to my brothers.”

“What do you mean?”

Already going to start a fight already?

Li Fan secretly revolves his zhenqi and prepares to start to fight.

“You relax. I this person is very fair one.”

Su Chen smiles and says, “I give you two choice to let you choose. One, kneel down and beg in front of me, this 1 million will still be yours. Person, I can also return back to you.”

“Then the second path?”

“See that shark behind?”

Su Chen points behind. “The two of you go and feed fish.”

“Boss Su…isn’t it just kneeling, my big brother has head and face it is not that convenient. Why don’t I kneel down for you and kowtow every step, what do you say?”

Huang Lei immediately says while Yu Ling steps forward and kicks him onto the ground.

“Is this place your fucking place to speak? What are you, damn it!”

Li Fan clenches his fist!

“Yu Feng, go down!”

Su Chen slaps Yu Feng, “When you hit a dog you need to see its owner. The owner did not say anything, what are you so excited for? Still not apologizing to Mr. Li!”

“Sorry, Mr. Li. I am too impulsive.”

-Clapping sound-

Li Fan raises his hands and starts clapping, “In the end, it is still Boss Su. Your dog hitting posture has such a pattern!”

“Youngster, speaking should not carry so much gunpowder.”

Su Chen is very tranquil, “Which road, little brother can just choose.”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 54    [Choose a Path]

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