Chapter 53     [Title below]


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Guan Wenbao is holding the crescent blade as he looks at Li Fan in front of him who is like a descending tiger as a countless number of thoughts flashed through his heart at that split second.

This person is a martial artist, but a martial artist cannot enter this club!

The reason why Guan Wenbao is here is because he and Su Chen had an agreement. He maintained his undefeated record, at the same time deal with those martial artists who mistakenly enter the club.

Since a year ago, Guan Wenbao had been in the service of this arena. As long as he fulfills ten years of service, he will be liberated.

During this period of time what Su Chen asked him to do, he must do it!

But my crescent blade had never met any decent opponent in this arena. Martial artists like Li Fan instead arouse Guan Wenbao’s competitive heart! A fellow who blows your own trumpet, today let me show you what is called a real expert!

What Guan Wenbao trained in is Guan Family Blade technique that was passed from generation to generation. In battle can kill enemy, dismounted from a horse and can slaughter tigers! The zhenqi in his body instantly gathers on the crescent blade.

In Li Fan’s eyes that crescent blade is like it is lighted up with a demonic red light like it is on fire!

“Violent Dragon Exiting Sea!”

Guan Wenbao’s blade technique is very exquisite. That crescent blade in his hands is like an alive dragon! The scarlet blade qi flows along the blade as it hooks up making a beeline for Li Fan!

Guan Family blade technique is about speed accuracy and fierceness. Assisting is courageous zhenqi making the blade that goes out be as tyrannic as an emperor. Normal opponents can only see a blaze flashing by before being cut into halves by the blade.

In this stage, Guan Wenbao had never used before this kind of move! After all, it is a move for killing people. Dealing with an ordinary underground fighter, his normal three moves would have made them admit defeat!

But this time round, Guan Wenbao did not have any hesitations at all. The one he is facing currently is a martial artist, an expert! His strength seems to be evenly matched to me which is both around Cauldron Fire Turned Green!

Although I hold this kind of young hero in esteem. But for my family, I can only win!

“Nice one!”

While Li Fan did not have any horror. Seeing this tyrannic blade instead he smiles wider!

This kind of bone-deep burning martial soul makes his fervor surge! Although Guan Wenbao’s blade hook is very quick but in his eyes, it slowed down by 70 or 80%!

Crane Assault technique!

“White Crane Nodding Head!”

Li Fan’s five fingers join together to form a crane break. Wrapped with zhenqi which converges into a single point, he firmly raps the blade in Guan Wenbao’s hands.

-clanging sounds-

For the first time every, Guan Wenbao’s crescent blade was jolted out of his hands. His arm, as well as the crescent blade, shot to the side!

At the same time, Li Fan borrows the force of the impact as his body revolves. His right leg bottom-up kicking obliquely towards Guan Wenbao’s head!

Deer Assault technique!

“White Deer Reverse Kicking Door!”

What Li Fan is wearing is a pair of steel shoes. Although his boxing skills are very awesome, but his real killer move is his pair of legs!

Because when Li Fan has nothing to do he would ponder, in a martial arts competition exchanging blows is very dangerous! Even if both sides have very high cultivation, victory or defeat is usually in just two or three moves! How to defeat an opponent within two to three moves is the true essence that Li Fan is chasing after!

This is the so-called hands are two swinging doors while relying on legs to kick people. Among Li Fan’s Five Animal Assault Technique, it relied mainly on boxing techniques! He is currently reflecting if it is possible to make enemy mistaken that he is an expert in boxing and overlook his kicking skills?

Thus for an entire month, Li Fan is basically facing that large tree in front of his house as he practices this move White Deer Reverse Kicking Door!

After a month, Li Fan is barefooted when he broke a tree in half when he kicks it on it’s thicker part of its trunk!

This is Li Fan’s conviction! He wants to bring Five Animal Mimicry to great height of development

At this very moment, this move White Deer Reverse Kicking Door was kicked out to the pinnacle by Li Fan! Guan Wenbao did not expect that Li Fan’s real killer move is actually on the legs. He had been completely concentrating his attention on Li Fan’s hands’ actions! By the time he had reacted, it is already too late! Although Guan Wenbao’s martial art is above normal people, these reactions also very swift, but this kick caught him unprepared. He can only hasty holds the crescent blade horizontally in front of him blocking in front of his face. But Li Fan’s kick kicks the blade heavily. This solid blade was actually kicked bent by Li Fan’s kick!

With the force of impact on the side of the blade, it smacks towards Guan Wenbao’s face together. When Guan Wenbao’s face received this intense impact his face turn red! His entire person was backward by Li Fan’s kick and nearly fall onto the ground.

But martial artist is martial artist. Guan Wenbao’s horse stance is quite good. His legs spread apart as his body leans back before forcibly stabling it!

While Li Fan had already raised his leg high up. A perfect axe kick hacks down towards Guan Wenbao.

Guan Wenbao holds his crescent blade horizontally blocking in front of him, blocking Li Fan’s kick. But this kick of Li Fan’s carries a force that cannot be blocked anymore. Guan Wenbao along with his blade crashes onto the ground heavily.

Li Fan clearly had already fought until his eyes turn red as blood rushes up to his head. A lot of matters had already been forgotten to the back of his head!

His body press down and actually pick up Guan Wenbao’s crescent blade. Although the blade is bent but it is still very sharp! As long as Li Fan hacks down, Guan Wenbao’s head will fall onto the ground.

Am I going to die here…

Guan Wenbao closes his eyes as hatred fills his heart. He does not fear death, just that he had thrown his family’s face!

He did not die in the martial arts competition but instead, die on this damn underground fighting arena!

But at this moment the Ferghana horse behind Guan Wenbao neighs and charges at Li Fan.

Li Fan’s eyes brighten up as he raises the crescent blade in his hand!

“Don’t kill him!”

Hearing this noise, Guan Wenbao knows that it is bad as he hurriedly lets out a shout.

Li Fan who originally plan to hack out, upon hearing Guan Wenbao’s heart-tearing shouts, he immediately flip around the blade edge and uses the back of the blade to fiercely whack the head of the warhorse.

The warhorse immediately falls onto the ground. After a while, it can only move its hoof but is unable to stand up.

“I am here to fight, not to kill people.”

With a clank, Li Fan tossed away the bent crescent blade in his hands before saying to Guan Wenbao, “Let me tell you again, this set of moves is called Five Animals Combination Assault technique. I comprehended it myself. If you are not convinced, we can fight again.”

“I am convinced…”

Guan Wenbao lets out a sigh, “Your martial arts is way beyond mine. Thank you for not killing…I….am unable to return the favor….”

“Then there is no need to be convinced.”

Li Fan no longer cares about Guan Wenbao. Instead, he raises his head and once again raises a finger and ask loudly, “I! Am today’s number one! Anyone who wishes to challenge me brings it on! All of you cowards sitting in the audience are like humans who are raised like dogs. Do you think that with a bit of money you are able to control other people’s life and death? All of you are fucking useless scoundrel! Who have guts then come down and fight me!”

After speaking, Li Fan raises his head and takes a look. He kicks the crescent blade on the ground and it immediately flies out. Spinning a few circles in the sky, it directly smashes the glass of the highest room and penetrates the sofa by Su Chen’s side.

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


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