Chapter 46     [Your big brother cannot]


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Huang Lei is very confident and had actually borrowed from a loan shark!

Li Fan is indeed slightly touched. Although this fellow looks unreliable, so he actually had such a side to trust in.

“Tonight let us win big and return!”

Huang Lei laughs, “These last two days I had arranged a date with another woman on WeChat. After obtaining money I can fish her out! Big brother you see, this woman’s quality the best right!”

As he speaks, Huang Lei takes out that almost worn out apple 4 and pulls out a photo and shows it to Li Fan. Li Fan nearly vomits blood. On it is a shocking 40+ years old woman. Her figure is slightly fat and has a mouthful of yellow teeth when she smiles.

Fucking hell ah…this Huang Lei’s taste is really too heavy ah!

“Big brother, how is it! Is it very exciting! If you like her, as a brother, I shall let big brother enjoy her first!”

“Scram!” Li Fan glares at Huang Lei fiercely, “Do you think that everyone has the same taste as you! Such a heavy taste! Damn it!”

“Big brother you do not know the underlying taste ah!”

Huang Lei hurriedly emphasizes, “Young woman don’t have fun at all. Only woman of this age has enthusiasm ah! Live not bad! You see this woman’s appearance, just one look and is able to see that she is a slut! On the bed, she is guaranteed to be energetic! Big brother, I had experienced a lot, listening to me will not be wrong!”

“Scram to the side and hurry and deal with the proper matters.”

Li Fan is only concern about earning money. Heavy taste does not matter to him at all!

“Okay ah, Big brother, you follow me.”

Huang Lei is familiar with the path as he leads Li Fan and walks towards the riverbank.

There is a small house by the riverbank. Li Fan does not know what is the inside used for. Huang Lei directly walks over and knocks on the door.

The window on the steel door of the small house is pulled open. From inside a pair of eyes gaze out. The pair of eyes are slightly deceitful looking and appears to be unwell.

This gaze makes Li Fan’s heart scared, what are all of these evil monsters! Really make people hateful.

“What you here for?”

That sentence is like it had emerged from the eyes. Very ear-piercing and makes people uncomfortable hearing it.

“Bother, this is my electronic invitation letter.”

Huang Lei lifts up his handphone again and that pair of eyes take a look before scolding, “You have a problem is it?”

Huang Lei takes a look and it was the picture of the woman earlier.

“What the heck, I made a mistake! Not this picture, it is this one, this one!”

He immediately moves back by one picture and pulls out another one which is a picture of an electronic invitation letter.

That pair of eyes take a look only then did he pass over a pair of boat ticket.

“Big brother let us go!”

Huang Lei takes the boat tickets and respectfully leads Li Fan up the cruise boat.

Being able to keep a cruise near the river bank, perhaps it is no ordinary person. After handing over the ship ticket the two of them got on the boat. Under the lead of a server in formal attire, they walk to a very spacious lounge.

“Tonight….shall be a night of massacre!”

Huang Lei opens his arms wide open like he is going to embrace the world! That serious face of his makes people wants to vomit.

“What is it, you are unable to calm your thirsty inner heart and wish to enable massacre mode is it?” Li Fan cannot take it and ridicule, “How about I pass you the chance and you help me go up the stage to fight?”

“How can that be! How can I snatch big brother’s limelight!”

Huang Lei immediately says, “Big brother are you tired or not? Let us have a seat here! Big brother do you want me to help you find a virgin to take her and spread the red!”

[TL: Basically it is for luck]

“Spread your sister!”

Huang Lei lets Li Fan sits on the dermis sofa by the side and helps him massage his legs, “That then let me serve big brother! Big brother this technique of mine ah was learned from the girls in the soap bath for several years. Isn’t it very precise?”

“With just this, it is not enough one.”

Li Fan looks around, “There is only us here?”

The room is not big, similar to a high-class apartment building. But the things inside are very complete. Sofa, bed, tv as well as bathing facilities, everything needed is available.

Of course. This is the VIP resting room!”

Huang Lei immediately flaunts and says, “Normal athlete will not be able to enjoy such treatment! It is all thanks to me who have wide connections and strong communications! Big brother you rest properly. In a while for the first few matches, I will not cheer for big brother as I believe that big brother definitely will not have any problem! My big brother must be the best!”

“Okay, after we take over the billiards hall, we split it half each.”

Li Fan says, “I will definitely not let to be in a disadvantage.”

“Big brother what are you saying!”

Huang Lei’s mouth twitches, “I am just a little brother! Here to run errands for big brother! How can I split evenly with big brother! Billiards hall, big brother just need to give little brother I food money can already!”

He pats his chest, “Although I Huang Lei is a bit brutish, but I do have this bit of triads code of brotherhood! As long as big brother is willing to bring me long, no matter if it is sword or fire mountain, I am willing to cross for big brother!”

“Don’t always make it such so clear. We are all brothers.”

Just as Li Fan is about to discuss with Huang Lei regarding the topic of the collaboration of the billiards hall, someone pushes open the door from outside and shouts, “Huang Lei! Why the heck are you here for!”

This voice is somewhat impatient.

Huang Lei immediately stands up and says, “Big brother, perhaps they had sent the match arrangements over! You rest here first, I go and help you make him leave! These people ah, are too low class. There is no need for someone of big brother status to deal with them. Just leave everything to me.”

“Then it be hard on you.”

Li Fan waves his hand and Huang Lei drags that guy out of the room and close the door properly.

“What are you doing?”

Outside the door is a burly man who is giving Huang Lei a whole bunch of rebuke.

Huang Lei immediately does a silent signal and pulls that guy to the side, “Brother, brother speak softer. Don’t disturb my big brother!”

“Big whatever brother, who had heard before of your big brother!”

The burly guy finds it beneath his dignity as he says, “Just that bit of skills of yours, what kind of good mountain can you worship? Lending this place to you is because you say that you will help me clean it properly! In a while wipe the entire place clean for me! I don’t want to see any bit of dust do you understand?”

“You relax, guarantee to have no problem!”

Huang Lei pats his chest, “I can also help you check the Feng Shui as well, guarantee to let your revenue improve and earn big bucks!”

“Scram to the side. We had invited a famous Feng Shui Master from Country H to read one, you don’t anyhow touch! If you anyhow touch I will chop off your hand do you hear me!”

“Yes, yes, yes, you relax…right, what time is my big brother’s match?”

“After 20 minutes! Gather at Group A, don’t be late do you understand?”

The burly guy sneers, “Just that big brother of yours which is as skinny as trash, also wishes to do underground boxing? Let me advise you to hurry and buy a coffin for your big brother and prepare to collect his corpse.”

Just as he speaks finish, Huang Lei’s expression turns heavy as he pulls out a switchblade from his back pocket.

“What do you wish to do?”

The burly guy also stops smiling as his gaze is fixed on the switchblade in Huang Lei’s hands.

“Brother, I had squatted in a cell before, I thank you for lending me this VIP room.”

Huang Lei sneers, “What that need to be done I will not do it carelessly! But if you let me hear you speaking badly about my big brother again, I will cut off your tongue!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 46   [Your big brother cannot]

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