Chapter 41     [Running the Horse to Death]


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Translator- SkyFuji                  Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

“Motherfucker, who are you scolding?”

Huang Lei raises a leg and kicks Da Zhang, “So be it if you are fucking scold me, why are you scolding my big brother?”

“Don’t bully people who cannot retaliate.”

Li Fan stops him before squatting down and looks at Da Zhang who is lying on the ground, “Chopping people is definitely not okay. You can tell me how you wish to settle it.”

“Big brother, why do you care about him!”

Huang Lei promptly defend himself, “Those ladies used WeChat and called me out. It is not like they are an honorable woman. He is unable to manage his own mother and run over to chop me, what a fucking hero ah!”

Da Zhang roars angrily at Huang Lei, “Fuck your mother! I am also going to do your mother!”

“Go on then. My mother is lying in the cemetery.”

Huang Lei says indifferently, “And I had thought that my taste is heavy. Did not expect that you had an even heavier taste. Aiyah, the world is so big, really have all kind of people. Today I, Huang Lei can be considered as having increased my knowledge!”

“Enough already. Speak less!”

Li Fan glares making Huang Lei stop speaking. Perhaps if he speaks anymore, Da Zhang might anger to death.

“No matter what, in future, Huang Lei is protected by me.”

Li Fan’s gaze lands on Da Zhang. He stretches out two fingers and taps a few times on his meridians, unblocking his blood vessel.

“Go back. In future don’t come here.”

“I’ll chop you to death first!”

Unexpectedly the moment Da Zhang regain his perception, he instantly picks up his machete that dropped by the side and chops at Li Fan like a thunderbolt.

But Li Fan suddenly lean to the side as he raises his right leg high up and kicks above his head, kicking the machete.


He is still wearing that specially casted steel shoe. Although it looks slightly ugly, it is very practical! The machete flies out from Da Zhang’s hand and spins a few rounds in the sky before stabbing into the ceiling above.

After experiencing this kick from Li Fan, Da Zhang swallowed his saliva,

“I do not like to repeat twice, ”Li Fan warns, “Hurry and leave!”

Da Zhang does not dare to say anything else as he frantically escapes leaving behind his little brothers.

After Li Fan unblocked their blood vessel, he let all of them off.

“Hurry and scram! A group of grandsons!”

Huang Lei is delighted as he raises his butt towards the direction they leave in and slaps his butt loudly. Liu Yi is unable to continue watching and gifted him with a kick.

“Where are you going? After sleeping with other people’s mother are you still okay?”

“Big brother you are wrongly accusing me ah!”

Huang Lei immediately shuts, “This is call freedom of love, it is not like we are breaking a law meeting up to have sex!”

“Must you find old ones to date?”

“Big brother you don’t know. This woman really appears to be around 40 ah!”

Huang Lei lets out a sinister smile, “As she is slightly fatter, she is around 50 kg. Very full…hehe, the feeling is very good!”

“Scram! Such so disgusting!”

Li Fan gave him a kick. Accepting such a little brother really made me have a headache.

“Right! Big brother, I thought of how to earn money already!”

Huang lei suddenly claps his hands and says, “Aiyah this brain of mine is incurable ah. Really is the brain of a genius! Back then I did not study at university. If I had studied in university, perhaps right now I definitely would have gotten double Ph.D. ah!”

“Beat it! At most, you can have a physiology Ph.D.!”

Li Fan rolls his eyes at him, “Say it, what is the plan?”

“Big brother you listen to me ah…”

Huang Lei speaks softly and says a whole bunch of things to Li Fan.


The afternoon lunch break is not very long. During this period of time, he still had not decided. He only arranges a meet up with Huang Lei at night before leaving the billiards hall.

In the afternoon it is physical class. The sports teacher brings the student to train. Running around the sports field for 10 rounds, no matter if it is guys or girls making everyone resentful. Li Fan absent-mindedly follows the long-distance running group while he thinks about the idea that Huang Lei gave him.

Why don’t we just say that it is a bad idea because Huang Lei suggested to Li Fan to do underground boxing.

In City A by the river bank, there is a very large underground boxing club. Over there, there is a lot of bosses who raise boxers. Last time that Brother Nan was also one of those boxers. It was rumored that he is doing not bad. While Huang Lei know of some ways which are able to let Li Fan go and take part in underground boxing. There is no need to mention about the danger, a lot of people enters it healthy but came out lacking an arm or broken legs.

Li Fan is having mixed thoughts. After all, I am only a student. If I mixed into such a context it might not be good. But I currently have a feeling of lodging under another person’s roof, if I don’t think of a way to earn money is also not okay.

Actually, underground boxing does have a bit of attractive force to Li Fan, after all, he wished to become stronger and only real combat is the fastest method!

While Li Fan is considering, a lot of students had already run until they are unable to move and drop out of the group. Only a few of those guys are able to preserve for their dignity and continue running. The sports teacher turn around and take a look before sneering, “You these students are already unable to take it after running just 5 rounds! Just this kind of body, how can you perfectly develop all-around? The current students really are the more they live the more they return back.”

A few of the guys are not convinced and try to run in front of the sports teacher. But the sports teacher, in the end, is still very fit, furthermore, in the past he used to be in the long-distance running team. Thus these guys are unable to catch up and can only pant as they follow behind.

“Ha, cannot do it right! All of you hurry and get up and run another ten rounds!”

The sports teacher gave a crazy order nearly causing all of the students to collapse.

“What, I am only doing it for your good, all of you are unable to differentiate good from bad!”

The sports teacher sneers, “Already at such a body standard did you guys eat lunch for nothing?”

“Te-teacher…we, we are unable to run anymore…”

Li Fan’s deskmate, the four eyes is about to collapse as he squats down and pants, “Can…can you let ….us rest a bit…”

“Cannot! You guys must increase your workout!”

The sports teacher feel like this group of students are very lacking of practice, “Take a look at each of your body! Especially you, Bai Linluo. Wearing spectacles and weak like a chicken.”

“Teacher, everyone is only an ordinary student. We are not sports student.”

Li Fan is unable to watch anymore thus he says, “Everyone will not be able to take this practice of yours.”

“Li Fan?”

The sports teacher size up Li Fan and realize that his breathing is still steady. He sneers, “I had heard that right now you had become a thorny boss eh, what is it you actually dare to challenge me?”

“I am not challenging you, I only hope that you are able to understand us.”

Li Fan looks at the surrounding paralyzed students, “Usually we hardly train at all. our stamina is unable to keep with this intense course of yours.”

“Why do you have so much nonsense? Am I the teacher or you are the teacher? Is it me who do not know or you who do not know?!” roars the sports teacher.

The students nowadays are harder and harder to manage to actually dare to talk back to me! Damn it, like that Xiao Li who ran off with a property agent, which part of me is bad? Why is it that everyone is making me mad, these students are they rebelling is it!

“Since you know more, but indeed we are unable to run anymore.”

Li Fan is unhappy in his heart. This sports teacher had always been tyrannic, today his great aunt must have come, such so rude and unreasonable.

“Could it be that you still wish to make the students run to death?”

Translator- SkyFuji                           Editor- Daoist Dao Tao

Do take a look at Serious note if you did not read it yet


Chapter 41   [Running the Horse to Death]

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