Chapter 48     [Underground fighting]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Zone A is also a resting room. It is very big as well as very spacious. Inside there are already a number of people who are doing underground fighting preparing here.

Li Fan took a look. These people are all big and tall as well as fierce looking.

“Oh, why can any kind of person come?”

“Hey, did he come here to die?”

“Who would be such so lucky to have a bye!”

[Editor: A bye???] [TL: means skip to next round in match context]

The surrounding underground fighters all stare at Li Fan’s body with mockery and unpleasantness.

A guy who has a scar across his eyes and naked upper body walks over and purposely knocks into Li Fan’s shoulder.

“Little fellow remember that I am called Human Bullet!”

The scarred-face sneer, “What I like to do most is to personally pinch you this kind of weakling to death! Properly cherish your current time, because in a while you will be forever paralyzed.”

“You will fucking hell be paralyzed forever!”

Huang Lei pulls out the switchblade from his back pocket but was stopped by Li Fan.

“Let him have a chance to meet on the stage.”

“You’ve got guts! Towards you, these kinds of people, I like to even cripple their third leg!”

Human Bullet laughs loudly, “Prepare to make a trip to Thailand, hahaha!”

The surrounding people start laughing loudly not placing Li Fan who is wearing school uniform in their eyes. Li Fan is also slightly regretful. Today I was too hasty otherwise I would have changed into my martial arts clothing.

“Damn it, this group of people is all psychos!”

Huang Lei’s mouth twitches, “Big brother relax. Later I will go find a few people and use a burlap bag to cover his head before beating him up! This kind of idiot is just asking for a beating!”

“Relax, if I meet him on stage, I will trash him up badly.”

Li Fan also does not have any good temper. He merely did not wish to find trouble off the stage. Today, winning money is the objective. Fighting is only used in the correct place! As a martial artist who knows martial arts, he will not casually show other people! Motionless like a mountain, striking like thunder!

Li Fan mutters in his heart, why do I feel like I am becoming more and more like Murong Ying? Hmph, that woman why am I thinking about her for! Thinking about her makes me mad! She is just a female pervert a tyrannic woman who likes to bully men! That’s right! Thinking about her makes me mad!

A pretty lass wearing rabbit girl attire walks in holding an iPad as she says to Li Fan, “Number 230, it is your turn!”

“Big brother it is your turn, do your best!”

Huang Lei cheers for Li Fan. He belief with Li Fan’s strength defeating these underground fighters is not a problem.

“Mm, remember to bet that I win!”

Li Fan is also slightly excited, “Tonight let’s earn big!”

“Respectfully sending big brother into battle!”

Huang Lei make it such so solemn as Li Fan raises his head and walks out.

The moment he exits the door, from outside comes the strong cigarette and alcohol smell! As well as a faint bloody smell assaulted Li Fan’s nose! Not only so, that earth-shattering shouting, laughter also assaulted Liu Yi’s senses!

Enormous competition stage! Inside this cruise ship, there is such an enormous place which is shocking!

The audience in front was a dense pack. Just taking a glance is around there are 20k people! Hearing from Huang Lei earlier that those who wish to watch the underground fight here, their tickets are 1k each! Just the admission fee, this place earned 20 million per week.

But this is only the admission fee. The reason why the club had a market is because this place has an enormous underground casino.

Every single underground fighter will have someone betting on them. The club’s boss is the biggest banker! The estimated amount of money he earns is already an astronomical figure! Li Fan shall bet on himself to win a large sum today!

Venturing funds shall be completely relying on my pair of hands to win back!

Liu Yi glance at his hands. Right now I am no longer an ordinary high school student. I am a Cauldron Fire Turned Green martial artist!

Today is the day where I shall drape red silk over my Five Animal Combined Attack Technique!

Hearing the surrounding cheers, smelling the bloody smell, Li Fan closes his eyes as his heartbeat sped up. A kind of vertigo feeling slowly appears. But it is only for a split second. When Li Fan opens his eyes again, his blood flow starts to speed up and what replaced it was a feeling of excitement!

An entirely new world is waiting for me! Li Fan step forward!

Li Fan walks up into the center of the enormous stage. Here they adopted a free fighting style. The competition stage is very enormous and there is no restriction to the kind of weapons that the competitors are allowed to use!

What they want is bloody or stimulating!

The announcer starts speaking and introduces Li Fan, “This one is our club youngest competition contestant, hahaha, he is actually still a high school student!”

The announcer’s voice contains a clear ridicule while the surrounding audience also starts booing.

“A high school student? Did he come here to seek death?”

“Looks a high school student is going to be beaten up, seems like it is quite good.”

“I betted on Killer Machine! Looks like this time round it is a guaranteed win!”

The crowd boo, sneers, wishing that Li Fan would immediately die on the stage.

Li Fan is unhappy in his heart. What are these people ah, not a single bit of humanity?

“Aiyah, the audience also seems to be very passionate about this high school student! This contestant still does not have a nickname, then let us call him The Strongest High School Student! Hahaha!”

The sentence the strongest high school student is actually filled with mocking.

The crowd laughs loudly while Li Fan bites his lips.

Ignore their mocking smile, right now a lot of these people are looking down on me. In the end, they will be afraid of me!

Li Fan clenches his fists as he stands onto the stage.

“Coming! Coming! Our strongest high school student’s first deathmatch opponent here he comes!”

The announcer excited voice attracted the attention of the entire stage. The audience also starts cheering as a tall and big figure slowly enters from the opposite entrance.

This brother is 2 meters tall with a body filled with muscles. He is like a human-shaped bear as he strides forward with heavy steps under the cheer of the crowd.

“Let us welcome our club’s biggest star, Killer Machine!”

The announcer brings the audience to cheer together. As that brother walks over he does a few flexing movements showing off his perfect muscles.

“Killer Machine! I think highly of you!”

“Turn that high school student into minced meat!”

The surrounding audience is almost about to shout until the roof come off. The guy that is called Killer Machine slowly walks in front of Li Fan. When he sees him, he instantly cannot help but ridicule, “Is this teasing me? High school student?”

He points at the block sticking out from his underpants, “Not even bigger than my little brother! Are you here to lick my little brother?”

Li Fan stands there and asks Killer Machine a question, “You like gold teeth or porcelain teeth?”

“What baffling things are you saying. Does your brain have problem?”

Killer Machine laughs, “Hahaha, this is the first time I met a person like you who take things too hard! In a while when I pinch your bones into pieces, you better not cry!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 48   [Underground fighting]

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