Chapter 51     [Youngster Strength of Character]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Two victories in a row!

To the club, although it is very common, but this Strongest Senior High School Student is troublesome. He settled everyone with a single move, completely not sloppy at all!

As the boss of the club, this is the first time Su Chen had to take the initiative to meet a contestant.

He is wearing a black mink fur overcoat, holding a cigar in his hand as he sits inside this VIP resting room. While behind Su Chen is two black suit bodyguard. Both of them are tall and burly carrying a baleful aura. With just one look, it is obvious that they are no ordinary people.

These two bodyguards were hired by Su Chen with a large sum of money for his personal safety!

He has no choice but to come and meet this so-call senior high school student. Because he is a black horse. Tonight he is the banker, because his relationship, tonight he had won quite a bit of money. But Su Chen is not happy. Because of the appearance of Li Fan, he had broken their club’s balance! With an expert with overwhelming advantage, tonight’s profit that he made, he would have to pay all of them back sooner to later. Perhaps the club might need to close down because of it!

The most important point is this that this expert cannot be controlled!

“Mr. Li, this is 500k in cash you can count.”

Su Chen claps his hand and a bodyguard by the side immediately takes out a safe deposit box and place it in front of Li Fan before opening it.

Inside is bright red banknote, the amount is a lot!

Li Fan is slightly dizzy. This is the first time in his life had he seen such so much money!

Huang Lei also is unable to sit still. He immediately picks up a stack and flipping around a few times before excitedly say to Li Fan, “Big brother, it is all real money!”

“These little brother words are rather interesting.”

“How is that so! Boss Su has a huge business! 500k to you is just a hair on nine ox ah!” said Huang Lei as he smiles merrily.

But Li Fan waves his hand and let Huang Lei stands behind him.

Although he is only a senior high school student, but he also understood ‘don’t take a reward if it’s not deserved’ meat pie does not fall from the sky! Just take Murong Ying, such a pretty martial alliance head, why does she want to make a lost and accept him, isn’t it because of my Pure Yang Body?

She just wished to give birth to a child with me to carry on her ancestral line. The two of them do not have any feelings! Li Fan understood it very well, he is not an idiot!

If I wish to be better, I need to rely on myself! I need to turn Five Animal Mimicry…ah no, it brings Five Animal Attack to great heights and become an indomitable man!

Li Fan is ambitious. He takes a look at the 500k in front before saying, “Isn’t Boss Su a bit too magnanimous? The moment we meet what is the meaning of giving such a big red packet?”

“Brother ah, I see that you are also a talent.”

Su Chen says slowly, “But listen to Big Brother’s advice. A person needs to be steady and knows to quit while one is ahead.”

“I do not understand what Boss Su is saying.”

Li Fan did not follow along with Boss Su’s meaning, rather he asks, “Boss Su such a big business transaction, aren’t you open for business? Could it be that when a customer comes, they would be chased out?”

“Everything has their own rules.”

Su Chen is not angry. He takes a puff of the cigar, “Little brother is a river dragon, naturally you do not know the laws of my territory. This 500k is big brother’s meeting gift to little brother, take it as making friends. In the future, if little brother meets any trouble in this territory you can just inform big brother. As big brother, I will naturally do my best to help little brother.”

“Aiyah, what matter is Boss Su unable to settle in City A ah!”

Huang Lei smiles widely, “This friend my big brother definitely need to make ah!”

“Wait a minute.”

But Li Fan becomes unhappy. Why is it that everywhere I go there are always people who wish to use their power to suppress me?

“Boss Su I had come to understand that you are chasing me away ah.”

Li Fan closes the safe deposit box and push it back in front of Su Chen. Huang Lei seems to be slightly anxious but it is not right for him to speak.

“You have your rules, I have my thoughts. I cannot take this meeting gift. Today I am here to fight in the underground fight. What is it, Boss Su, this place of yours do not let people fight?”

“Let, of course let!”

A gleam flashes cross Su Chen’s eyes, “But little brother needs to think carefully. “Underground fighting here, there is a high rate of injury! If little brother drops some parts, this 500k might not be enough for you to seek treatment!”

“If Boss Su have the capability then I can give you my head!”

Li Fan’s temper rises, this fucker still dares to threaten me!

“Tonight I perforate your club! If you have the capability then let us talk on the stage!”

“Good! Little brother indeed has a soaring heroic spirit!”

Su Chen breaths out the cigar smoke, “Wish that little brother will slaughter in all directions tonight and leave this place alive.”

Speaking finish, Su Chen brings his two bodyguards and directly walk out of the VIP room without even looking back. That 500k, he just left it on the table and did not even look at it.


Li Fan cannot hold back and scolds, “Act your fucking head! This fucker earns 100 million a day and only toss me 500k to chase me away, do you think that you are chasing away a beggar?”

“Big brother, this money of ours…even if you win till the end, it is only around 200k.”

Huang Lei assess a bit, “This business transaction is a bit not worth it ah…”

“Huang Lei let me ask you.”

Li Fan crease his brows and asked Huang Lei, “If someone takes out 500k and let you fuck your mother are you going to do it?”

Huang Lei rubs the back of his head, “Er, my mother is already dead.”

“What the, then if someone takes out 500k and wants to take your chrysanthemum, are you going to do it?”

“That, need to put on a rubber. No rubber they cannot. Might get disease one.”

Li Fan is about to collapse.

“Fucking hell! If someone take out 500k and ask you to kneel down and call him father, are you going to do it?”

“Call grandpa also okay ah!”

“Get lost!”

Li Fan is extremely mad, “Backbone, backbone you know?”

Li Fan points at his heart, “A person is only alive once! If you don’t even have this backbone, what is the meaning of you being alive?”

“Big brother you say. One, I am not Wen Tianxiang. Two, I am not Liu Hulan, what do I need this backbone for?”

Huang Lei raises two fingers, “My Huang Lei’s Dao; one, want life. two, want money. The rest can don’t need!”

“Really! Cannot talk it into you!”

Li Fan explodes in anger, “In future, following me, backbone is number 1! Remember a man must live like this! Don’t kneel down and want money, that is beggar!”

Huang Lei mutters, “But standing while asking for food….we are inferior to beggars ah…”

“What did you say?”

Li Fan raises his eyebrow.

“I say that big brother you are formidable and imposing, unequaled in the universe!”

Huang Lei hastily changes his tune, “You are my model learning example, the target to strive for! Your radiance shine upon me and light a lamp in my dark life!”

“Scram to the side. Stop bootlicking!”

Li Fan wishes to trample him, “I am only fighting this week only. There are too little experts here, too boring. After earning enough money for the billiards hall, I am not going to come to his foul atmosphere damned place.”

He really does not like this place but Huang Lei lets out a sigh, “Big brother…what you are thinking of is not bad. But whether we are able to walk out of this place alive today, it is hard to say…”

[TL: honestly speaking this is a bit too extreme of a temperament change for Li Fan… well at least that is what I feel]

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 51   [Youngster Strength of Character]

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