Chapter 42     [Who is the trash]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

“How can you speak to teacher like this?”

The sports teacher instantly glares, “I, Sun Xuchang had taught for over ten years and today it is your turn to teach me a lesson?”

“I don’t dare to. I am only giving teacher a suggestion.”

Li Fan is feeling angry in his heart. Originally he wishes to say good things but now being pelted with rebukes by the teacher, he is unable to become happy.

“Hope that teacher is able to understand us a bit. After all, our body is not made of metal.”

“Your body is bad and you blame me? All of you are pampered and spoiled since childhood, drilling you guys a bit is also what I suppose to do!”

The sports teacher snorts coldly, “Today all of you are going to run 30 rounds. Whoever who is unable to run finish shall be fined 50!”

[Editor: 50 yuan right?]

The surrounding students all start howling in grief, Li Fan is even more uncomfortable. Because their school is a private school, they frequently fabricate excuses to charges all kind of fees. Furthermore, they also give all kind of fines!

Li Fan cannot take it and directly ask, “Teacher we are not sports students. Who is able to finish running 30 rounds, aren’t you purposefully cheating our money like this?”

The moment he asks, the sports teacher no longer able to hold his face. He immediately roars, “Li Fan! What is your meaning?! You don’t wish to study anymore?!”

“I only feel that it is unfair.”

Although the sports teacher is angrily glaring at Li Fan like a fiend. If it was the past Li Fan, he would have been scared so badly until he would not dare to speak. But the current Li Fan, with now possess martial arts, he also has confidence already and no longer dread the sports teacher’s threat.

“Teacher Sun. Could it be that giving even giving you a suggestion must be expelled? I think all of the teachers in our school should be educated people, not people who exist to bully us right?”


Sun Xuchang choke on Li Fan’s words, but quickly says, “You are giving me suggestion? What suggestion can a student like you give? I ask you to run then obedient run! If the rest are unable to run, they be fined 50! If you are unable to run, fined 100! Furthermore, you need to sweep the entire sports ground clean!”

“I protest!”

Li Fan says loudly, “I believe that a person like you is not deserving to be our sports teacher! I am going to file  a complaint to the school.”

“Say that you are a thorny head and you really want to go up to heaven is it? Today I shall teach you a lesson on what is called respecting teachers!”

Sun Xuchang stretches out his hand prepare to give Li Fan a slap but Li Fan takes a step back and dodges it.

“Your are originally not deserving!”

Li Fan thinks quickly and says, “Let’s do some running if you are unable to outrun me. How can a teacher who inferior to a student be a teacher.”

“Really is a joke! I graduated from a standard sports college! An ex-national team member. I will be inferior to you?”

Sun Xuchang laughs, for the current students, looks like if I don’t give him a bit of discipline, he will not know how high the heaven is!

“If teacher does not believe, we can compete.” Li Fan continues and says, “If I win, then you can just resign yourself.”

“Okay! This is what you say one!”

Sun Xuchang does not believe that he will lose, “If you win, I will resign. If I win, you this kind of trash student needs to quit school!”

“Just who is the trash, after competing we will know.”

As Li Fan speaks, he starts to stretch his legs, “I hope that teacher would be like a man and does as you say. Students all of you are my eyewitness. All of you had heard what the teacher had said right?”

The surrounding students are very excited as they immediately shout.

“Right, we heard it!”

“All of us heard it!”

“Hope that schoolmates can be witnesses. Teacher how far are we running?”, asked Li Fan.

“Let be it 10 rounds then! A total of 3km!”

Sun Xuchang chuckles, I used to be a long distance ace in the past. Wanting to compete against me, it is basically just asking for death!

“Take a look at how I run you until you are crying!”

The two of them stands at the starting line. Sun Xuchang is delighted in his heart as he solemnly warms up his body. He believes that this way is very confident and those young girls will admire him a lot!


Four-eyes stands by the side as he raises his hand and acts as the referee for the two of them.

Li Fan half-squats on the ground as he enters the starting posture. Sun Xuchang curls his lips as he says in his heart, quite presentable but what is the use. In the end, the winner will definitely be me!


The moment four-eyes just shouted out -run-, Sun Xuchang had already dashed out.  Although his starting is very quick, but it has tempo which allows him to maintain his strength. He wants to throws Li Fan away and made him completely despair.

Sun Xuchang thought quite well, but the moment he turns around, he realized that Li Fan had already gracefully dashed by his side!

What is this situation!

Sun Xuchang thought that he had seen wrongly. He rubs his eyes and realized that it was indeed Li Fan who ran past him!

How is this possible! I had run so fast, if it is not a professional athlete it is basically impossible to catch up to me! Could it be that this fellow is exerting strength just to surpass me?

Su Xuchuan sneers. Really is overdoing it. This kind of all-out running in awhile he will be kneeling down on the ground!

This is how Sun Xuchang is thinking but Li Fan maintains his speed and continues to run effortlessly. Li Fan maintains this kind of almost a hundred sprinting speed almost like it is not strenuous at all. In a blink of an eye, he had already past him once already.

When Li Fan run pass Sun Xuchang the second time, his jaws had already dropped.

How, how is this possible? Who is able to maintain 100m sprinting speed for such a long time? Even the best long distance runner is also unable to do so?!

While Li Fan does not seem to have any intention of reducing his speed. He continues to run in circles and very quickly he had completed his third round, fourth round and his speed still have not changed! He is like not feeling exhausted at all and runs like the wind. While Sun Xuchang had already turned into a mute, not daring to believe in his own eyes!

This kind of speed is already enough to obtain a gold medal in the Olympics! How is it possible to be harbored in this small school!

But he cannot not believe as Li Fan had already run finished 9 rounds already as for him, he had just finished running the 3rd round which is a super large disparity!

When Li Fan run finished the 10th round, all of the students cheer! Everyone seems to had forgotten that Li Fan is a gangster in their heart and happy crowd around him celebrating.

Four-eyes even passes over a bottle of water as well as a towel to let him wipe away his sweat. But what shocks him was that he realize that there was not a single bit of sweat on Li Fan’s forehead. While at this moment, Sun Xuchang is also stunned. After Li Fan drinks finish the water, he parts the crowd and walks in front of him.

“Teacher Sun, since you lost the bet, you must do as you said.”

“Bet? What bet?”

Unexpectedly, Sun Xuchang deny flatly, “It is only running that’s all, why would I gamble? I am a teacher and I would absolutely not do things like gambling.”

“Teacher…I had recorded it down…”

Four-eyes pulls out his handphone and sways it in front of Sun Xuchang.

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 42   [Who is the trash]

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