Chapter 43     [Taking Care of What Ought not to Take Care of]


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But unexpectedly, Sun Xuchang snatched the four-eyes mobile phone and fiercely smashed it on the ground!

With a cracking sound, four-eyes’ apple phone 5 broke into multiple pieces. Bai Linluo’s eyes turn red. This mobile phone was the birthday present that his father had given him last year. He uses it very sparingly and there was not a single bit of trace of usage on it!

“Teacher Sun, aren’t you being too much?”

Li Fan is no longer able to bear with it. What kind of person is this ah, to actually dare to do such kind of things!

“During lessons, you are not allowed to play on your mobile phone!”

Sun Xuchuan says righteously, “Not only am I breaking your phone, I am also going to fine you 500! Tomorrow bring your parents over!”

Four-eyes cry even harder. Li Fan pats his shoulder and stands out for him, “Sun Xuchang, I can only give you five words for your kind of conduct, ‘Conduct yourself as model Biao!’ The biao from  prostitute!”

“You got the cheek to insult a teacher?”

“Teacher? You are not even worthy of being a man!”

Li Fan’s zhenqi is in his dantain. His voice is very loud and clear, “The so-called man must have an indomitable spirit and willing to accept losing when you gamble! But as a teacher not only did you not set an example, you still go back on your words and destroy the gamble pact! How can you this kind of person worthy of being a teacher?”

“When did I go back on my words. When had I gamble with you?”

Sun Xuchang’s expression bad as he questions loudly, “Who seen it, who seen it?”

He grabs hold of a male student, “I ask you, had you seen it?”

That guy was frightened by the malevolent Sun Xuchuan and immediately shakes his head.

“How about you have you seen it?”

He grabs another girl making her cry.

“I ask you if you had seen it!”

Sun Xuchuan sends a slap towards that girl, “Fucking speak ah!”

A hand grabs hold of Sun Xuchang’s wrist like an iron hoop making Sun Xuchang unable to pull back. He is slightly shocked as he turns around and realize that it was Li Fan who is grabbing his wrist.

“What do you want to do? You still want to hit a teacher?”

“I had said before that you are not worthy to be our teacher.”

Li Fan is very angry, “You this kind of scum should immediately scram from school!”

“I see that you are just asking for a lesson! Today I shall help your parents teach you a lesson!”

Sun Xuchang only open up his palm with his other hand and send a ferocious slap towards Li Fan!

“Bullying intolerably!”

As a teacher to actually bully his own student like this, it really makes Li Fan truly blunt!

He steps forward as he grabs hold of Sun Xuchang’s arm and presses it behind his back.

Sun Xuchang’s arm was twisted to his back making the robust sports teacher unable to bear with it as he screams and kneel onto the ground.

Li Fan continues to pull Sun Xuchang’s arm making him on the verge of a dislocation which is the most painful one, like unbearable pain. Sun Xuchang keeps screaming as his forehead is completely covered in cold sweat, no longer having a teacher’s appearance.

“Don’t think that being a teacher means that you can do as you please. Dealing with teachers who bully people, no one takes cares about you, then I come and take care of you!

As Li Fan speaks, he gently squeezes his hand making Sun Xuchang scream out in pain like he was a pig being slaughtered. The scream resounds through the entire sports field.

As the commotion here is too big, the school is finally alerted. A number of teachers run over from the school, even the principal also shake his pig-like body and runs out.

“Li Fan! It is you again!”

When the principal sees Li Fan, his head start to hurt badly.

“What are you doing. Quickly let go of Teacher Sun!”

“This is not possible.”

Li Fan snorts coldly, “As long as he does not apologize, I will not let go one.”

“Nonsense! Really is nonsense!”

The teacher is about to explode in anger as his vein pops out on his face, “Capture him for me!”

Under the command of the principal, four security guards by the side immediately tep forward to stop Li Fan. But they are old, weak and sickly thus Li Fan does not place them in his eyes.

The one leading is a security guard who appears to be around 50 years old bald headed. He walks towards Li Fan. Li Fan did not hold back as well as they are bad in protecting students but the best at bullying students. He immediately raises his leg and kicks out towards that security guard’s head.

This is after Liu Yi had withdrawn his strength. Otherwise, with his pair of iron shoes, the other party’s head would have broken opened. He restrains majority of his strength but still kicks that security guard onto the ground with a kick. Instantly that security guard fainted.

The clean kick causes the remaining three security guards to be stunned.

This student…is a bad crop!

“Li Fan what do you wish to do! Could it be that you want to rebel?!”

The principal roars as the hand he is using to point that Li Fan is trembling. At this critical juncture he actually causes trouble for me, isn’t this just throwing shit at me?!

“Teacher. The school educates student and the teachers also taught us before. When you do the wrong things you must apologize. Right now, he had done something wrong but is unwilling to apologize to us. Could it be that as a teacher of the school, there is no need for him to abide by ethics, no need to abide by the stipulation?”

Li Fan does not back down at all as he strongly argues for what is right.

The principal trembles as he shouts, “Are you still reasonable ah you! This is the school! As a student, you must listen to the arrangement of the school! You must respect every teacher!”

“Of course I respect teachers. But I do not respect scum.”

“Enough! Keep calling people scum do you have any upbringing or not!”

“I see that the one who has no upbringing is you guys right?” Li Fan sneers, “A group of people posing. This kind of moral quality and virtues, how can you be our teachers? You guys are not deserving!”

“Well said!”

“Give you a like!”

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The surrounding students also start cheering while the principal starts trembling in anger.

“Principal it is indeed the sports teacher who take action first.”

Four-eyes prop up his spectacles and wipes away his tears as he says, “Li Fan is merely using reasonable self-defense. Fellow students had also seen it.”

“Right, we had all seen it. It is the sports teacher who took action first!”

“That’s right! He wants to hit us and it is Li Fan who stopped him!”

“Right, right, right!”

The fellow students start to nod their head while Four-eyes speaks again, “Even if it is a teacher, if he hit people first, we can also defend ourselves. Principal, as the head of the school, it can’t be that you do not know laws right?”

This four-eyes is impressive!

Li Fan glances at him again. Although they are deskmates but they hardly talk to each other because he is quite well-behaved. From the looks of today, his brain is also not ordinary ah!

“Nonsense! All is nonsense!”

This is the first time that the principal is unable to suppress the students which makes him even angrier, “All of you are rebelling!”

“Principal, could it be that students do not have basic human rights?”

Four-eyes stand by Li Fan’s side, he pulls out courage from out of nowhere and for the first time he dares to say to the principal, “Could it be that us students do not have human rights? You guys do not care when the school anyhow charges a fee. The different treatment of the school you guys do not care. When there is a violence case in the school campus you guys do not care as well! Right now the teacher is bullying us, we resist and you guys actually run over and try to care! Is this place a place for students to study or for you guys to tyrannically abuse us?”

“Well said!”

Li Fan claps, “Four-eyes, you make me have a whole new level of respect for you ah!”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 43   [Taking Care of What Ought not to Take Care of]

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