Chapter 50     [Continuous Victory]


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Brother Nan is very happy. Today the opponent is actually a newcomer!

Isn’t this just sending money to money! I had not gone up the stage for two weeks already and my legs are itchy! Tonight I am going to win a big one then go overseas for a while and pick up two girls to play! At that time I shall fuck then from morning to night to win honor for my country!

He is wearing a golden mantle. The moment he walks out he does two beautiful kicking movement clearly showing off.

“Cheer for me! I am tonight’s emperor!”

Brother Nan does not place his opponent in his eyes. Who would know what did Killer Machine from the previous round did! But that fellow is very weak. Just having a little muscle he really thought that he is an expert!

He had fought me three times but had all been defeated by me! My Bullet Leg martial arts is not trained for nothing one. Meet god kill god, meet buddha kill buddha!

He reckons that Killer Machine must have gone for a night with some girl. Heard that his highest record was sleeping with 7 women in a single night! Too indulging in his body already, a threesome can already. Doing so many would make you overdraft!

As Brother Nan look down on Killer Machine in his heart, he walks up to the stage and prepares to kick down that newcomer with a few kicks to let him know the cruelty of his club! I am also teaching him how to be a person and let him understand how realistic the society is!

Alas, my heart is really too good!

Hearing the crowd cheering, Brother Nan makes his unparalleled ‘poss’. But the moment he sees his opponent, his legs instantly turn soft and nearly kneels onto the ground.

“What theeee…….”

Brother Nan’s stomach is starting to churn, why is it him!

“Nice to meet you. We meet again.”

Li Fan hooks his fingers at Brother Nan, “Please instruct me.”

“Fuck this…why is it you!”

Seeing Li Fan, Brother Nan’s heart nearly fall apart.

“Fate brought us together from a thousand miles away ah.”

Li Fan hooks his finger at Brother Nan, “Looks like we are quite fated. Come let’s fight then. This time round, do not let me down too much.”

“Disappointed you fucker! Last time it was because I made a mistake! I will definitely not commit it again this time round!”

Brother Nan roars in anger, “Today I shall take out my ultimate technique, Vigorous Vajra Kick to get rid of you!”

As Brother Nan speaks he stomps on the stage! The stage’s floor instantly cracked like it got jolt broken by Brother Nan’s leg!

The surrounding crowd immediately start cheering expressing their delight for Brother Nan’s strength! Excitement!


Li Fan is slightly shocked, “Back then I look down on you and thought that you only know external force. Did not expect that there are some inner strength, can be considered as entry access right.”

“Stop looking down on me!”

Brother Nan does not know why but standing in front of Li Fan, he keeps having a feeling that he is particular insignificant!

His body suddenly whirl as he sends a tornado kick directly towards Li Fan!

Brother Nan’s Tornado kick is very formidable. It carries the sound of wind like the air is about to rend! If this move lands on Li Fan, even if he has zhenqi protecting his body he will be injured!

Although his attack is very fast, but in Li Fan’s eye it becomes very slow.

Li Fan does not know why perhaps it is some special effect that Pure Yang Body brought about. As long as he revolves his qi, the enemy’s actions will slow down in his vision allowing him to have even more methods and time to response!

It is something similar to the bullet time in games, just that the duration is not that long. But to experts, victory is in a split second!

Li Fan’s body lower and dodges Brother Nan’s tornado kick. But Brother Nan is already used to the battling. He has lots of fighting experience. The moment Li Fan lowers his body, he forcibly conquers his inertia. He withdraws the leg he uses to do the tornado kick and raises it high up. It is that same move, Vajra Axe Kick. It splits down towards Li Fan’s head like a battle-axe.

But Li Fan lowers his body instantly. His body suddenly enters tiger form. No, it should be Tiger Attack Technique!

“Black Tiger Climbing Mountain!”

Li Fan is like a fierce tiger coming out. He suddenly scuttles forward. Before Brother Nan’s axe kick had fallen, he is already very close to Brother Nan’s body.

At the same time, Li Fan’s hand ferociously smashes into Brother Nan’s chest making him feel pain as his vision turned dark. Following which Li Fan’s palm pushes upwards and slaps Brother Nan’s chin, causing his chin to dislocate from the hit as he sees stars.

But this is not all. Like the so-called Black Tiger Climbing Mountain, three moves to meet Yama! Li Fan’s final palm hooks around the back of Brother Nan’s head and grabs hold of his head before ferocious smash it onto the ground.

The floor breaks into pieces. When Brother Nan’s head pulverize the floor, blood splattered out.

Luckily Brother Nan had learned before some hard qigong and his skull is slightly stronger. Otherwise, his brains might have burst out from this!

Clean and efficient! One move to deal with the enemy!

Li Fan looks at Brother Nan lying on the ground and sighs, “Weak. Really is too weak already. Is there anymore stronger opponent?”

The surrounding turn silent. No one dares to look down on this weak looking senior high school student.

Li Fan glance at the surrounding. Everyone who met Li Fan’s gaze all subconsciously shivers.

He turns around and looks at the direction where he entered from. That earlier scared face guy who says that he wants to teach him a lesson—Human Bullet is standing there watching him. Li Fan hooks his finger at him scaring him until his face turns pale as he takes two steps back. After which he does not care about his face anymore and scamper off.

“Anyone else?”

Li Fan points towards the ceiling, “I, Year 1 senior high school student, tonight challenge everyone present! Who is willing to fight me!”

A single sentence said with such an imposing manner, but no one dares to reply. Such a large club which is usually super noisy is currently such so quiet that even the sound of a needle dropping could be heard.

They are afraid now, so much so that they are starting to fear Li Fan.

“What the…looks like your Strongest Senior High School Student’s name is not in vain.”

The host finally manages to react after a long time. He had worked here for such a long time, this is the first time he had seen such a situation.

“Right now can our staff member please tidy up the stage, also inviting the Strongest Senior High Student contestant to temporary rest! Half an hour later let us continue tonight’s exciting competition!”

Although the announcer is experienced, but he also does not know how he should heat up the audience.

Li Fan’s appearance had broken everyone’s common sense! Just what divine being is this senior high school student?

That staff member respectfully invites Li Fan back to the VIP resting room.

Current Huang Lei is in the resting room holding a mop mopping the floor. Seeing Li Fan walking in he is instantly stunned.

“Eh, Big brother, why did you come back already?”

“Huang Lei what are you doing?”

Seeing Huang Lei moping the ground Li Fan instantly frowns.

“Ah, haha…I see that the floor is a bit dirty so I wipe it. Aiyah, usually I like to work so it became a habit.”

Huang Lei coughs drily while Li Fan seems to understand something. Just as he is about to speak that staff member that enters as well hurriedly speaks first, “Our boss says that this resting room belongs to Mr. Li tonight. Two sirs can use it as you wish. Our boss will soon be here to have a few cups with Mr. Li.”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 50   [Continuous Victory]

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