Chapter 47     [Five Animal Combined Assault Technique]


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Cold sweat appears on the guy’s forehead. He also knows that Huang Lei is a pain in the neck. He cannot help but to be slightly regretful for helping him.

“Anyways clean the room properly! Otherwise, I will not let you off!”

Speaking finish the burly guy turn around and leave. Huang Lei also kept away his switchblade before cupping his hands towards the burly guy, “Thank you ah brother. I will treat you to a meal some other day!”

The burly guy scolds without looking back, “Eat your mother!”

“Aiyah, so actually brothers have a heavy taste ah! Can, the moment I can dig my mother out from her grave, I will give brothers a novel experience!”


The guy trembles in anger while Huang Lei touches his waistband, “I see that you are  the idiot.”

Huang Lei return back to the room. Luckily the ship’s soundproofing is quite good thus Li Fan did not hear the conversation outside. Currently, he is pressing one hand against the board as he is in a handstand while doing a single hand push-ups.

Huang Lei cannot help but be envious. When would I have half of big brother’s skills?

“Big brother your competition time has come! 20 minutes later gather at Area A!”

Huang Lei withdraw his improperness and reports the time to Li Fan, “Big brother, there is still 20 minutes. Why don’t you have a good rest first?”

“No need. Before fighting, it is very good to move about the body.”

Li Fan does single hand push-up but when he speaks it is not airy. “Loosening the body will allow me to be able to fight with full strength later.”

“Big brother is indeed big brother, great vision!”

Huang Lei immediately gives a thumbs-up, “I still want to continuously learn from you ah!”

“Just talking is useless. You must also find time to temper your body.”

Li Fan’s body stop in the air as he changes to the other hand smoothly and continues his single hand push up, “As the saying, ‘fist cannot be without the hand, tune cannot be sound without the mouth’ If you wish to become stronger, just relying on your mouth is not enough. Training your body strong, your martial arts will naturally improve.”

“But big brother…seeing your attitude, what you are training ought to be inner strength right?”

Huang Lei finally cannot stand it and say out the question in his heart, “Your physique does not look strong at all ah…this club has a fellow call Killing Machine. That body of muscles is almost like stone already really is fucking hard ah!”

“Your eyes are quite good. Indeed is inner strength.”

Li Fan nods his head, “A qualified martial artist must be beautiful inside and out. If you wish to learn I actually can teach you. But your inside and outside must match. If only inner strength is strong the body is unable to keep up and the amount of inner strength you can display will, as a result, be very weak.”

As he warms up his body he says, “It is like a bullet. The inner strength is like this bullet. You use the catapult to shoot it and you use a handgun to shot it, both are completely different concepts.”

“Ah, big brother since you say it like this I understand already!”

Huang Lei do not really understand as he nods his head, “That, big brother, what martial arts are you training in ah? Subduing Dragon 18 palms or Nine Yin Bone Claws and the likes?”

“Those are written in novels. Even if there is, they are rare exceptional martial arts.”

As Li Fan speaks he displays the posture of an upside down monkey and imitate it to perfection, “What I am practicing in is Five Animal Mimicry.”

Huang Lei is slightly curious. “Five Animal Mimicry? This toy can really be used to fight people?”

Huang Lei is slightly curious.

“You watch this.”

As Li Fan speaks his left hand suddenly spans. When Huang Lei’s gaze lands on Li Fan’s left hand, Li Fan’s body suddenly shoots forward. His body is like it had disappeared, disappearing in front of Huang Lei’s sight!

Huang Lei is shocked. By the time he reacts, Li Fan had already appeared behind him. At the same time, his hand gently press on his shoulder.

“What situation?”

Huang Lei is completely unable to see how Li Fan move. In just an instantly Li Fan had already appeared behind him which is completely unbelievable ah!

“Big brother, you, how did you do this?”

“This is Monkey Step, one of the steps within Five Animal Mimicry, mimicking the form of a monkey.”

Li Fan explains, “Just now I am using this kind of steps. At the same time, I snap my finger to attract your attention while I instantly leave your line of sight and reaches behind you.”

“Is it really that mystical…today I had really widened my horizon ah!”

Huang Lei thinks for a bit, “Big brother then you see what martial arts am I suited to? This monkey martial arts seem to be used for escaping ah!”

[TL: I believe it is deer though…]

“This way of thinking is wrong already.”

Li Fan smiles, “Monkey form’s posture is relaxed with unlimited usage. I feel that you are perfectly suited to use this set of martial arts.”

“Ah is that so?” Huang Lei is slightly excited, “Than, in the future, no one will be able to catch up to me when I escape! Awesome!”

“You this fellow…”

Li Fan is very speechless. His body suddenly flashes and once again appear behind Huang Lei.

“Big brother? Where did you run to again?”

Huang Lei is slightly surprised. Why did this guy in a blink of an eye disappear again?

“Over here!”

As Li Fan speaks, one of his hand suddenly locks around Huang Lei’s throat from behind, locking up his throat tightly just like this making it hard for Huang Lei to breath.

Huang Lei is unable to breathe. His face turns very red from the choking as veins explode out! At this moment, Huang Lei felt that death is just behind him! No, it is by my side, like it can hug me any moment and drag my life into the dark hell!

“Bi, big, brother…”

Huang Lei is basically squeezing the words out from his throat as his eyes are starting to roll upwards.

At this moment, Li Fan loosens his hand. Fresh air crazily enters Huang Lei’s mouth entering his throat flooding his lungs. He had never felt that air was such so precious and living is so beautiful.

Huang Lei knelt down onto the ground as he takes a deep breath of fresh air.

“Do you know how scary Five Animal Mimicry is now?”

Li Fan pats Huang Lei’s back helping him breath easier. Not letting him sense the horror of this move, he will not be able to understand the power of this move.

“Right now do you still think that it is a martial arts for escaping?”

“So, so scary…”

Although Huang Lei’s body had become slightly better, but he is still afraid.

“How is it. Do you want to learn?”

Although Li Fan’s Five Animal Mimicry was developed out from the template that Murong Ying had taught him, but now he had already fused in part of his own comprehension. Although with watching those modern time wrestling techniques when he is free, he had put together a new Five Animal Mimicry.

Even if people say that the Five Animal Mimicry is just a broadcasting gymnastic, Li Fan is not concerned. He had given his Five Animal Mimicry a dazzling powerful name, Five Animal Combine Assault!

What he had just used was Monkey Attacking technique. It is very suitable for assassination, successful in every endeavor!

But I had never killed people before and also do not have a killing aura. Perhaps only those who had really killed people would be able to train in this martial arts thoroughly!

“Learn! Want to learn!” Huang Lei is slightly excited, “This set of martial arts is too powerful! Big brother you definitely must teach me!”

“Of course can. But you need to start training from now.”

Li Fan says, “Later I will teach you how to train. First, you must start from breathing technique.”

“Everything shall listen to big brother’s arrangement!”

Thinking of how he could learn such a powerful martial art, Huang Lei is a bit emotional.

“Aiyah it is almost time already! Big brother, I will bring you to Zone A!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 47   [Five Animal Combined Assault Technique]

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