Chapter 5    [Catch hoodlum]


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Is this considered as an invitation?

Li Fan sense that the wolfish nature is waking up as he licks his lips, “Wish ah. If I do not wish to then how can I still be a man!”

Being able to sleep with this kind of top-grade beauty….my god ah, isn’t this only something that can happen in my dreams! Did not think that marrying a fiance would actually have a bit of benefit! Father, mother, your child had blamed you guys wrongly. Actually, you guys had done a very noble thing ah! I will definitely lower my body and bury myself in work to let you guys hug a fat grandson as soon as possible!

Thinking to here, Li Fan smiles from ear to ear while Murong Yin continues and says, “But I do kill people in my dreams. My family members had been anxious about this ailment of mine for a long time. If you are able to defeat me then climb into my bed.”

$%@#$%@#%@$!!!!! Li Fan nearly curses out loud, killing people in your sleep, are you Cao Cao?!

“Gu-ye, I can testify that what Big miss says is true!”

Tie Zhu had also woke up. This time around she is not wearing a western suit but a pink nightgown. Oh my fucking gosh!!! The first time I see a nightgown that is about to burst ah! The two pectoral muscles of hers are about to burst out ah! A girl actually trained out solid as boulder muscles throughout her body….this is really a nightmare!

“Still want to sleep together in the same bed as me?”

Murong Ying chases for an answer making Li Fan shakes her head, “I think I rather go to school…”

“Keep working hard and you will have this chance.”

Is Murong Ying considered as encouraging me?

Li Fan has no idea how to react. When he walks by Tie Zhu, Tie Zhu also comforts him by saying, “Gu-ye, madam does not sleepwalk one.”

Li Fan escape in a sorry figure! By the time he had washed up, dressed up and prepares to leave the house, Murong Ying had also changed into a black western suit and walks over to Li Fan’s side.

Seeing Murong Die changed into a black suit and small black skirt, Li Fan really has a bit of uniform seduction desire. This angelic face, as well as that demonic figure, will make a number of male students lose their heart to study ah…

“You take a look at you. You did not button up properly.”

Under his shock gaze, Murong Ying helps him straighten his collar. Li Fan is so touched that he is almost crying, really did not expect that she had such a warm side!

“Right, this is a new pair of shoes that I had made for you, put it on and go to school.”

“Thank you Niang-zi you are really considerate!”

Li Fan happily reaches out his hands to grab the shoes that Murong Ying passes to him when his hands sink down and he nearly sprain his waist.

“What the hell? Is this a shoe? This is a shot put right!”

“It is indeed a pair of shoes, a pair of iron shoes. Each one is only 10 kg each.”

Murong Ying smiles gently, “This is something that I specially order people to build specially for your measurements. Size 41 feet, it fits you perfectly, are you happy?”

“Happy your head ah! Are you torturing me?”

Li Fan sense that everything in front of him had turn black, 10kg ah! And it is only! Are you joking around!

“Of course not. This is to train you. Be obedient, up it on. One cannot achieve glory and wealth without having been through trials and tribulations.”

Murong Ying’s hope for her husband to succeed in life really is about to make Li Fan crazy.

“It might be a bit difficult for you…if you really cannot take it, then rescind the engagement.”

“As a guy, I must strive for self-improvement! I should toughen my body!”

Li Fan immediately puts on the pair of iron shoes and immediately feels like his feet had become as heavy as mountains. It is very hard for him to lifts up his feet.


Murong Yin gives Li Fan a rebuking look and suddenly move closer and once again kisses Li Fan on his lips.

Li Fan’s dantian immediately moves again and starts absorbing zhenqi from her mouth. But Murong Ying takes advantage of the fact that her zhenqi is being absorbed and starts driving the zhenqi in Li Fan’s body to form a cycle. All of this happened in less than a second!

The two of them kisses lightly and part while Murong Ying’s face had already turned slightly pale.

“Just a bit and you had absorbed away a year of my inner force again…”

“So-sorry…I do not know that you are going to kiss me again…”

Li Fan is a bit reminiscing the taste of the kiss.

“You still do not know the method to use your zhenqi. Just now I had just help you guide it a bit that’s all.”

Murong Ying’s face is slightly pale as she says, “If you dare to think too much, you shall die…”

“That, still thank you…”

Li Fan is able to sense clearly this time round that a stream of qi is flowing within this body. That stream of qi which he was using yesterday night while sleeping on the rope had become even smoother. The iron shoes that he is wearing seems to had become lighter and easier to move about.

“Still not going to school? Are you waiting for me to send you? As such a big guy reluctant to leave the warm house, what kind of man are you? How would you become a martial arts expert like this?”

Murong Ying raises her brows and Li Fan obediently walks out of the door.

Must have backbone! Isn’t it just whatever martial arts expert what, how can I not become one!

Li Fan says goodbye to his fiance before running towards the school in the pair of iron shoes. In the past, he usually cycles to school and this is the first time he runs to school, which makes this a rather novel experience.

At dawn, there are some people running on the roadside. There are also some old grandpas and grannies are doing Taiji, the entire scene very peaceful.

As Li Fan looks at the twisting butt of the young women running in front of him, he starts straightening out the things that had happened for the past two days. Did not expect that within a blink of an eye, my life had undergone heaven flipping changes and I feel like I am dreaming! Did Murong Ying really become my fiance? Then the moment my kung fu had trained finish and become stronger than her, wouldn’t I be able to do those shameful things with her?

Just as Li Fan is pondering over these matters, in front of him suddenly comes the exclamation of a girl.

“Catch the pervert!”

Li Fan glance over. In front is a bus stop, and there is a long queue of people there. There are those who are going to work and those who are going to school. Li Fan sees a familiar figure, Ling Yuexian, isn’t she the experiment class student committee member? The lass who always get number 1 result through the school? I see her frequently at the flag raising ceremony. She had assumed the role of the flag bearer for a few terms. Although I am unclear of her circumstances, the only thing that I remember is that she is very pretty.

Currently, Ling Yuexian is wearing a blue and white school uniform. She is carrying an old school bag that had two patches done to it. She is both angered and ashamed as she glares at an oily head guy who is wearing a leather jacket.

That guy looks to be around 30 years old. He looks like the world owe him as he smells his right hand and says, “Young lady, you cannot anyhow accuse good people okay. Who is a pervert ah?”

“You! It is you! Just now you touch me!”

Ling Yuexian points at him angrily while the oily head guy only smiles merrily and ask, “Oh my? Then you say where did I touch you?”

“I, I….”

Ling Yuexian’s face turns red up to her ears. How could she say it out?

“Young lady, you being so young also cannot anyhow accuse people ah. I will sue you for slandering one.”

The oily head guy smiles mischievously and says, “How about you let me touch a bit then say that I am a rogue?”

“You originally is a rogue!”

Ling Yuexian is about to cry from anger.

“Who seen it, who seen it?”

The oily head guy shouts out while those people who are watching by the side, not a single one of them dares to step forward and speak up. Li Fan is slightly angry, my own schoolmates got bullied how can I not help her out! Seeing evil being done let out a shout, take action when it is a must!

He immediately takes two steps forward and shouts, “I saw it!”

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 5  [Catch hoodlum]

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