Chapter 49     [Bullet Leg King]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

“Of course!” Killer machine laughs, “If you kneel down right now and beg for mercy, I can leave you with a leg to walk.”

“There is no need for that.”

Li Fan hooks his finger at Killer Machine, “Can you start already?”

“Ah! There are actually still people who are in a hurry to throw away their life!”

Killer Machine finds it very disdainful, “Little fellow are you here to court death? Could it be that you had bought insurance for yourself and run here to cheat the insurance?”

He shows off his muscles, “I do not care what did you come here to do! These muscles of mine are filled with explosive strength! Just a punch will be able to explode your brains! When you die, don’t blame it on me!”

“Life and death are ruled by fate, riches, and honor in the sky.”

Li Fan bears with his anger as he says, “Let us start.”

“Indeed is in a hurry to court death.” Killer Machine spits, “Today is really fucking unlucky to actually meet a suicidal one. Still need to dirty my hands.”

Muttering finish Killer Machine shouts towards the surrounding audience, “Would you guys be happy if I kill him?”

“Go Killer Machine! Kill this idiot!”

“I had spent a large amount of money betting that you win! Kill him!”

“Kill him and I will gift you a Mercedes Benz!”

By the side, the audience’s eyes turn red as they shout.

“Really is a group of psychos.”

Li Fan frowns while Killer Machine laughs loudly again.

“Hahaha do you hear it you this trash, everyone is hoping that you die! But I am a kind-hearted person. I decided to only half kill you and leave you a life. Shouldn’t you be very grateful to me?”

“Can we fight now?”

Li Fan is already impatient, “Are you a fucking woman? Dilly dallying!”

“Looks like both of our contestants are already unable to wait anymore…Hey next will be the bloody scene, I really do not wish to see it ah! Those friends with bad heart in the audience, remember to carry your heart medication! The carnage is about to take the stage!”

“Kill! Kill him!”

“What are you waiting for Killer Machine! Attack ah!”

“Come tear this senior high school student apart with your hands!”

The surrounding shouts once again while Li Fan stands in the center of the stage and lets his heart becomes sink down.

That ear-piercing clamor is like a tide retreating. Currently, Li Fan’s heart is like calm water. Everything in the surrounding had completely disappeared. A figure seems to appear in his mind practicing martial arts. She is like a butterfly dancing in the breeze, very beautiful.

Who is this figure…very familiar…Murong Ying is it? Really is stifling why did I think of her at this point of time?

“Let the party start!”

The moment the announcer shouts, Killer Machine’s sturdy body immediately charges towards Li Fan! Seeing that attitude of his, it is like he wished to tear Li Fan into two!

But Li Fan did not have any fear. He stands there as he enters a horse stance.

Waist and back as one!

As a martial artist both inner and outer must be cultivated! The foundation of external arts is horse stance. During this one month, Li Fan was in horse stance during the lessons daily. Even if he fell asleep in the class, he would still be in horse stance while lying on the table and sleep.

This one month plus, the horse stance was not trained for nothing. Li Fan spreads his hand open as vigor suddenly rises!

Bear Attack Technique!

“Little fellow! Die!”

Killer Machine had in a blink of an eye charge in front of Li Fan. His hands ferociously grab toward Li Fan.

But Li Fan suddenly lowered his body and dodges Killer Machine’s hands. Follow which his lower body braced upward and his hands braced against Killer Machine’s enormous body as his waist sinks down.

“Bear King Raising Cauldron!”

Li Fan uses his waist strength to brace and forcibly raises this two-meter tall sturdy person up before borrowing his charging over force, his hands are like a pendulum clock and instantly tossed Killer Machine’s enormous body out causing him to crash onto the stage!

An enormous sound ring out. Although Killer Machine’s entire body is muscles but his brain does not have any defenses.

This ferocious crash causes him to instantly blank out. But he is a but delighted. But Li Fan stands up and directly kicks him on his head.

A lot of teeth flew out!

Li Fan stands there and says unhurriedly, “Prepare to search for your teeth.”

His leg strength plus this the strength of the metal shoes immediately knockout Killer Machine with a kick!

The surrounding clamoring had completely turned silent this time round.

Everyone was stunned, what is going on?

The undefeatable Killer Machine? Actually lost?

“Killer Machine had fainted!”

The announcer is the first to react, “Although…although I do not know what had happened, but Killer Machine had indeed fainted. Perhaps he might have drunk too much yesterday night and does not have enough sleep…but no matter what, this senior high school student won!”

“No! My money!”

“Killer Machine I am going to kill you!”

Almost everyone is angered because Killer Machine had actually lost!

Who would bet on this senior high school student but who would have thought that he would actually lose!

The only winner is the banker as well as Huang Lei who betting 10k!

“Congratulations to our Strongest Senior High School Student for becoming our stage master!”

The announcer is also heart pain about her money. The staff members carry the fainted Killer Machine off the stage. A lot of people are already wailing in grief. The entire club is in a complete mess as a lot of audiences had fainted from heart pain.

“A new contestant shall get on the stage!”

The announcer looks at the name list before saying excitedly

“To the audience who had just lost, there is no need to be heart pain anymore! The next contestant who will be ascending onto the stage is our club’s superhero, Bullet Leg King! His kicks are like the wind, axe kicks like thunder! This ought to be our banker way of compensating everyone once. Everyone can rely on this to win back their money!”

Bullet Leg King this name let everyone let out a sigh of relief and becomes excited.

“Idiot, making us lost money, this time round you shall die!”

“Can get back our money already!”

“Hahaha, no need to jump off the building!”

The group of gamblers finally become happy as they stand up on the stands scolding Li Fan.

Li Fan is already slightly apathetic already. His heart is very calm. These people don’t even have this bit of ability to judge serve them right to lose money.

But who is this Bullet Leg King who is coming up next?

Li Fan is slightly curious.

He crosses his arm as he stands on the stage while waiting for the so-called Bullet Leg King to come. But if it is all Killer Machine this kind of standard then it will be too weak. I came here to the underground fighting, one is to earn money. Second is to be able to exchange blows with experts and temper myself a bit.

“Bullet Leg King is a person who had learned before martial arts! In our club, his fighting records is very glorious! To this day, his battle records are 28 victories, 5 defeats! But today his battle records are going to increase by another stroke, he is on the eve of the 29th victory! Everyone what are you still waiting for, hurry and place your bets!”

These people are still gambling. Seeing their red eyes crazy manner, Li Fan sneers in his heart, right now you guys refuse to acknowledge me, in a while I shall make all of you total kneel down unable to stand up!

“Quickly look, our Bullet Leg King! He had come! Welcome him!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 49   [Bullet Leg King]

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