Chapter 44     [Head-on confrontation]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

“You guys! Preposterous!”

The principal is so mad that the fats on his face is trembling all over the place.

“Anyways let go of Teacher Sun first!”

“If he does not apologize then I will not let go.”

Li Fan hooks his finger at the principal, “If you have the capability then come and pull me away.”

“Why are you guys still not pulling him away!” shouts the principal at the security guards.

But seeing their companion who is lying on the ground, the three security guards do not dare to move. The principal keeps shouting and looks a bit like a mad dog.

Li Fan chuckles, “As a man what kind of ability is this to keep ordering other people. If you got guts then come over personally.”

“I am the principal, how can I be the same as you this kind of lowlife student!”

The principal immediately says, “Vulgar, violent!”

“Really is like a woman.” sneers Li Fan, “With you this kind of principal, it is really the sorrow of our school!”

“Nonsense! You are undisciplined and out of control!” The principal starts raining curses, “Don’t think that I cannot manage you! Immediately let go of Teacher Sun!”

“Not letting go! What can you do about me?”

Li Fan raises his head, “There are so many students helping me be my proof. I am only legitimately defending myself! If you got guts then call the police!”

“You! You….”

The principal is so mad that he almost had a heart attack.

“Report to the police ah, after the police come at most they will ask me to let go of him.”

Li Fan smiles, “But whether his arm is able to persevere until then, I do not know.”

As he speaks, Li Fan squeezes his hand making Sun Xuchang scream like a pig being killed!

The principal questions, “Just what on earth do you want?”

“Are you unable to understand what you are hearing?”

Li Fan’s voice increase by 8 octaves, “I want him to apologize! Apologize to all of us, students!”

“Definitely not possible!” The principal directly rejects, “As my school’s teacher, how can he apologize to you these students who do not have any upbringing!”

While Sun Xuchang immediately shouts out as he cries, “I apologize! I apologize!”

“I am wrong! I am wrong! I no longer dare to anymore! I beg you guys to forgive me!”


Li Fan lets go and Sun Xuchang kneels down onto the ground as he continuously massages his arm.

It is indeed very painful and his arms had already lost its feelings and keep feeling like it was not his anymore.

Li Fan says very bluntly to Sun Xuchang, “In future, if you look down on students again I beat you up!”

Sun Xuchang cradle his arm as he stands up. He glares at Li Fan fiercely, “Little fellow, sooner or later I will get you back for this debt! You are screwed!”

“Say that again?”

Li Fan takes a step forward scaring Sun Xuchang into taking two steps back. His legs turn soft and fall on his butt onto the ground.

“No future prospects!”

Li Fan completely does not place this Sun Xuchang in his eyes. Relying on the fact that he is the sports teacher he wantonly bully students, it is really repulsive!

So what about students, could it be that teachers could bully students as they please? There is no such reasoning!

This time round Li Fan decided to directly confront the entire school. If I do not stand out for them who else would stand out for these students?

Regardless whether am I able to hold this up but I must continue to hold it up!

“Li Fan! Do you know what did you do!”

The principal is about to go mad from anger, “Are you still considered as a student? To even dare to hit a teacher and scold your principal! Do you still wish to continue studying in this school? Immediately call your parents over and wait to be expelled!”

“For what reason you expel me, what mistake did I make?”

Li Fan stands there proudly not fearing the principal’s threat.

“You even dare you hit teacher, you still dare to ask me why I expel you?”

The principal points at Li Fan and says, “We are unable to teach you a student like you!”

“I did not commit anything wrong, you are unable to expel me.”

Li Fan does not concede, “If you wish to expel me you must have a proper reason! Even if it is the school, without any proper reason, you can only persuade the student to give up. You cannot order us to quit school! I am not an idiot who doesn’t know the law, you cannot deceive me!”

“Battering teacher, disrespectful of your superior is the reason for you quitting school!”

“How about this, let us report to the police.”

Li Fan says calmly, “Let the police come and determine whether I beat up a teacher or I legitimately defend myself. Principal, what do you think?”


The principal does not wish to find the police at all. Right now it is the time period for reshuffling. He does not wish to create so much trouble.

If the police came and blow this thing up, then his principal post will definitely not be able to retain his post!

“If you don’t find the police then you have no rights to expel me!”

As Li Fan speaks, he glances at four-eyes, “What I say is correct right four-eyes!”


Bai Linluo pushes up his spectacles and nods with affirmative.

“Really is preposterous!”

The principal felt like his heart is starting to hurt, “You these students are too much! I definitely must make all of you scram out from my school!”

“Your school? It is incorrect right?”

At this moment Murong Ying walks over from the side leisurely.

All of the males gazes lands on her. This beauty, no matter where she goes, she is always the focal point of the crowd.

With her appearance, the principal becomes mute. He swallows his saliva as cold sweat starts to appear on her forehead.

What is with this woman…why does she appears and disappears unpredictably! Everything something happen she will appear. Didn’t she come to school infrequently? Why is it that her recent rate of being present is so high ah?

“This place is not a school for everyone? Mr. Principal?”

Murong Ying appears to be smiling as well as getting angry.

The principal’s upper body is covered with cold sweat as he really does not know how to handle this matter.

With Murong Ying coming out, this matter becomes very very difficult to handle!

“Director Murong….this matter is the students who are in the wrong.”

The principal says, “I will handle this matter one, there is no need to trouble Director Murong.”

“You will handle? I am very curious, why don’t principal say how would you handle it?”

Murong Ying crosses her arms as she stands there, “Just now I had seen everything by the side. Sun Xuchang as a teacher actually strikes his student harshly and really is violating the teacher’s ethics. This kind of teacher is indeed slightly too much. Ah, right, just how do you wish to handle it?”

Murong Ying’s calm appearance makes the principal have gloomy hatred in his heart.

But Murong Ying controls 40% of the school’s shares and is now a majority shareholder. Her words definitely carry weight!

“Teacher sun is slightly too much…”

Since there is Murong Ying supporting Li Fan and these students, the principal can only obediently admit defeat. He wipes away his cold sweat before saying, “For the rules and discipline of the school, I declare Sun Xuchang’s teacher post is suspended! While Li Fan, as a student, he is only reasonably self-defending himself, but he also should not have beaten the teacher such so heavily. Thus Li Fan shall be criticized on the school’s bulletin once. At the same time, he needs to come out with an inspection with respect as effect! Director Murong…do you think that I handle it appropriately this way?”

“Not bad.”

Murong Ying nods her head, “Principal indeed did not let me down, you are a person who cherishes your students.”

The rest of the students starts cheering because this basically means that they had won!

Sun Xuchang is dejected and depressed. This school, the so-called suspended frankly is being fired. But he does not plan to give up just like this. Li Fan you just wait for me! Sooner or later I shall make you pay back for this debt!

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 44   [Head-on confrontation]

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